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Hi Ken,

We have spent a great deal of time cleaning up our farm the last couple of months. It is only because my husband has not been working at the mill that we have had the time. We have burned stuff and hauled stuff to the dump. We have cleaned up messes from my parents days of owning the farm. This all takes time and a desire to do it. Get those key words -- time and desire.

What I suggest is nothing new. I have read in Readers Digest where people have taken on cleaning up streams. There are a lot of people in the Millinocket area who are not working. How about having a major clean up day or days and get the whole town involved and make it into an event? The soil may not be able to be helped but what about the trash and junk that's in the water? Not everyone would be able to pull stuff out of the water but they might be able to drive and take a load the dump. Some others might provide canoes, kayaks etc. to help get the stuff out of the water. End the day with the community getting to gather and having a barbecue. I think you get my drift of what I am trying to say. If enough people care about the stream it could be done. I would be willing to come haul stuff away to the dump with my truck and I don't even live there, but my husband has worked at Great Northern in East Millinocket and this is a way we could give back in a concrete way.

With a big effort on someone's part it might be possible to get the new Katahdin Paper to donate dump trucks to haul stuff away. What about someone with loaders to haul out stuff that was to big to be done by hand?

I say if the citizens of Millinocket want the stream cleaned up then they should get together and do it!

No, this will not take care of the pollution in the soil but it is a start.

Well, what do you think?

I can hear people concerned over touching the stuff and if it will hurt them. Well, it is not doing them a lot of good sitting where it is.

Name left out on request