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Syndi Holmes

The Roots of Terrorism
By Syndi Holmes
Jul 16, 2004 - 12:18:00 PM

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The roots of terrorism are two-fold. The first lies in the greed of the exploiters. The second lies in the ignorance of the exploited.

The exploiters fall into two categories. There are those who instigate the situation by taking advantage the poor of many countries for their own personal or corporate gain and power. They have no moral qualms about what they do, as they only look to bottom line profits  and/or the expansion of power. They have no insight as to how their actions impact the surrounding environment because they do not care. Then there are those that recognise that they too can gain personal power by opposing those who exploit them so they become the leaders of what we call terrorism. They are adept at finding the misery that has been created by those who exploit and then they exploit even further. They do not have ideals to fight for and seek no resolutions because they would lose their power if resolutions were found. They do not seek to lead by example, for their power derives from having others die for them.

The followers of terrorism are generally selected for their pliability; ignorance is an important trait as it makes one easier to sway. Their fault is that they have never have had the opportunity for education due to poverty and a sense of hopelessness born of political and/or economic instability. They will follow any leader that gives them a sense of importance or purpose. The other group, "the victims" of terrorism, are not just the victims but are targeted as the symbols of their country's or their country's corporate exploitation. Unfortunately, for many in this group, they are ignorant of the policies and actions that their country's government or it's corporations actually engage in and the negative impacts that are created in the world.

Both groups of exploiters shield themselves well away from harm. Neither suffers the consequences of their actions. Only the exploited suffer and die, not really knowing for whose sins they are atoning or for whose glorification they are sacrificed. It will only be when the exploited realise what is being done to them, when they stand up together against all their exploiters and decide in common resolution that they have had enough and that justice is re-established will their terror stop.

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Syndi Holmes
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