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Sally Bouchard

Discussing the Issues
By Sally Bouchard
Jan 22, 2007 - 11:02:50 AM

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Talking over our difference is a good idea but unfortunately some people will not listen.

Our culture and heritage is one subject in which I have found that talking to certain people is a big waste of my time, for they will not listen to what I have to say.

After just a few years in Millinocket, some people believe that they know what is best in order to preserve our culture and heritage. Rather than taking the time or making the effort to find out what the Millinocket Historical Society is all about, they ignore our by-laws and anything that goes against what they have predetermined to be best for the culture of the people of Millinocket.

They wonít listen and, unfortunately it seems that for some it might nothing more than a way of getting control of any grant money that would come to the Millinocket Historical Society, and to be able to spend it without any accountability.

On a related subject, the Millinocket Planning Board and the town council voted no to duplexes on Forest Avenue but some of these same people did not like that decision, so duplexes will be build in this single family neighborhood anyhow.

The people in that neighborhood loudly said no but, like too many towns in America, the people of Millinocket have no voice. In the false name of economic development, they are losing their homes and businesses, all for greed and a bigger tax base so that their local government will have more money to spend. Their local officials would not, and did not listen to what they had to say.

In Millinocket, it may be that the officials did listen, but still the developer believes that he will get his way, and a neighborhood will be changed for ever.

Augusta has ignored the people of the Allagash. Our state government wants to preserve the River, but have constantly ignored the people who have lived and worked on that river for generations.

Augusta would not listen, but hopefully the will of the people of the Allagash will preserve and keep their culture and heritage.

Those who would say that the people of the Katahdin Area need to get over the bankruptcy of the mill and get on with their lives should take a step back and consider what it is like to lose your job, your home and everything that you had worked for many years and end up with nothing, even while a few well-connected people use public funds to prosper at the expense of everyone else.

Thanks to our government officials, this is happening all across America, not only in Millinocket, and like too many of our elected officials who are supposed to serve the people, they are only serving their own interests.

Arrogance and the corruption of power are all too prevalent in our government and the American people are the losers.

Talk is cheap but unless certain people are willing to take the time to listen to what we have to say and to understand where we are coming from, any discussion of the issues will be in vain.

Lies and misinformation are coming from all sides and to blame only one side will not work any longer, as the people of Millinocket are not as stupid as some of the elected officials think we are.

Letís talk, but you also must listen and stop blaming other people for your mistakes. Without a town newspaper, the people of Millinocket have only the word of their friends and neighbors to let them know what is going on.

I will listen to what you have to say, but will you listen to me and to the people of Millinocket who have already voted no on MAGIC?

It is time for the fighting to stop and it is time for MAGIC to start working for the people of Millinocket rather than their friends and special interest groups, or get out of the way and let someone who cares take over the job.

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Sally Bouchard
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