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William Jud

No More Lawyers in Elected Office
By William Jud
Feb 2, 2008 - 11:03:30 PM

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There is basic incompatibility between the legal profession and a person's ability to serve in elected office, that is sufficient reason to ban lawyers from serving in public office. The exception is a position such as Attorney General in which legal experience is necessary.

The U.S. Constitution demands that people who hold a position of elected office must support and defend the Constitution. Failure to support and defend the Constitution as agreed by the official when taking the Oath Of Office voids that official's legitimate claim to office and is sufficient for immediate and permanent removal from all public service within government.

Lawyers are famous for seeking 'loopholes' in the law.

A loophole in a law is a part of the law that can be twisted and exploited by a lawyer to achieve some result that is contrary to the sprit and purpose of the law. Loopholes are used to let guilty people escape punishment and to steal from individuals and businesses through trivial lawsuits and outrageous monetary awards far in excess of actual damage.

This process is dishonest and driven by the 'hired gun' legal system that allows lawyers to collect a percentage of the money awarded to a client, without liability for the lawyer and client to pay a like amount to the person being sued if the lawsuit is not successful. There is no attempt to discover truth or to establish innocence or guilt. It is not a matter of asking, 'Did you do the crime?', but is an attempt to bamboozle a jury through emotional appeals, trick questions, and stretching of facts and logic into gigantic legal rubber bands.

Successful lawyers are the lawyers who appear on Presidential ballots. Successful lawyers are often those who have abused the American legal system to steal from legitimate businesses, often in amounts of hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of a career. Successful lawyers in no way represent the general population of American voters. Successful lawyers are hired guns representing the highest bidders.

President Bill Clinton is an outstanding example of an out-of-touch-lawyer elected official.

President Clinton actually proposed that homeowners should be taxed on money they could have made if they moved out and rented their home to someone else. Of course, the homeowner would then have to buy another home to live in and would be taxed on the money that could be made by moving out and renting that home, or would have to become a renter himself.

A proposal to tax a homeowner for living in his own home, a tax on income that might have been but never was received by renting one's home to another person instead of living in the home, is the best example I have seen recently of greedy government, out-of-touch lawyer-ish mentality, and the pathological thought process of lawyers who occupy positions of power in high public office.

In Congress, sometimes with a Presidential former practicing lawyer's compliance, there is constant push to ignore and distort Constitutional restraints on federal government activity, and to proceed lawyer-like on Special Interests legislation that is un-Constitutional in letter and spirit in the hope that the law's authors and approvers will not be caught and called to account for their Oath Of Office violation. Lawyers in particular, who have sworn to uphold both the law and the Constitution, are doubly guilty when they violate their Oath Of Office. Such legalistic courtroom attitude in Congress is very evident in ongoing attempts to weaken the First and Second Amendments and to extend federal government power illegitimately into areas of activity forbidden to the federal government by the Constitution and Bill Of Rights.

The legalistic mindset is greedy, combative and confrontational, not supportive or productive, and generates roiling uncertainty that is disruptive to business and society. Lawyers' use of junk lawsuits to steal money and property from legitimate citizens raises the cost of living for all people and drives businesses and jobs out of America. A person with that legalistic career attitude is the Islamic terrorist's best friend. Legal and political instability make planning for the future much more difficult and less productive than otherwise necessary.

The current roster of candidates for President is loaded with successful lawyers. If elected, a successful lawyer will continue his/her established worldview and put America on daily trial. Do we want to live with the threat of governmental legal harassment and un-Constitutional laws constantly hanging over our heads? I think not.

America does not need any more lawyers elected to government office.

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William Jud
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