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Another Mess that No One Wants to Take Responsibility For

MILLINOCKET -- For at least one of its two residents, Hancock Street was a pleasant place to live. Wooded and secluded, with only two houses near the end of an unpaved roadway, it was easy to forget that you were still in town.

Now there’s only one house on the end of Hancock Street.

In what was reportedly a result of a dispute with Brascan Corp. over the continuance of a land lease, the owner of one of the two houses bulldozed the residence to the ground, leaving only a pile of rubble in its place.

There is no house, and the property belongs to Brascan, yet no one seems willing to accept responsibility for the clean up.

Rick Lax, the owner of the only remaining residence, would like to have the mess cleaned up, but has been unable to find anyone willing to take responsibility for it.

“The city has offered to give me a temporary permit for a fence,” he said; but no one is willing to clean up the rubble.

-- Ken Anderson 06/02/03

The entrance to Hancock Street.