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Tony Zizza

Why Are Public Schools Pimping Out Our Kids?
By Tony Zizza
Apr 14, 2008 - 8:11:01 AM

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On April 7th, WorldnetDaily posted an article that has got me hopping mad. I'm having a hard time seeing straight, and I'm not due for an eye exam.

In writing "You'll never guess what's being given to kids at prom!", it is my hope Bob Unruh will get you up in arms as well. Liberals can deny it all they want, but yes, we are engaged in a culture war. Every day, new weapons are being launched nationwide by liberals in the public school system to wrestle even more power away from parents, and further sexualize kids.

It seems the Bisbee District school board in Arizona voted 4-1 to give free condoms to kids in their prom bags. The governing board approved this outrage for all "event celebrants." You better believe that it's just not seniors that will be given free birth control by public school employees. Check this out. The gift bags given to all students attending the Brisbee High School Prom include the following: "picture frames, candles, mints and two condoms." Why don't they just hand out keys to the local Days Inn? And a free video camera? I'm sure that will come next year.

Do the four Bisbee District school board members who voted for this apparent act of child abuse suffer from brain damage? There is something seriously wrong with them that goes way beyond the fact that they have no morals, common sense or soul. They are completely reckless. They are, in the opinion of this writer, child abusers. Kudos to Millicent Kasun for voting against legalized child abuse. She appears to be the only Bisbee District school board member with a working brain and an understanding of what it means to teach children the difference between right and wrong.

You see, even students who are seniors ought to still be children/kids to the public school employees who have been charged with looking after their safety until they are out the door - graduated. What kind of thought process is at work when you decide that it is appropriate for adults whose salary is paid by taxpayers to play parent and hand out birth control knowing full well you can't control if it will be used or be effective in the first place? Why are public school employees wedging themselves between child/student and parent? They need to stop it. Right now.
I just scratch my head in utter disbelief that not a day goes by when we are not confronted with yet another public school sex fiasco. There are some real misfits entrenched who have some real power over their students. And they are running an insane asylum of sorts when they should be simply running a school system. I mean, who do they think they are? Where did they get the right to give condoms to their students when it is most certainly not their job above the parental rights of their student's parents?
No matter what color you are, no matter what religion you practice or don't practice, no matter who you plan on voting for President or plan on not voting at all when the time comes, you ought to be horrified at what is going on in our public schools these days. It's pure bedlam. I say all the "normal" parents in the Bisbee District in Arizona ought to physically remove the four school board members from their jobs. They should lose their jobs immediately because they have surely failed in their promise to protect students from harm.

Well, I can hear all the mealy mouthed excuses for public school sanctioned sex now. "They're just going to have sex anyway." "It's a good thing to give out birth control to those who need it." "Why do conservatives always talk about morals in the halls of the public school system?" And perhaps my favorite excuse runs something like this: "Why can't you just leave it well enough alone?"

First of all, it is not within the public school employee's job description to conclude that their students are just going to have sex - and then on that hunch - use tax dollars to give away condoms. Second, it's not a good thing to give free birth control to students because you are telling them to use it. Besides, are you so incredibly stupid you can't figure out that if a horny student can pay for their own cell phone bill, they can pay for their own birth control?

Third, conservatives and a whole bunch of other people are deeply concerned that any sense of morality is missing in our public schools. Fourth, you can't leave depravity well enough alone. When you do, it grows into something called child abuse. And this is exactly what was voted on as OK in this great country of ours.

Today, it's the Bisbee District school board in Arizona. Tomorrow, it's the school board in your own town. How do you feel about this?

The culture war in front of us is getting more hot and intense with each passing day. I'm not actually sure when it happened, but we are at a point in our society where we must always associate the public school system with pushing an agenda of free and under age sex. It's amazingly sad what has been allowed to happen to "informed consent" in our public schools when it comes to things like birth control and psychiatric drugs. The inmates are running the asylum.

Let's take away the keys. And take back our kids as well.



Tony Zizza is a freelance writer who lives in Hermitage, TN. He previously resided in Atlanta, GA where his work was published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Sunday Paper. Zizza writes frequently about popular culture. Reach him via email:

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Tony Zizza
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