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Tony Zizza

Just Take Away All Of Nadya Suleman's Children
By Tony Zizza
Feb 21, 2009 - 8:27:46 PM

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You must excuse the misleading title of this column because I can't believe how much of a weasel Dr. Phil turned out to be. It should read something like "Just Take Away All Of Our Children" or "Just Take Away All Of Nadya Suleman's Parental Rights". She is not just a human slug. Or a spoiled brat who insanely thinks that whatever she wants, someone else should pay for it. She ought to be the national poster child of why the Welfare State is morally and financially wrong.

But back to Dr. Phil. Here's a man who wants you to believe he is concerned about morals. Oh, how you jest. For some reason, he wimped out on having Ann Coulter on his show. She is not afraid to talk about morals. Instead, he rented a million dollar plus house for the day to conduct a sit-down interview with Nadya Suleman. To do what? Pretend he was grilling her about her apparent lack of morals? What a joke. And right in front of our eyes we are witnessing why our popular culture has become a backed up toilet.

Why is Dr. Phil afraid of Ann Coulter? Is he afraid his viewers would oppose her over Nadya Suleman? I mean, if they would, there's your best evidence they're part of the problem. Yet, I think the opposite is true. I think that if someone beside FOX would have the temerity to allow Ann Coulter some time to talk about the problem of single mothers actually choosing to raise children without fathers, the light of day would shine through. It's beyond asinine with a capital A that someone like Dr. Phil would give a failure of a mother like Nadya Suleman attention, while at the same time, doing the politically correct thing and treat an educated person like Ann Coulter as if she is our problem.

Ann Coulter is hardly the problem here. The chapter "Victim Of A Crime? Thank A Single Mother" in her new book Guilty has folks up in arms for all the wrong reasons. People forget that she is not an elected official. She is at times an entertainer. You are free to read or listen to her. Or not. You decide. Too bad Nadya Suleman and her criminal doctor are not giving that same right to the American people. The total cost to raise 14 children she does not deserve in her life will eventually cost us around $2 million.

Meanwhile, her home state of California is $42 billion in debt. Are you sure Nadya Suleman is not a slug? Do you really think enough people are going to contribute to Angels in Waiting at a cost of $135,000 a month to support her and the 14 children she really has no right to? What kind of person has more children when they are over $23,000 behind in mortgage payments? Why is this the kind of person Dr. Phil grants credibility to in the form of a sit down interview on national television? Again, why he seems afraid of Ann Coulter and freezes her out is curious.

What's also curious is if you look at how the mainstream media treats Sadya Suleman compared to say the relatives of Elian Gonzales. Ann Coulter was right back then when she said "Elian Gonzalez was the only child liberals ever believed needed a father. Liberals believe that Elian's mother should have been able to abort Elian without prior input from the father, but that she should not give him freedom without the father's consent." If it was OK for Bill Clinton and Janet Reno to have storm troopers essentially return Elian to an evil person like Fidel Castro, why can't Barack Obama publicly state that Sadya Suleman and the 14 children will not receive any Stimulus money?

Again, what we have before our very eyes is the logical result of a Welfare State gone wild. All along, the media reports her saying she wanted all these children to fill personal needs and because she was depressed. Oh, let's not forget about that. Next to receiving something just because you want it if you're part of the politically correct elite, is being showered with praise if you publicly state you're depressed. If you're depressed enough to tell this to millions of people you don't even know, perhaps that is a sign you're not nearly focused enough to raise not 1 or 3 or 7 but 14 children. Comedian Ron White is right, "You Can't Fix Stupid."

I mean, we're all stupid if we give Sadya Suleman anymore attention. It used to be that if you did something stupid and wrong, the last thing you wanted was attention. Now, in our culture where liberals are telling us to be afraid of Ann Coulter, attention is the first thing they give people who do wrong. Sadya Suleman and her doctor have done something very wrong here. They have made a mockery out of marriage. They have made a mockery out of the family. They have made a mockery out of all parents who are trying to live within their means and do right by their children.

Dr. Phil ought to recontact Ann Coulter's people and put her on the show. She actually asks all the right questions in Guilty such as "So why all the reverence for "single mothers" but not for married men and women raising their kids in the traditional way?" Gee, Dr. Phil, is that too controversial of a statement for you and your viewers to handle? Come on Dr. Phil. Go ahead and rent out another million dollar plus house for the day for a sit down interview with another controversial female in the news.

Trust me, it will be easier on the eyes and on the brain to spend the day with Ann Coulter than it was with Nadya Suleman.

Tony Zizza is a free-lance writer who writes frequently about family issues and popular culture. Email:

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Tony Zizza
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