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Sally Bouchard
Christmas in Millinocket
By Sally Bouchard
Dec 20, 2005 - 2:33:00 PM

This was a week in which the people in Millinocket celebrated the birth of Jesus with music.

The ladies of the Philharmonic, like always, gave a great performance and with their many talents and dedication to their work were again very enjoyable.

Sunday night was the turn of all the churches, and their voices were heard singing about the birth of Christ. It was a wonderful night and the people that were there all appreciated the music and the story of his birth.

Millinocket always has been blessed with much talent through the years and, especially this Christmas, the people needed to have something that would make them forget all the troubles this town has been through and to enjoy being with friends to remember why this is a special holiday to celebrate.

This is a time for families but it should be remembered that this year is another year in which Millinocket has lost too many good people to death and there will be too many empty faces missing in this time of celebration.

It is also a time that too many of our young are leaving to find work, and so there will be too many grandparents without their grandchildren here in Millinocket. Christmas is a time for families but, in Millinocket, too many families have been split up by the bankruptcy of the mill and without jobs. More families will be torn apart.

It is Christmas time in Millinocket, and the people will fill the churches. Sermons will be preached on the birth of Christ. I wonder though, how many people will remember the message of Christ? Will they live their lives doing his good work and remember the kind, caring man he was?

Will they remember that his message wasn’t about money and power. It was about being caring and living your life so that someday you will be rewarded by going to the kingdom of heaven. Rich or poor, you will be welcomed into heaven if you are true to yourselves and to the people of your community.

Greed and the abuse of power are destructive for any community and I pray that Millinocket might see the end of that.

May all of the people be treated equal, without some being given special privileges because they are friends of a certain group.

For the people of Millinocket, may this New Year be better, and may our people get good-paying jobs. May our young be able to stay in this community.

For Carla, Bob and Chris, may your business ventures be successful and may other citizens of Millinocket also have good luck if they wish to start a business.

May the citizens of Millinocket again have a voice in their town government, their rights returned to them.

And to all the good people of Millinocket: Have a Merry Christmas.

For us to have a Happy New Year, the Rule of the People will again be ours and our voices will be heard again.

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