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As a member of our town I remember a time when this body of water had fish: Salmon, Bass, Perch, and I once saw Smelts. I am sickened by the way the Stream looks today. At one time I caught Perch and bass and a 18" Landlocked Salmon down by the penn stocks at the Mill; the metal and glass was there but the water still supported fish and other life.

My question is who killed our stream? There is more to this than we will know; did the companies that have used (yes, used) the Mill to make a few bucks and save a few by dumping Toxic waste into the water, or garbage, instead of using proper ways or means. Who knows? The people of Millinocket deserve answers, and yes help with a clean up project.

Could Federal money or State money help? There are funds out there for clean water. Mr Conlogue and the town council need to explore these options; and yes, the folks of our town need to bond together and help clean up our water and keep it clean.

I would love to take my daughters there to fish or canoe one day, and not have to tell them that the water is dead. Letís help ourselves and our future by starting today and save our stream; bring back the Salmon, Bass, Perch, and Trout to this stream; and let our chidren wade, boat, and maybe one day swim there.

To my fellow town folk, my prayers are with you always.

Staff Sergeant Dave Nice.
Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station / NORAD
Colorado Springs, Colorado


And our prayers are with you, Sergeant Nice, as you serve our country. May God bless, and bring you home safely.

-- Ken