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William Calhoun

How To End Terrorism in the West
By William H. Calhoun
Jan 16, 2007 - 12:02:44 PM

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Unfortunately, many in the GOP and many "movement conservatives" have been neoconned in the area of foreign policy.

These people somehow have failed to realize that ...

  1. the Jacobin transformation of the world to liberal democracy is not conservative;
  2. implementing "regime change" comes from Marxism, not conservatism;
  3. conservatives have generally frowned upon nation building;
  4. fighting terrorism and fighting Iraq are different; and
  5. proposition-nation nationalism and real patriotism are not the same thing.

In fact, if one really wants to end terrorism in the West (as it is doubtful or hardly desired that we end it in the Middle East) then all of the above are the wrong approaches.

As real conservatives have been saying for years, if we do want to end terrorism in the West, we should do the following:

  1. completely withdraw from and close all military bases in the Middle East;
  2. give no aid to any Middle Eastern country (including Israel);
  3. seal our borders;
  4. end all immigration (legal and illegal) from the third world; and
  5. deport all Muslims from the West (from the USA, Europe, etc.).

Although one cannot completely eliminate terrorism, the above five steps certainly would drastically reduce its likelihood of occurring.

Unfortunately, neocons have been doing the opposite and have increased the chances of terrorist incidents in the West.

Neocons support ...

  1. perpetual war in the Middle East at the expense of American taxpayers and American lives;
  2. inordinate amounts of money given to Israel, et al;
  3. open-borders around the United States;
  4. increased immigration from the third world to the USA; and
  5. no deportations from the USA. (Bush has actually increased the quotas for Muslims to immigrate to the United States.)

Here are some real questions you should be asking yourself:

Why do neocons follow a policy so detrimental to the United States?

Why are our Christian boys being killed and dismembered in far-away lands while their cities and neighborhoods are being invaded by third-world hordes?

Why are neocons spending billions of taxpayers' dollars to secure the borders of Iraq and Israel, but they will not lift a finger to stop the third-world invasion of the United States?

There used to be a word for this. It was called treason.

William H. Calhoun is a writer, paleoconservative, poet-warrior in the classical sense, farmer on his ancestral estate, and graduate of the University of Chicago. He can be reached at

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William Calhoun
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