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R.P. BenDedek

What's in the Book Basket This Week? Life, Dreams and Principles
By R.P. BenDedek
Aug 24, 2014 - 12:10:20 AM

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"What's in the book basket this week?" brings to the attention of readers via publication of publicity material, various new book releases. The regular Sunday Book basket usually lists 15 such books. On an irregular basis we also publish a Christian Book Basket specifically listing 'Christian Books' and a 'Children's Book Basket.' These are published on a Wednesday. The publication and number of books in those baskets will vary.

We have some wonderful book reviewers at Magic City but unfortunately we can't do book reviews for every book. We do however assist authors to promote their books via a "No Charge - No Pay" self-promotions service in which we invite authors to give us 'stand alone' articles to publish at the bottom of which we can include their bios, photographs of book covers and links to purchase pages for their books.

We are extremely grateful to those authors who do provide our readers with interesting articles to read and we appreciate that those articles are sometimes exclusive to us or at least that we have been the first to be given the opportunity to publish them. A list of such articles to the end of June 2014 may be found here.

As you can see listed immediately below, we also list the articles published during the previous week which were supplied by book authors, and as well, we list whatever book reviews were published in the same period.

Author Articles published this week at Magic City
(August 17 to August 23)

  1. Health and the Subconscious by Cris Catone author of "Interpreting Body Psychology: How to Interpret and Change Your Body"
  2. Raising Children to Fail in Future Relationships by Hellen Chen author of "Love Seminar"
  3. Thinking about a new pet? How about rescue? by Marty Kingsbury author of "Rescuing Oricito"

Book Reviews Published during the last week
(Aug 17 - Aug 23)

Laure McCourt Lopez Review: The Elephant and the Stake by Joanne Belvedere
Aug 22, 2014

As an early childhood education teacher I would incorporate this story in an integrated curriculum unit focusing on the culture and environmental landscape of Sri Lanka. This book would also lend itself as a modern take of fable in a comparison/contrast unit of Aesop's Fables and modern literature.

R.P. BenDedek

No. 1.

"Give YourSelf Permission to Live Your Life"

by Priya Rana Kapoor

"Give YourSelf Permission to Live Your Life" by Priya Rana Kapoor
Unfortunately, sometimes the only thing holding you back from achieving your dreams and living your life is you. A 2013 Gallup poll showed that 63 percent of individuals are not engaged with their jobs, and 24 percent pretty much hate what they are doing.

In "Give YourSelf Permission to Live Your Life," author, speaker and life coach Priya Rana Kapoor outlines her successfully proven method that helps bridge the gap between disinterest and complete engagement. The outcomes of her process, "The Permission JourneyTM," lead to a happier environment and increased productivity both at home and at work.

Offering insight as well as personal and client stories to vividly illustrate the journey, Kapoor will guide you as you learn to respect yourself, take control of what you can and delve into the topic of living your best and happiest life. Kapoor believes that giving oneself permission is a mindset shift that can be easily achieved, given appropriate and encouraging prompting.

Through reading "Give YourSelf Permission to Live Your Life," you will learn to recognize your values, how to manage your fears, how to have healthy relationships, and most importantly, how to dream big and live your life.

Kapoor offers up a primer full of valuable information that readers can keep coming back to time and time again, learning something new upon each reading.

"Priya has written an insightful and compassionate book for the individual who struggles with wanting to make everyone else happy, but who neglects their own self-worth and joy," Shawn Achor, NY Times bestselling author said. For more information, visit or

Priya Rana Kapoor is a life coach, speaker and founder of the Give Yourself Permission empowerment program. Kapoor holds a master's degree in marriage and family therapy and a certificate in coaching. She lives in London, England and Los Angeles, California.

"Give YourSelf Permission to Live Your Life"
By: Priya Rana Kapoor
ISBN: 978-1-4525-9368-5
Available in softcover $17.99
hardcover $35.99

No. 2.

"Speak Your Truth: How You Can Recover From Lupus"

by Denise A. Dorfman

"Speak Your Truth: How You Can Recover From Lupus" by Denise A. Dorfman
WASHINGTON -- According to the Lupus Foundation of America, there are at least 5 million people worldwide who suffer from Lupus. Reiki practitioner, Denise Dorfman was one of these victims until she embarked on a personal self-healing journey.

