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William Jud
Raising our sights on the 2010 election
By William Jud
Mar 21, 2010 - 12:20:20 AM

For decades, Socialist infiltrators have wormed their way into government, finding a receptive home in the Democrat Party, and chipping away our Constitution bit by bit. Now we see in the present Congress and Obama Administration, to the horror of true Conservative Americans, the culmination of all those decades of corruption and special interests pandering.

The Democrat Party is co-opting American government for the perpetuation and everlasting glory of the Democrat Party, and America's People be damned.

President Obama and Democrat moles in Congress have an aggressive agenda. Federal takeover of Health Care, followed by Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, followed by the infamous Cap-and-Trade war on energy, followed by a disastrous United Nations and federal government ban on personal firearms ownership and nullification of Second Amendment Constitutional rights.

Democrat Party Socialists now are in a powerful position, with control of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. Even if Conservatives regain majority control of Congress in the November, 2010 election, Obama remains squatting like an enormous toad across the path of government reform. No matter what legislation a new Conservative Congress produces, President Obama can simply wield his veto pen and stop government reform.

Unless . . .

The Founding Fathers anticipated this problem when they wrote the U. S. Constitution. It will take a massive response from voters, but Obama's veto pen can be stripped of its ink. Yes, there is a way around Obama's blatant Socialist would-be Dictatorship.

Look at your copy of the U. S. Constitution. If you do not have a personal copy, look up the text of the U. S. Constitution online.

Article 1, Section 7, describes the process by which a bill becomes law.

Normally, a bill must be approved by vote in the House and again in the Senate, and then goes to the President for signature. The President can sign the legislation in which case the bill becomes law, or the President can veto the legislation in which case the bill usually ends there and does not become law. In the case of Presidential veto, the bill is returned to Congress with a letter describing the President's objections. If Congress chooses to change the bill and remove the President's objections, the amended bill can go to the President again for another round and possible approval.

Now suppose the President still refuses to sign the bill.

In that case, Congress can reconsider the legislation. If two thirds of Senators and two thirds of Representatives vote in favor of the bill, the bill becomes law without Presidential approval, overriding the President's veto. Also, a bill automatically becomes law without Presidential signature if the President fails to take action and return a bill within ten days (Sundays excepted).

So there you have it. Obama's powerful veto pen is not all-powerful. A dedicated and committed electorate can replace current elected officials in Congress such that a minimum of two thirds of the House and two thirds of the Senate are populated by Conservatives dedicated to putting America back on track.

Who do we replace?

Start with everyone who votes to approve current Socialist agenda items including Health Care, Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, Cap-and Trade, and ceding the Second Amendment to United Nations control. Replace them all - everyone - radical Democrats and RINO Republicans alike.

Once the criminals are gone from Congress, begin wholesale prosecution of elected officials who violated their Oath of Office or are guilty of gross mismanagement of government. Many present and former Congressional elected officials need to go to prison for life plus 100 years and have their retirement pensions returned to the U. S. Treasury.

Keep going while momentum remains strong. Rid the nation of most United Nations treaty obligations, the Department of Education, Endangered Species laws, Wilderness and related land closures, multiculturalism, laws that reward and pay people for pursuing special-interest lawsuits against government, special favors to labor unions, automatic citizenship of Illegal Aliens' children born within U.S. territory, Disabilities Act atrocities, and much else. The ship of state is sinking from a vast encrustation of government barnacles.

We must set our sights higher than just installing a Conservative majority in Congress in the November 2010 election. We need a minimum TWO THIRDS Conservative majority in both Houses of Congress to override Presidential vetoes.

This can be done!

William Jud

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