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Sally Bouchard
The Blame Game
By Sally Bouchard
Nov 26, 2006 - 1:16:00 PM

In Millinocket, misinformation is when the liars are caught telling their lies, and the information they put out is proven to be false or misleading.

The Magic Morning Star is one news outlet where the truth about this false information can be brought to the public. The Bangor Daily News is another that sometimes has articles about Millinocket in it, and they try to be balanced in their reporting.

Then we have the Katahdin Press, which is a news organization for the Millinocket Area Growth and Investment Council (MAGIC). They are biased in what they report, nor do they question anything that MAGIC wants them to print.

It is not the Magic City Morning Star that put out the misinformation in the MAGIC report; nor was it the Magic City Morning Starís fault that a majority of citizens voted to not give MAGIC any more than thirty thousand dollars.

How many of those citizens who voted no on the referendum would have voted not to give any money at all to MAGIC if that were given to them as an option? I donít know the answer to that question, but I do know that it would be a lot, and since many of them do not have computers so they do not read the Magic City Morning Star.

It was not the Magic City Morning Star that put out the untruth that Bruce McLean was a leader in ending the Cold War. Bruce McLean put that out there himself in his biography.

By all accounts, the Cold War ended in 1989, and Bruce was still in college at that time. He was not involved in any significant way in the Cold War and he certainly was not a leader in ending it. That is misinformation, and neither Senator Snow nor any of her staff will take the time to pick that up.

Is it the fault of the Magic City Morning Star for having published this information on it web page, or should the fault lie with Bruce McLean for having included false information in his biography and in the report that MAGIC put out to the public?

Is it the Magic City Morning Starís fault for being a vehicle of information by bringing the Backcountry Project to the publicís attention? Or for having discovered the letter that Councilor Polstein wrote to Roxanne Quimby asking her to buy more property?

Neither the Backcountry Project or the letter to Roxanne Quimby were intended to be made public. Yet it is our economic future that is being discussed without our knowledge, and we the public have a right to know these things.

Augusta wants us to stop fighting but it is Augusta that is conducting secret meetings about the land in our backyard, and we the public need to know what they are planning; and without the Magic City Morning Star, too much would have remained hidden from us, the public.

The people from the Allagash are also fighting for their land, their history and their heritage; and Augusta also wants them to stop fighting. It is time for the people in Augusta to start listening to the people, and without the Magic City Morning Star and other such papers, we the people would not know what plans Augusta has for us, the people of the Woods of Northern Maine.

Donít blame the press for putting out the news; blame yourselves for trying to misinform the public with false reports and lies.

Who do I trust? I trust those who have facts to back them up and the ones who have not made a habit of lying to me. Alyce Maragus has never told me a lie, while Bruce McLean claims he was a leader in ending the cold war. Think about it.

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