Dorfman has been Lupus free since 2002 and credits her health to basic lifestyle changes, positive affirmations and metaphysics. Her new book "Speak Your Truth" is a guidebook that seeks to heal Lupus patients and others by using the mind to manifest wellness.

"Positive affirmations and simple lifestyle changes assist in recovering from any illness," Dorfman said. "I hope readers will apply the principles outlined within the book to discover their own unique path to health and wellness."

Among many themes, "Speak Your Truth" shows emotions can both contribute to and cure both basic and complex health problems.

"Each patient carries his own doctor inside of him." - Albert Schweitzer, MD

I remember when I was first diagnosed with lupus. A coworker said to me, "Oh, I am so sorry." I think she thought I was at death's door, that I was not long for this world. I also remember at that instant wanting to say, "No, really, I'm okay. I am not going to die from this illness. Please do not pity me." (Preview)

Denise Dorfman is a level II Reiki practitioner who holds an MBA from Marymount University. Diagnosed with lupus in 1996, Denise decided to simply change her thoughts and lifestyle. Six years later, her rheumatologist confirmed she has no active disease. Denise now lives a happy, healthy life in the Washington, DC area.

"Speak Your Truth: How You Can Recover From Lupus"
By Denise A. Dorfman
Price: $8.99
ISBN: 978-1-4525-9507-8

No. 3.

"It - How They Do It"

by Joyce Ann Tepley

"It - How They Do It" by Joyce Ann Tepley
DALLAS -- Do people who thrive through the most difficult times in their lives have something in common?

"Thriving Through It -- How They Do It" compiles interviews of 20 individuals from all walks of life and their journeys overcoming obstacles ranging from spinal injuries to post-polio syndrome. The book not only explores the stories, but also personality traits, important relationships and life philosophies of the individuals featured.

Author Joyce Ann Tepley, the founder of the Thriving Living Community, is now retired from a career that spanned four decades as a clinical social worker. Her years spent counseling people with a variety of emotional and relationship problems, paired with her own personal experiences, helped her identify the consistent qualities present among those working to overcome adversity.

"People who thrive have particular characteristics, beliefs and support," Tepley said. "Along with an external support system, the most prevalent quality each interviewee said they possessed was self-determination."

Based on Tepley's research during a fellowship program sponsored by the American Hospital Association, "Thriving Through It -- How They Do It" provides an in-depth look at struggle in order to inspire and motivate others.

"No one escapes from adversity," Tepley said. "We are all wounded in some way. It's how we deal with physical and emotional health issues that make us wither or flourish." For more information, visit

Joyce Ann Tepley, retired from a forty-year career as a clinical social worker, has dedicated the rest of her life to honoring those who thrive through adversity by telling their stories. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, the Texas Coalition of Individuals With Disabilities and the International Post-Polio Health Association. Tepley lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband Phil and their dog Kati.

"It - How They Do It"
By: Joyce Ann Tepley
ISBN: 9781491718186
Available in softcover, hardcover and ebook

No. 4

"Poetic Thoughts in the Keys of Happiness"


"Poetic Thoughts in the Keys of Happiness" By BAM
NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. -- When the official teaching day ended, Barbara Ann Murray was not one to pack up her satchel and return home. Now in retirement, she continues her interminable work of encouraging students to be optimistic in the face of hardships, sickness and failure.

At 62, Murray has experienced love-gone-awry, a prom date debacle, her fair share of scams and divorce. In attempt to work through these personal hindrances, she developed a collection of poems in her latest work, "Poetic Thoughts in the Keys of Happiness." In between verses, Murray found most of her stories were about her first love, the support of her father and the deep connection between friends. While hurt by love, she was also healed.

After years of teaching and coaching, Murray desires that her poems be used to educate readers on the importance of open communication and a family's unconditional love when opposing a world of adversity.

"It lets readers know that life is full of choices," Murray said. "You should live your life with an inner peace--pleasing yourself first, not being persuaded to please others before yourself."

