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Current air quality from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection


Magic City
Morning Star

Katahdin Region Guide to Community Services

Prepared by the Community Transition Team, and intended to serve as a guide to support services available to persons in need due to the current ecomic situation brought upon by the closure of the Great Northern Paper Company mills, and related difficulties.

Regulations Governing Freedom of Information and Access

Know your rights relating to gaining access to public meetings, or receiving information on the activities of public officials.

Does it sometimes seem as if a decision has already been made by the time an issue comes up for public discussion? Learn the definition of a closed session, and find out what can be legally discussed in a closed session.

Does the law govern what our elected officials can discuss in private meetings, by telephone, or by email? What constitutes an official meeting?

These and other issues relating to public access to meetings and information are answered in our Freedom of Information section.