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The Job Blog

Job Searching 2008
By MacKinley Chipman
Dec 2, 2007 - 8:27:05 AM

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The value of using the internet in job searching today can not be overstated. Practically all of the major employers in Maine and nationwide are switching over to a policy of accepting only on-line applications. Most all have a little kiosk off in a corner of their store somewhere where you are invited to fill out their on line application. If the word Kiosk is new to you, it was to me so I looked it up. In addition to being the term to describe the on-line application computer terminal, the word is also used to refer to those little sales booths you see in the middle of the walkway at the mall. The long and short of it is if your friend, spouse or loved one doesn't get with the program and learn the basics of computer operation, they will be left in the per verbal dust!

The very fact that you are reading this article tells me that you know what I am talking about and have a mastery of computers, the internet etc. If you have a loved one or family member that is job searching and not schooled in computer usage, please offer to give them a hand as they would be most appreciative of your offer to assist.

I see it every day, people who are looking for work get so discouraged because they need a land a job to support their families but are lacking in the very basic of computer skills. Many job opportunities are only listed on the web. It would be advantageous for them to bring along someone who is computer savvy when visiting a career center or local library to help them look up and/or inquire about job postings and leads.

I found myself in that very situation several years ago and quickly realized that if I wanted to compete with folks my age for jobs and especially those who were younger, that I needed to learn to use a PC.

I had used a computer terminal in my old occupation for many years and honestly thought that the transition to a PC would be a quick one but in actuality I was merely filling in the blanks of a canned computer program.
At the very least a person should learn to be able to identify the major components of a computer, learn to maneuver the mouse and be able to use Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point. I will be writing about where you can find low cost and maybe no cost computer classes as well as information on where you can get low cost refurbished computers in an upcoming articles.

While we are on the subject of using the internet, please don't let all the ads on TV/radio and in the newspapers telling you that you or your friends cannot survive without high speed internet. Sure if you're a business owner and wish to have healthy on-line sales revenues then of course you should have the fastest hook up possible. But if you are the average Joe who only uses the internet to look for a used car, search of a job occasionally or to email a relative you really don't need it. You would be better served using the extra money for heating oil and gas for you car. The analogy that I like to use is that of a young person who just got their automobile drivers license. They don't need a Corvette Stingray when a Chevy Malibu would serve them just as well until they get good at driving. The same thing applies to operating a computer; later on down the road when they become proficient at using a PC, then they could take a look at other means of accessing the internet.

Yes, I too have to make a living and I have several part time endeavors, one of them is promoting the best dog gone dial up internet deal in Maine. If you are using dial up internet and not using 207ME, then you are paying more than you need to and that's a fact! For the very best deal in Maine, year in and year out you need to look no further than 207ME.COM. They will even give you a FREE 6 X Accelerator at no extra cost. You pay only $6.95 per month and less if paying by the year, No contacts or Credit Cards needed. Not sure if they will take Green Stamps or not but it wont hurt to ask! It is a Maine based company located up in the County in a town named Mars Hill. My friend Stephen owns the business and teaches school to boot. If you look to the right of this article at the border advertisements section you will see the 207ME.COM ad. When you call the toll free number 1-888-229-2411 be sure and tell them that Mac sent you in order to get your Free 3 day Trial Offer. ~ Mac


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