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R.P. BenDedek

Xenophobia in France: Jews, Muslims and Vegans Suffer!
By R.P.BenDedek
Jan 11, 2007 - 11:11:36 AM

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Recently an article appeared in the Couriermail newspaper in Australia that shows at the very lest the stupidity of the French, or worse, the power lust of Political Correctness activists.

It appears that an organisation in France that provides a free soup kitchen to the poor, was only supplying "pork soup". This has offended the intellectually challenged Political Correctness police, who maintained that this was racist discrimination against Jews and Muslims (like the French give a hang about Jews!) A court case ensued and the case was thrown out, but the Mayor of Paris condemned the ruling and urged the police to appeal.

The good Mayor chose this occasion to announce that he was against all forms of discrimination, racism and anti-Semitism. Well done Sir! Now if you can only pass this attitude onto the French Government in it's attitude toward Israel in general, and toward all Jews suffering abuse in France and something useful might be achieved.

Excuse my sarcasm folks, but if this wasn't opportunistic Political Correctness BS I don't know what it was, after all, did anyone stop to consider that other minority group who are being discriminated against in this pork soup fiasco? - The Vegans! Can Vegans eat (drink) pork soup. Methinks not!  And God forbid they should change the menu to include Peanuts in the ingredients.  Do you know how many people are allergic?

Now of course it goes without saying that the group providing the soup kitchen, not believing in politically correctness, intentionally set out to deny Jews and Muslims an opportunity for a free meal. But realistically speaking folks, why is it that people are not allowed to do good deeds toward those with whom they have an affinity, without political influence to force them to go another step and provide for people with whom they have no affinity. After all, the group denied no one the right to eat the soup.

And let's just consider the situation in a broader context.  If so many Jews and Muslims in Paris are poverty stricken and in need of soup kitchens, why is officialdom doing so much to punish a right wing pork soup kitchen, instead of taking steps to provide for a whole other section of society that appears to be in such great need? (And let's not forget the Vegans!) Standing up for social and racial equality in this case was nothing more than an easy and free PR stunt. It was just so much Inane Hot Air! (Mmm? Then again they are French aren't they!)

I've said it before and will say it again, Political correctness is just a weapon in a war to control society and force it to comply with officially imposed streams of consciousness. The day will come when every thought and act in democratic countries will be totally controlled by legislation designed to give the populace the right to believe nothing that they are not told. What a farce western civilization is becoming.

They'll never make me serve pork!
Since this article was written, the original complaint has been upheld and it is now illegal to discriminate by offering pork soup. They'll have to serve Lamb or Beef.  Sorry Vegans!


Charity vs the Welfare State By Thomas E. Brewton

  • Religion and morality command every individual to do the right thing by helping people who have fallen upon hard times. But charity is not the same thing as decreeing that such people are entitled to an equal share of everyone's wealth.
  • It was religion that brought the weight of society and public opinion behind the traditional virtues of charity toward the less fortunate, and honesty, faithfulness, courage, loyalty, friendship, and fair-dealing with everyone
  • The welfare-state of the amoral, collectivized, secular religion of liberal-progressive socialism, on the other, produced the 20th century, the most savagely bloody and oppressive period in world history.
  • Liberal-socialism-progressivism is inherently a religion of repression that creates a servile society. Liberalism’s professed concern for the little guy is at the cost of trampling upon individual liberties...

21st Century Totalitarianism: Political Correctness


R.P.BenDedek (pseudonym) is the Author of 'The King's Calendar: The Secret of Qumran ( ) and is a contributing columnist at Magic City Morning Star News.

From Brisbane in Australia, BenDedek comes from a Multi-Faith and Multi-Ethnic family (including Christians and Muslims), and is currently teaching Conversational Business English in China.

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R.P. BenDedek
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