As Murray's students travel through varying life sagas, they encounter her unyielding faith in family, belief in oneself and love for others. Whether describing her best friend's plight with cancer or her own medical journey, Murray uses her past to motivate others to continue their work in achieving their best possible selves.

Barbara Murray is a retired educator who devotes her time to community outreach, home instruction and student activism. Her previous experience coaching basketball and writing grants for student programs drives Murray to advocate for open communication and beneficial relationships between children and their peers, teachers and parents. She has won a multitude of awards including Heroes of Character "Teacher as Hero" Award in 2009 and New Jersey Teacher of the Year in 1995.

"Poetic Thoughts in the Keys of Happiness"
ISBN: 978-1-4907-1574-2
Price $11

No. 5.

"Cost of Truth"

by Julie K. Parrott

"Cost of Truth" by Julie K. Parrott
QUEENSLAND, Australia -- Donna Gordon grew up in a devoted Catholic family. As a teen, Donna answered the calling and entered the Missionary Franciscan Sisters in Brisbane, where she trained as a postulant and later as a novice nun. But little did she know as she faithfully took her vows that her life was about to unfold in a very different direction. Julie K. Parrott tells Donna's story in her new book, Cost of Truth.

"After a 13-year loving marriage, five beautiful children and relentless soul searching, Donna came to the heart-breaking realization she was gay," says Parrott.

With a belief in total honesty and truth, she opened her heart to those closest to matter the cost. This meant she had little choice but to make the painful decision to leave her husband and children to work through what this now meant for her and her family. Slowly, Donna came to terms with her sexuality.

"Donna's journey is one of honesty, disclosure, strength, and the fear she experienced on a daily basis," Parrott says. "She fought for truth, acceptance and her children in a deeply religious environment which supports family love, but does not accept homosexuality."

Her mother never accepted her new life; her children never again lived with her, many friends judged her harshly and her marriage was annulled by the Catholic Church. Complicating her life even more, in September 2012, Donna was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer. She is currently undergoing treatment and remains optimistically positive. As she fights yet another battle, Donna remains a strong, loving, confident woman who has welcomed her sexuality, made peace with her religion, has her children as her best friends and is able to call the man she married a good friend. Donna and her partner Di will be retiring to Brisbane this year. Cost of Truth is written with Julie's words, but this is Donna's story.

In 1988, Julie K. Parrott was recognized in the Women's Register for her contribution to the Northern Territory community and in 2000 was awarded the Australian Sports Medal. As a mother to three daughters, Julie spent most of her adult life in the Northern Territory of Australia, playing and coaching tennis and taking an active role in the delivery of public policy. Quickly changing her written style from formal government speak to creative, she now spends her time penning anecdotes, travelling and sharing her life with her partner, daughters, six grandchildren and good friends. Julie remains committed to helping people put into words the stories they have to tell, believing it is the honest battlers from the suburbs who have some of the most sensitive, interesting and fascinating tales to share.

"Cost of Truth"
By Julie K. Parrott
228 pages
E-book $3.99
ISBN: 978-1-49900-089-4

No. 6.

"The Art of the College Essay"

by Gabrielle Glancy

"The Art of the College Essay" by Gabrielle Glancy
Independent College Counselor and former Admissions Director, Gabrielle Glancy is a College Process Guru who has taken thousands of students successfully and relatively painlessly through the process of applying and getting into the college of their dreams.

Glancy is Founder and Director of New Vision Learning, Series Editor of Best College Essays, an avid college process blogger and author of the new book, The Art of the College Essay. (20% discount on this book)

In addition to her 30+ years career in education and college admissions, Glancy is also a widely published writer of poetry, novels and essays. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Paris Review, The American Poetry Review, New American Writing and many other journals and anthologies.

She was a finalist for Yale Younger Poets and The Walt Whitman Prize and has won many awards and prizes for her work including a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship, a Writers at Work Prize and the Malinche Prize for her translation of Marguerite Duras. Her novel, I'm Already Disturbed Please Come In, is set for release in October 2014.

