Join Us

The Magic City Morning Star always has positions available, particularly for those who are willing to become citizen reporters, helping us to report the news of the Katahdin region.

We have several volunteer positions available, particularly in the News and Sports areas, although all staff members are encouraged to submit articles to our Opinion column as well.

If you have an interest, and are available to assist us in gathering and reporting on the news and events of this region, or even portions of the Katahdin area outside of Millinocket, East Millinocket and Medway, please let me know. Don't hesitate because you're afraid that you may not be able to write well, as we're willing to edit your copy if necessary.

Recognizing that our staff members are independent operators rather than employees of the Magic City Morning Star, we do not assign stories, encouraging our news staff to pursue stories that interest them, reporting those which may be of interest to the community.

A Sports reporter, for example, will not be expected to attend every sports event in the Katahdin area, but simply to report on the ones that he or she does attend. The same is true of News and other reporters.

Join the volunteer staff of the Magic City Morning Star now, and be on the ground floor of an exciting, cooperative project; one that has great potential for personal development, and which will provide you with the opportunity to have a voice in the world that you live in, as well as an increased presence in the community.

Even if your interests are limited to promoting the activities of your church, school, or organization, you are welcome to apply for access as a reporter, and to report on other areas of interest to you, if you wish.

If your interests lie in areas not currently included in the Magic City Morning Star, please know that we are willing and even eager to add areas as long as we have people willing to contribute to them. If you have an idea for a column, whatever the subject matter, we invite you to pitch your idea.

No specific degree or experience is necessary, although an able, interesting writing style is a plus.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact:

Ken Anderson