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Tony Zizza

City of Atlanta Neutered by Political Correctness
By Tony Zizza
Jul 12, 2008 - 11:21:46 PM

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After reading ("'Men At Work' signs to disappear in Atlanta: Decision follows complaints by magazine editor"), July 9th, on, I am glad I no longer live in Georgia. I miss some friends. I miss Red Top Mountain. I miss Atlanta Braves games at Turner Field.

But good grief with a capital G. The city of Atlanta has just been neutered by political correctness. Atlanta prides itself on being "The city too busy too hate." Memo to Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin and Gov. Sonny Perdue: You just became "The city too busy to think."

It's hard to even talk about this with a straight face. Comedian Bill Engvall might want to weigh in on this one and hand Cynthia Good, founding editor of Atlanta-based PINK magazine, her very own personal sign. Believe me, it won't say "Men At Work" or "Men Working."

Here's the deal. Cynthia Good, whose publication features professional women, believes subtle discrimination has gone on in the Atlanta Public Works because there are 50 "Men At Work" and "Men Working" signs the city has posted alongside work areas. She raised a stink with the city, especially with Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin and Gov. Sonny Purdue. She even vandalized city property by painting "wo" onto a "Men At Work" sign. Surely, the Atlanta police did not treat her like they would have if anyone else vandalized city property.

While there are 100 Atlanta Public Works employees, it appears nearly half of them are women. I wonder if all those women do the same work as the men. I also wonder if people realize that there are over 6.3 million construction workers in this country. The average age of a road construction worker is 49. Now, guess how many of the 6.3 million road construction workers in this country are women? Try 2.4 percent on for size.

We are living in trying times. There's no doubt about it. Given this, the media and city/state government is actually taking Cynthia Good's penchant for political correctness seriously. Atlanta is a bad joke when it comes to traffic. Atlanta is a worse joke when it comes to the graduation rate for high school seniors in public schools. Nevertheless, they drop everything and make sure some road signs get the boot that are thought by some to be biased. Go figure.

Despite all of her previous success, I believe Cynthia Good is a dangerous and silly woman. She wants to take this idiocy in Hotlanta nationwide. That's right. Nationwide. She told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Eric Stirgus that, "We're calling on the rest of the nation to follow suit and make a statement that we will not accept these subtle forms of discrimination." Get over yourself Cynthia. It's embarrassing. You proved that with your recent appearance on "Hannity & Colmes."

I think there are a plethora of issues women need to be concerned with that ought to take precedence over this asinine sign situation. What about doing something about the fact that there are too many prescriptions being written for Gardasil? What about doing something about the fact there are too many young women being labeled with a subjective mental disorder? What about doing something about the fact that too many young women have become genuinely mean, if not the next Deborah Lafave in our lovely public school system?

We've got to get our priorities in line with reality. Our hyper-sensitivity is making a mockery out of real gender issues. Political correctness has turned our culture into a whiner-thon 24/7. Cynthia Good is apparently the latest contestant. Once the male road construction workers who make up 97.6 percent of that 6.3 million workforce see "Workers" only road signs throughout the country, I wonder if the remaining 2.4 percent female workforce and Cynthia Good will try figuring out why in 2008 there is still not so subtle bias against men in family court.

Here's your sign.



Tony Zizza is a freelance writer who lives in Hermitage, TN. He writes frequently about popular culture. Reach Zizza via email:

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Tony Zizza
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