Gabrielle Glancy is the proud mother of son Marco, who was adopted from Guatemala in 2006, and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Learn more about Glancy and The Art of the College Essay on:

No. 7

"Force Seven: Talisman"

by M.R. Miller

"Force Seven: Talisman" by M.R. Miller
Action, suspense and adventure--what more could you ask for in a sci-fi/fantasy novel? M.R. Miller, author of the "Force Seven" series, provides all that and more. Her love of reading spread to her children and sparked a writing career.

Miller stated, "I was reading a series called 'Dragon Lance' and playing the video game 'Final Fantasy'. My children loved the game and wanted to read the books mommy was enjoying too. I realized that the only problem with my kids reading the books I read was the adult content, language and sex to be exact, so I decided to write a story that had all the adventure and magic without the foul language and overt sexual encounters."

M.R. Miller has received much praise for her ability to write a seamless and engaging sci-fi/ fantasy series.

The CQ (an editor) wrote, "Every once in a while a writer comes along who has the ability to appeal to any type of reader, regardless their preferred genre. M.R. Miller has done just that with this series. From beginning to end, she has an uncanny skill of creating living, breathing characters you truly care for and engaging plot twists that keep you wanting more."

In the recently released final installment of the series, "Force Seven: Talisman," readers follow the prophesied "Seven" as they struggle to rid Earth of the evil that followed the Pinnerite people who traveled here for sanctuary.

Filled with emotion, suspense and action, "Force Seven: Talisman" perfectly blends the great themes of a remarkable sci-fi/fantasy novel without relying on overt adult content. M.R. Miller masterfully produces a future Earth that will keep readers of all ages wanting more. This is a novel in the sci-fi/fantasy genre that readers of all ages can enjoy! For more information, visit or

M.R. Miller was born in Edson, Alberta, Canada. As the daughter of an American citizen, she moved to Lebanon, Oregon during her 7th grade year. From high school, she entered the Marine Corps, married, raised three children and is now a proud grandmother. Miller's children were the inspiration to write. Miller currently works as a writer and editor.

"Force Seven: Talisman"
By: M.R. Miller
ISBN: 978-1-4389-1-4389-1878-5
Softcover $23.95
e-book $9.99

No. 8.


by Estelle Feldman

"Dreams" by Estelle Feldman
People often refer to decades past as a simpler time. While the first half of the twentieth century was fraught with war and strife, at least the enemy had a nationality, the wars seemed justified, and restoring peace the clear, ultimate goal. Things are becoming cloudier, however, in 1948 at the beginning of Estelle Feldman's Dreams, and the building conflict in Korea will forever change many people's lives.

Readers meet Jo as a high school student who is more concerned about her grades than finding a boyfriend, but when her friends declare that they're going to a dance at the college, she desperately wants to join them. Over her mother's objections, Jo attends and meets a young man named Charlie. In a fateful moment of foreshadowing, the pair discuss international events and naively assume that in this post-WWII world, everyone wants peace. They reminisce about planting victory gardens and collecting scrap metal during the prior war, with no awareness that even then, the U.S. Is hurtling toward another overseas conflict. Jo and Charlie's relationship grows, and, as they ring in 1950 together, Charlie worries about an inevitable war in Korea given his National Guard commitment. Jo notices other girls getting engaged, fearing that their boyfriends will be called up. She struggles with her desire to be with Charlie and still go to college. When Charlie is called up, Jo fears for him and the life they may have had together. With Dreams, Estelle Feldman gives readers a candid glimpse at what it was like to watch loved ones go to yet another war after WWII, with another generation's youth and our collective future hanging in the balance.

Estelle Feldman, a writer and educator from Brooklyn, New York, taught in the New York City Public School System for over 30 years at the primary level and as an early childhood reading specialist. Now based in Delray Beach, Florida, Feldman continues to craft reading and math programs and activities, as well as poems and short stories for children. Dreams is her first novel for adult and young adult audiences. Her prior work has been published by Scholastic Press: Ladybug, Lollipops, Boys' Quest, Humpty Dumpty's, Story Friends, Your Big Backyard, Wee Ones, and numerous other leading children's periodicals and magazines. In addition to her classroom experience, Estelle has been more broadly involved in the field of early childhood education as a teacher-trainer, parent-workshop leader, curriculum developer, and participant in programs for the gifted. She is the recipient of grants for language arts and for science teaching from the New York City Board of Education. Her original work now serves as the basis for the HOMESTART and JUMPING BEANS parent-directed educational programs.

by Estelle Feldman
Nook Book $9
Hardcover $26

No. 9

"Waldo Emerson, My Grandfather, and Me"

by Eugene Perticone

Waldo Emerson, My Grandfather, and Me by Eugene Perticone
SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, "Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind."

