Our History

The Magic City Morning Star began as a one-man project of myself, Ken Anderson. While I owned the domain for a couple of years, it wasn't until December of 2002, with the closure of Great Northern Paper Company, that I began the effort of making an online newspaper out of it.

As those of you who live here now may remember, this was a time when people were desperate for information about the closure, the bankruptcy, and the sale of the mills in Millinocket and East Millinocket. It was also a time when facts that were apparent to people who lived here were not being reported by the print media, or came out much too late from our weekly newspapers.

Knowing that as a one-man operation, I could not compete with the print media, I decided not to try, but to instead report on the news that interested me, as well as that which could be come by easily.

Despite my resolve to report only on the news that interested me, I soon found myself spending much of my day gathering the news, putting it together along with photographs, and publishing it to the news site.

Accused by a town councilor of bias, it became clear that if most of the stories published by the Magic City Morning Star were published by myself, of course they would reflect the flavor of my own personal opinion and biases. The obvious answer to this was not for me to try to become something that I am not, void of opinions, but to find a way to involve others in this endeavor, thus providing a variety of perspectives to the news.

The result is the newly revised Magic City Morning Star, which uses software that permits trusted staff members to easily submit news articles and other information directly to the website, from the comfort of their own computer, and without knowlege of HTML.

I invite anyone who has something to say, whether I agree with it or not, to say it here on the Magic City Morning Star. Here in the United States, we make much of freedom of speech but all too often we don't have a place to say it effectively. Along with freedom of speech comes freedom of the press, a right that is reserved for the privileged class who can afford presses.

If you have something to say, we'll give you a place to say it and help you to say it right. With the help of citizen journalists, the Magic City Morning Star has taken on the forces of evil in the Katahdin region, and we hope that we have also managed to keep you entertained along the way.

If you like what we do, join us and help us do it better. If not, join us and help to change the things you dislike about us. There's no point in throwing stones from outside the window when the door is open.

The Magic City Morning Star is your newspaper, the only one that is truly representative.