Our Mission

Our original mission was to bring interesting and significant news to the people of the Katahdin area, particularly the Penobscot County towns of Millinocket, East Millinocket, and Medway. While we have greatly expanded our scope, this mission remains as a significant goal of the Magic City Morning Star.

We strive to fair, honest, accurate, and objective in our reporting of the news, but we recognize that personal opinion and bias are qualities that all humans possess, and we expect that it will at times find its way into the text of news articles. Further, we believe that this often serves to make a story more interesting.

This is true of all media. We differ only in that we admit it.

Whenever possible, we will give voice to both sides of controversial issues, providing only that there is someone willing and able to provide the other side.

We do not pretend to provide all of the news, although we consider this to be a worthwhile goal for the future.

We hope to be a positive voice for the Katahdin area, promoting local businesses, churches, and other organizations operating here. In pursuit of this goal, we ask those who share this interest to join with us and be a voice for your church or organization.

But we'd rather be honest than positive, and are unwilling to shine a positive light on corruption, however popularly supported and financed.

Rather than complain that we are biased or that we are ignoring your interests, help us in meeting your needs by sending us information that you would like us to report or, better yet, apply to be a volunteer member of our staff and be sure that your voice is heard.

One of our goals is to give voice to a citizenry that might otherwise be relegated to writing letters to the editor, and an audience to those who might otherwise not be heard.