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Sally Bouchard

Under Attack
By Sally Bouchard
May 2, 2006 - 11:20:00 PM

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MILLINOCKET -- Monday night, at a Town Council workshop that was supposed to be about economic development, the Magic City Morning Star came under attack from supporters of the Millinocket Area Growth and Investment Council (MAGIC).

These supporters of MAGIC, like too many people in Millinocket, do not want to let any news out that doesn't compliment them. That has been the way in Millinocket for too many years; no news that will tell the people what they need to know.

We have bias in the press with the Katahdin Press, which only prints the news that will make MAGIC look good. In that newspaper, you'll never find any questions about where the money is going, nor any questions on any decisions the board of directors of MAGIC might make.

For the past two years, some of the people in Millinocket have asked for accountability from MAGIC. We were called negative, yet we as citizens have a right to know where the money is going. It is our business.

I have always believed that the town council should have been kept informed about the decisions that MAGIC made, as the board of directors of MAGIC are not elected by the people. But the council passed the buck. They were wrong in this. They were elected by the people and they should have been more active in the development of this area.

There are also many questions that should be asked about the proposed Cultural Center. Where did the money go? Who are the people involved? Is it still an LLC? Is it a for profit or non-profit organization?

The Katahdin Press will not ask these questions. The Magic City Morning Star is needed, so that the people of Millinocket can get some of these answers, or at least be able to ask the questions. A newspaper that is biased is a newspaper that will not tell the people what they need to know.

As citizens of Millinocket, there are people from away who we do not trust. For years, people have been coming here, not to help this community, but to make money off the very people who are being asked to trust them.

The so called community center is a perfect example. Protect and preserve our history and culture, then charge $600 a month. Put in KAT-TV, another non-profit organization, and charge them $300 a month. Put in a business that competes with others that are already in town, destroying the old to start the new, and put more people out of work in a town that has seen too much loss already.

Then give yourself a $45,000 salary and $15,000 for benefits, and use our museum and KATTV to do it. And if anyone should dare to question any of this, they are called negative and labeled a threat. That is why some of the newcomers are not trusted by the people of Millinocket.

For someone to come into our town and try to make money off our history is disgusting, but too many people do not have these facts, that these people don't care about the facts or know anything about our history and culture.

For those who believe that there shouldn’t be any fighting, you need to understand that some things are worth fighting for. Democracy is one of them. Freedom of the Press is another. Democracy is dying here in Millinocket and in the rest of our nation. The good press is under attack. We are losing what our Forefathers gave to us, and you - the people of this country - are responsible, for not standing up for your freedoms. The special interests are in control, and you the people are letting it happen.

Thank you, Magic City Morning Star, for coming to Millinocket, a town that never wanted to hear the news they needed to know.

It has been said that ignorance is bliss. Well, Millinocket has too many blissful people, and it always has.

Editor's Note: Sally, thank you very much for your support. I've been aware for quite some time that we have some major problems here in Millinocket, but even I was shocked to learn that the Magic City Morning Star has been officially declared a threat by the Millinocket Town Council. I'm sure there's a law against that, and probably more than one. But you know, these days sometimes we only get the justice we can afford, so we'll see how that works out. -- Ken Anderson

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Sally Bouchard
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