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Richard Farr

Amnesty's Human Rights Report Blasts U.S.
By Richard Farr
May 25, 2005 - 8:25:00 PM

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Amnesty International is an organization with double standards, and is a joke. They claim abuse of prisoners at the U.S. government at Guantanamo Bay detention facility, yet they seem to forget all about the innocent people that these prisoners have killed or disfigured. Also their counterparts, who are still free to conduct their dastardly deeds, killing women and children, and beheading their enemy.

These people (Amnesty International) have lost all sense as to where their concerns should lie. I have a issue with the fact that A.I. is so quick to make these statements about the United States, yet they fail to list the Muslim religion as the top offender to human rights. The Muslim religion, in my eyes, is no different than Nazism and needs to be eradicated.

It is sad to think that I, a pacifist, have been forced to change my views of mankind by these terrorists, who all seem to be Muslim. And if these morons think that all Americans love Israel and its people, they are dead wrong. The majority of the people I know really donít like the arrogant attitude and the holier than thou attitude of the Israeli people.

Amnesty International could, and would, seem more intelligent if they were to remember that we care one hundred percent about the harm which has been done to people who are innocent and who do not believe in the killing of the so-called infidel. Since, after all, in the Muslimís eye anyone who does not belong to the Muslim religion needs to die. Now the top Muslim can swear to their god that the Muslim religion does not teach this but I will never believe anything they say, as their followers and clerics preach that to kill will open heavenís door for them. Yet I await the day Amnesty International stands before the world and makes a negative statement about these wonderful Muslims and their ethical treatment of the prisoners they hold or take.

Can you imagine no wars? I can remove religion from the equation of life and fewer people will die from the messages they claim are given to them by their gods. I know all of you Christians will be really upset with me over that last statement, but in my defense, it must be God who is motivating me to make these statements.

Amnesty International should be voted as the worst violator of human rights, with their ability to forget about the victims of the people to whom they feel deserve what they get from these killers.

If A.I. is so concerned about these prisoners being mistreated, they need to join these terrorists and be put on the island with them. Not because they claim that the USA is a violator of Human Rights; this is nothing new, as all Americanís we know that our government has a thick skin.

Killers and rapists are not humans and should not be treated as humans. They are subhuman and should be treated as animals. And when animals become dangerous to the worldís population, they need to be removed from the living. Peace to all who are not rapists and murderers or condoners of such crimes like Amnesty International.

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Richard Farr
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