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A.D.Erving: Professional Basketball Player to Coach to Children's Books Writer
By A.D.Erving
Dec 8, 2013 - 12:15:23 AM

First of the Dream Ten Series by A.D. Erving
Basketball and reading were always my favorites. During my short professional basketball career I spent a lot of time on the bench, watching everybody playing and always feeling like the odd man out.

It was this experience that made me write something for the kid who is not the tallest, most talented or most athletic. I wanted to address the kid who struggles but still believes in his big dream. When I started coaching kids, I always had a kind eye for the less talented players on my team, always trying to show them how things can change and that today's steps are just the first steps in a long hard journey.

I feel that that was my biggest challenge as a coach, because I understood how it was to be a star in the junior leagues and then to be a minor player in the professional level. I understood the importance of the fact that basketball is a team game and there are 12 players in each team (in my book only ten) and each has a defining role in the delicate organization. Of course the glory goes to the Lebrons, Durants & Currys but they wouldn't be known without the guy who takes the rebound, plays defense and makes the assist.

My books, The Dream Ten series (originally published in Israel), follows a group of unlikely basketball players between the ages of ten and twelve who form their own team after being rejected by their local club team. Each volume is devoted to one boy's unique story. What I tried to bring to my book is my own experiences as a player who tried to be successful. In a way, I may say today that through these books I have established my dream. I was lucky and honored to enjoy a lot of success with my books in Israel, enjoyed tens of thousands of readers (Israel is a small country), an independent fan club that has thousands of members and a buzz that can be noticed easily on Facebook if your Hebrew permits. All the fans talk about how these books touch their souls because the stories relate to their life experiences.

Today I am a proud parent of 2 kids, who can't wait until they are old enough to read and understand my books. I hope and pray that the messages I tried to convey in the Dream10 books will seep through whether they choose to play ball or not. The major theme of the book is "Love of the Game". It shows in every sentence in the book, but I feel it can also help them throughout life.

The first book in the Dream Ten series is "David's Miracle" and it's about David Malone who is an average 12-year-old boy who loves basketball and dreams of playing for the Raymond Hills Warriors, the elite club team in his hometown. But when he doesn't make the team because of his below-average height, he considers giving up the game for good. Then, over summer vacation, David meets a group of local boys who share his love for the game and a fierce determination to overcome the Warriors' rejection.

A.D. Erving

A.D. Erving
was born in August 1974, and has been a basketball fan his whole life. After playing four years of professional basketball overseas, Erving went on to coach the game for nine years, working with children and teenagers both on and off the court. Although he grew up a diehard Philadelphia 76ers fan, Erving's allegiance has shifted in recent years to individual players who he admires. Some of his current favorites include Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, Paul Pierce, and Stephen Curry.

His absolute favorite player of all time, though, is Julius "Dr. J" Erving, who played for the 76ers. When A.D. Erving was seven years old, he met Dr. J in-person, and a picture of the two of them was published in the local paper. This encounter with his basketball idol is one of Erving's all-time favorite memories.

Now in his thirties, A.D. Erving works as a content producer and businessman, in addition to his job as a children's author. He enjoys writing and answering trivia questions, and even used to work as trivia writer for TV shows. In his spare time, he loves jogging, reading, watching basketball, and spending time with his wife and kids, who are six and two-and-a-half years old.

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