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Richard Farr

Uneducated Governments
By Richard Farr
Jun 30, 2004 - 7:41:00 PM

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This is a generalization of this issue, and you can apply it to any political level.

Let's consider a person who wants to make life better by running for an elected position. For what ever reason, he - or she - runs for office. This is good, and this is what makes ours a great country. Although there may be some flaws, in a way it is these flaws that make it work. Ok, back to our politician, who wants to do well. After the first meeting, he realizes that he may be in over his head. Determined not to look lost or dumb, he looks to the good talkers within reach and follows them. Unfortunately, the person he chooses to listen to may just be B.S. artist without a clue; or worse, someone with a hidden agenda.

When this sort of individual gets backed into a corner, he gets secretive and starts trying to keep his conversations private; and then it becomes the politician against the people whom elected him.

Conflicts of interest will arise no matter how hard we try to subdue them. It is human nature, and the ability to see this within yourself is the only way that we can hope to understand the issue. This is where the public has the responsibility to step up and say something; to protest or even impeach or recall.

Getting back to our politician, he has made it through a few meetings now and, having learned some of the jargon, he feels as if he is making a difference. He looks around the neighborhood and start to get a sense of feeling superior. The neighbors that he used to hang out with have changed. What they do not see is that it is not the neighbors who have changed, but he himself.

What I have neglected to point out is the uneducated reference. An educated man or woman is not just taught by academic achievements. He - or she - also learns from life. An educated person knows himself well enough to know when he has stepped over the line. An educated person admits any faults in which he may have been involved, and rectifies the situation by learning from it without redirecting the blame. A well educated person realizes that it is wrong to belittle others; and an educated politician realizes that he works for the people and that his private life is now public. Public officials holding private meetings should expect that there will be public scrutiny, and the people should rise together to force these politicians to answer for it.

This is our land, to be governed by the people and for the people; and if you don't think it is being done right, then stand up for your beliefs.

If you're tired of feeling like a mushroom; in the dark and being fed sh*t, get involved and tell the politicians that they are not working out. Help all of mankind, and find the politician who can resist temptation and who will remember that no matter how much he learns, he is no smarter than the public.

Can this be related to any of our local politicians?

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Richard Farr
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