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Cross Country Skiing at Green Valley Golf Course in West Enfield
By Mike Clendenning
Feb 2, 2008 - 11:18:00 PM

WEST ENFIELD -- Cross Country skiing is now on at Green Valley Golf Course in West Enfield, Maine, 28 minutes from the Bangor Mall.

They currently have a total of 6.5 miles of groomed trails for everyone to enjoy around the golf course and it only costs $5.00 per person for all day.

They have the coffee on and many other beverages as well as snacks for your enjoyment. The heat is on in the club house with a T.V. running as well. This is nice, because you can ski for a few miles then come in and rest and relax then go do it again if you choose.

They are working on adding 14 more miles of trails through the woods for next winter. The trails currently offer different levels of difficulty. They have one trail fairly flat, one with a little more of a roll to it and then the one that will give you a real work out.

It is a nice set up currently and with all the new trails coming this should be a very nice facility. We even mentioned that it might be a good idea to hold events here. We can see almost the whole entire trail system currently from the club house. We are looking forward to seeing this year round facility blossom over the next couple of years.

Do not forget their new indoor golf facility is open as well. Rent it only for $25 per hour, not per person. You may contact them at 207-732-3006.

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