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R.P. BenDedek

When Women and "Women Only" Matter!
By R.P. BenDedek
Oct 5, 2015 - 2:46:07 AM

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I have just read at Women's Weekly, what at first glance was a very good article titled Who are the real victims of domestic violence? Unfortunately, when one gets passed the rhetoric and looks at the 'meat' of the article, one finds that it is yet another example of pandering to the feminist anti-male agenda.

The article was excellent at providing certain statistics about where Domestic Violence occurs and even relates those statistics involving Aboriginal Domestic Violence. It also hints at alcohol being a prominent factor in such offences. It demonstrates that Domestic Violence is not related to wealth. It does however make the dubious point (since words create images that may be false)* that Domestic Violence is a personal choice.

I have published numerous articles on the issue over the last six months, with the latest being published on October 3rd. That article was titled: Guilt, Deceit and Hypocrisy behind Domestic Violence Campaigns in which I stated that "..choosing not to point the finger is quite a different matter than expressly trying to silence the dissemination of information about such abuse."

The Women's Weekly article (no author attribution) however failed to address a number of issues that I have raised over the last six months.

  1. What are the statistics for female violence against other people including males?
  2. What are the statistics for Male-on-male Domestic Violence?
  3. What are the statistics for Domestic Violence within homosexual relationships?
  4. What are the statistics for Domestic Violence within relationships in which the male is involved in violent crimes and gangs?
  5. What percentage of offenders are found in ethnic groups within which honor killings are part of the ethnic culture?
  6. What percentage of male offenders are the victims of mental cruelty and emotional abuse by their female partners?
  7. What percentage of Male perpetrators of Domestic Violence suffer from Mental Illness?

Those last two points, Nos 6 and 7 are intimately connected. The feminist mantra appears to be that males CHOOSE to be violent and undoubtedly to some (presently unknown) extent, it is absolutely true. But I would like to draw your attention to a known fact about males in Australia that for some reason is never seen to be connected to Domestic Violence - the Male Youth Suicide Rate.

The suicide rate for young males in Australia is four times that for females. Why is this so? And why is this significant?

Unless one wants to assert that all troubled young males commit suicide, then we must conclude that many of our troubled youth do not succumb to suicide but continue on with their lives. How many I wonder do so while still deeply emotionally disturbed? And I further wonder how many of them have been subjected to mental cruelty and emotional abuse - the weapons of choice used by female abusers.

In my October 3rd article I made a point of offering a perspective on one of the claims of the feminist movement.

I sometimes wonder if the reason the Women's Movement is failing to halt sexism in society (their claim not mine!)* is precisely because too many young males see this hypocrisy so clearly, and become so disgusted, that they loath both the feminist hypocrisy and the women who espouse the feminist agenda.

I furthermore stated:

It is time for the feminist movement to 'walk into the light' and speak factually - statistically - and honestly about the causes of domestic violence; the ratio of offenders according to gender and sexual orientation; the part that mental cruelty and emotional abuse play in triggering domestic violence, and it is time for them to stop being hypocrites when it comes to domestic violence in ethnic communities.

That many young males suffer from emotional problems that lead them to suicide is obvious, and it is also obvious that in every article supporting the Women's Movement, women (and gays) are given a free pass. The free pass takes two forms. Firstly no statistics are provided about female violence and secondly, the bottom line is always the same - Men are violent and deliberately choose violence as a path to power.

What the Women's Movement does not do, is tackle the issue of 'Violence' in our society. They are not interested in violence in society, and in fact as my Oct 3rd article points out, they are not even interested in violence against women. What they are actually interested in is their own sociopathic agenda. There are several possible agendas running from hatred toward all males (See the Bettina Arndt Reference HERE) to earning a living from their self-perpetuating movement.

I applaud legitimate research into and action resulting in an effective strategy to combat violence in our communities. What I do not support is the hypocritical way in which the feminist agenda manipulates the issue. Our societies are becoming very anti-male sexist (reverse sexism - which PC defenders maintain is not real). Why is it OK to share email jokes with males about women beating and killing their husbands, when for a male to send the same joke with the gender roles reverse, it becomes a PC offense?

The feminist agenda - although it never implicitly says so - is designed to disparage all men, and I suspect they do so for the sake of power. Reaction Formation (to put it too simply) is an illness in which people go on the offensive accusing people (rightly or wrongly) of certain offenses when in fact it is they who within their hearts and minds harbor the desire to commit such offenses.

The Australian Prime Minister recently commented about a 15 year old Muslim terrorist in Australia and said "...we must not vilify or blame the entire Muslim community with the actions of what is, in truth, a very, very small percentage of violent extremist individuals."

The same holds true when it comes to Men and Domestic Violence.

I close this article by repeating what I wrote in my Oct 3rd article:

It's time our societies stopped playing the PC game; dispensed with inaction that arises because of PC guilt trips; stopped playing with statistics in order to advance certain causes and stopped deceiving society at large. If we have a real problem, then it requires real action to solve - not PC game playing.

R.P. BenDedek

Oct 6th Addendum:*
Since publishing this article I have been reminded of another very significant omission in Domestic Violence reporting.

At the beginning of 2015 while researching domestic violence in the USA I noted that whilst researchers recorded the fact that there were thousands more victims per annum than the decade previous, when they converted those figures into a 'per capita' ratio, the actual percentages year-on-year of domestic violence incidences showed a significant decrease, thus demonstrating that all the educational campaigns were working. The Domestic Violence movement in Australia has not done that. They merely keep saying that it is increasing, and then show actual numbers of incidents rather than their relationship to the growing population.

Guilt, Deceit and Hypocrisy behind Domestic Violence Campaigns
by R.P. BenDedek
October 3, 2015

Melbourne's Indian community calls for end to domestic violence..15 Indian women a week treated by one psychologist... "The cases that we see are the tip of the iceberg." I am beginning to see much more clearly and now understand that the PC inability to publically acknowledge the truth is tied to feelings of guilt and unrighteousness that would arise if it were to criticize Islamic or other ethnic culture groups. But choosing not to point the finger is quite a different matter than expressly trying to silence the dissemination of information about such abuse.

Prominent Sydney lawyer should get a grip on herself.
by R.P. BenDedek
August 6, 2015

You can't claim to be a victim of aggression when it was you yourself who deliberately provoked the attack. Of course in PC terminology the victim may do anything AT ALL and remain innocent as long as they are the ones who come out all bloodied. Democracy is democracy or it is not. If the counter-protestors have a right to protest, why is it that they claim that Reclaim Australia does not have such a right. I suggest that the prominent lawyer grab a dictionary and look up the word incitement.

The Media Myth of Australian Racism
by R.P. BenDedek
August 6, 2015

Are Australians racist or are they becoming racist because they are constantly and falsely accused in their own country of being racist. Now despite the fact that both these events were shown not to be connected to racism, the local media, determined not to let the truth stand in the way of a good story, have continued to dump false guilt onto the public and the world at large...

Children's Deaths Don't Matter to Domestic Violence Activists
by R.P. BenDedek
May 12, 2015

Female domestic violence deaths equated with 0.00001% of males between the ages of 25 and 54, whilst the number of children at risk was ten thousand times higher and the number of deaths in one state alone was Nine times higher. When you start quoting statistics like these, you begin to understand the undue influence that the 'fundamentalist and sociopathic feminists' have on society at large. Nothing is placed in perspective. As Bettina Arndt pointed out in her 2007 article, the founder of Britain's first women's refuge claimed that the women's movement was hijacked by women promoting anti-male propaganda.

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R.P. BenDedek
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