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Tony Zizza

There's No Such Thing As Free Birth Control
By Tony Zizza
Oct 31, 2007 - 6:57:17 AM

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There's an old joke about Maine that goes like this: "What do you call a man from Maine with a full set of teeth?" "A tourist."

Well, times have changed and perhaps this joke is outdated. And given the recent news that the King Middle School Health Center in Portland is giving birth control prescriptions to female "children" as young as eleven, here's the updated Maine joke: "What do call a school board member from Portland who has a clear sense of morality and sanity?" "A tourist."

Attempts at corny humor aside, what is going on at the King Middle School Health Center is tantamount to child abuse. It's bad enough a middle school has been handing out condoms to male "children" since 2002. But now a female middle school student as young as eleven can get a birth control prescription if they are seen by a physician or qualified nurse? What are the adults at this alleged school thinking? Oh, I'm sorry. They're not thinking.

First of all, these middle school students are "children." This is a fact you can't weasel out of. We have a zero tolerance policy if God forbid a senior in high school is caught with a Coors Light. Where in Portland is the zero tolerance for not only children having sex, but for giving them free birth control? There's no such thing as free birth control. When depravity is free, we all pay a price.
I'm at a total loss here. Folks at the health center learn that last year just 5 out of the 134 students who requested services, self reported they were sexually active. What do they do? Inform the parents? No. Inform the authorities since they are under-age? No. They follow the lead of the very shady Portland Health and Human Services department, and push parental rights out into the Atlantic ocean.

I wonder if the adult school board members and various other adults in the city of Portland who support this state supported child abuse ever heard the word "No" when they themselves were children. I mean, isn't this the real problem? Students have an unbridled sense of entitlement these days. They have no idea of how to adjust when they can't get their way. So what do we do? We not only accept their bad behavior (very under-age sex), we actually reward it with (free) birth control.

What the King Middle School Health Center has allowed to happen should outrage everyone who actually has a conscious and a shred of morality within them. The sick school policy of giving free birth control to eleven year old "children" should unite everyone. Forget about race. Forget about Liberal or Conservative. Remember, there will always be something that transcends race and political affiliation. It's called: right and wrong.

It appears a resolution will be voted on come November 7th to somehow modify this new child sexual abuse giveaway. But it's largely a joke. I say this because while eleven year old female "children" won't be able to get free birth control prescriptions - they would now have to be fourteen - this is still too young, too twisted, too disgusting. And what about the 6th grade boys? Are they still getting "free" condoms? Also, can parents opt their children out of contraceptives if they have not enrolled them in the health center?

I'm starting to understand that perhaps Nancy Reagan was right a few decades ago when she pushed her mantra of "Just Say No." We all used to laugh thinking that she was a prude. After all, it was scientifically proven underage "children" were just going to have sex "anyway", right? Who are we as adults to interfere with nature and a child's sexual urges?

Well, you're a parent. And if you don't qualify as a parent, you're still an adult for crying out loud.

Again, we all used to laugh at Nancy Reagan.

No one should be laughing now. This is war.

Tony Zizza is a freelance writer who lives in Atlanta, GA. Zizza writes frequently about education and popular culture. Reach him via email:

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Tony Zizza
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