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William Jud
A Constitutional Weapon to fight Democrat Party Radicalism
By William Jud
Mar 25, 2010 - 12:22:55 AM

  • By their work ye shall know them.

Evil is fascinating. Watching evil do its work can send a shiver up your leg.

American voters, in their abysmal dereliction of duty, have installed a Democrat President and a Democrat-controlled Congress dedicated to dragging America into the slime pit of Socialism. There is no way the Democrats' intentions can be disguised. Democrat Party actions shine a bright light upon the Democrat Party's camouflaged intentions.

Blame goes as well to Republicans, who morphed during the previous Congress from traditional Republican conservatives into a 'Democrat-Light' hybrid. Senator McCain's infamous campaign promise to 'Reach Across the Aisle' was a Republican commitment to cooperate with evil in the destruction of America.

The Democrats' Health Care legislation is now Law Of The Land, opening the door to Socialist control of everyone and everything, using the excuse that whatever you do affects your health. America fought wars to stop exactly this sort of government atrocity in other nations. Many American military people died in the fight to preserve freedom. Now the Democrat Party and our Mask Muslim President have voided that which is historically American to install a New World Order built on the teachings of Karl Marx.

It is not too late to stop and then reverse this sneak attack on America. Most of the individual States and many private citizens are organizing lawsuits against the federal government to throw out the Democrats' Health Care law.

But is there more that can be done, in addition to voting out of office next November everyone who voted 'yes' on Health Care?

Yes, there is.

Parts of the Democrats' Health Care bill are blatantly un-Constitutional, as many of the pending lawsuits will prove in court.

The President, and all Congressional elected officials and their staff members who participated in the creation of the Democrats' Health Care legislation, and who then voted to approve the Democrats' Health Care bill, have violated their Oath Of Office to 'Support, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States.'

The U. S. Constitution requires that an elected official take the Oath Of Office before assuming office. In addition, the U.S. Constitution is an employment contract between the People and the elected official, such that the official must continue to support the Constitution while holding elected office.

An elected official who does not support the Constitution, and who creates or approves legislation that is proven to be in any part un-Constitutional, voids that contract of employment effective on the date of first offense and is no longer empowered to hold public office.

Once an elected official's failure to support the Constitution is proven, previous un-Constitutional actions also come into play. Failure to support the Constitution, by creating or voting to approve an un-Constitutional bill even many years ago, is sufficient for permanent removal of an elected official from office, including voiding of all votes cast by that disgraced official since the first violation, and return of all pay, benefits, expenses reimbursements, and retirement credit accrued since the date of first violation.

In President Obama's personal case, failure to prove citizenship qualification for office voids his authority to hold office until such time as qualification is validated by proving that Obama is a 'Natural Born' United States Citizen as required by the Constitution.

If President Obama cannot or will not prove that he is a Natural Born U. S. citizen, then Obama must be removed from office and made to repay his salary and the cost of all those expensive flights on Air Force One that he took while traveling around the world apologizing for America.

Obama and members of the legal firm who are helping Obama hide his Birth Certificate need to go to prison for life + 100 years if Obama is proven to be foreign-born and Constitutionally unqualified to hold office.

If President Obama is proven to have been born in a foreign nation, then add Fraud Against the U. S. Government to the list of charges.

The Democrats' Assault on America does not end with Health Care legislation. The Democrats' and Obama's agenda includes Amnesty for Illegal Aliens to provide a permanent pool of millions of likely new Democrat voters, and the Cap and Trade attack on America's energy supply based on the fictitious Global Warming scam. These, too, are riddled with un-Constitutionality.

Secretary of State, Democrat H. Clinton, is now negotiating a treaty with the United Nations to void our Constitution's Second Amendment and turn control of personal firearms over to the United Nations.

Historically, time and again, disarming the populace precedes genocide of a nation's citizens by that nation's own government to rid the land of people (Republicans? Conservatives? Christians?) that the government deems 'undesirable'. Next time Clinton has a news conference, someone should ask her who is on the government's post-Second Amendment extermination list.

There is much more at stake than proving Health Care's un-Constitutionality in the rapidly growing number of court cases that seek to overturn the Democrats' Health Care assault on America.

This is an opportunity to follow through, and to permanently and even retroactively remove from office, all elected officials who are responsible for creating un-Constitutional laws, and for removing all the un-Constitutional laws that those Constitution-trashing legislators illegally created during the past 100 years.

Rush Limbaugh recently played a recording of Vice President Joe Biden excitedly describing Health Care as a "Big F-ing Deal." Joe should have been shouting about elected officials' Oath of Office violations, which are a Really Big F-ing Deal, indeed.

William Jud

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