In his new novel "Waldo Emerson, My Grandfather, and Me," author Eugene Perticone enthralls readers with a coming-of-age historical fiction story that follows the relationship between a teenage boy and his grandfather.

As the protagonist begins to embark on his teenage years, his grandfather makes sure he is armed with a sharp mind and the tools of wisdom to handle family conflict, girlfriend drama and the woes of public high school. These tools are granted through the comprehension of late author Ralph Waldo Emerson's writings in his essays "Self-Reliance," "The Over-Soul" and "Nature."

"I wished to show how Emerson's ideas and experiences can be understood and taught even to young children," Perticone said. "They are as relevant and helpful today as they were in earlier times."

Previously a grade school teacher and college lecturer, Perticone is now a licensed psychologist. His experience influencing the minds of his students enables him to show his readers that younger children can be molded and taught practical, seemingly complicated life lessons when they are introduced in specific and entertaining ways.

Set in the 1940s, Perticone's characters travel back to the 1800s and immerse themselves in the abstract lessons of the famous poet. Throughout the story, Perticone shares the message that though historical teachings might sound awkward to modern ears, they are just as applicable for life today as they were in the past.

After serving during the Cold War, Eugene Perticone utilized his passion for teaching in public grade school and college professor roles. Currently a licensed psychologist, Perticone has authored four clinical psychologist books and one on recreational motorcycling. When not writing or working, he enjoys camping, fishing and learning about natural history. Perticone has four grown children and resides in upstate New York with his wife.

"Waldo Emerson, My Grandfather, and Me"
By: Eugene Perticone
Hardcover: $29.95
Softcover: $19.95
Ebook: $3.99
ISBN: 978-1-4917-2967-0 (sc)
978-1-4917-2969-4 (hc)
978-1-4917-2968-7 (e)

No. 10

"Rainbows Over Ruins"

by Susan Sherayko

Rainbows Over Ruins by Susan Sherayko
LOS ANGELES -- Fight-or-flight is the nervous system's response to a stressful situation and prepares the body to fight or flee. When disaster strikes, we are faced with this decision. Will we choose to fight for our dreams or abandon them all together?

When a landslide destroyed her house, author Susan Sherayko found every aspect of her life altered. She and her husband faced the physical realities of displacement, the emotional grief for what had been lost and the mental challenge of finding new solutions. As Sherayko focused on rebuilding her life, she discovered a powerful healing system centered on the art of thinking. Sherayko realized that the very things that block success also block creativity. In her book "Rainbows Over Ruins," Sherayko details her experience of finding opportunity in the midst of crisis. While taking actions to improve her life was important, she found that she needed to couple those actions with a new way of thinking. She uses her experiences to guide others in unleashing their creative potential while encouraging them to embrace possibility.

"The book is more than a story about rebuilding after a landslide or learning to use the creative process in order to change my life," said Sherayko. "It's an opportunity to raise awareness for others so they can choose to engage their creativity and improve their lives as well."

Throughout the book, readers will learn how to flip their thinking by asking the right questions and making conscious choices to achieve the life of their dreams. While planning and doing are one aspect of this process, Sherayko encourages building a cohesive relationship between these conscious actions and the subconscious mind to bring about real, positive transformation.

"Live life and feel the way you want to feel right now -- not in the distant future. You want to feel the essence of what you are creating now. You want to hold that feeling," Sherayko says. Read More)

Susan Sherayko has studied energetic principles for over 35 years. A professional in television production, her focus on guiding others through their own creative process, personally and professionally, emerged when a landslide destroyed her family's home. Sherayko lives in Agua Dulce, California with her husband, horses, dogs and a small frontier town.

"Rainbows Over Ruins"
By: Susan Sherayko
ISBN: 978-1-45259-261-9 (sc)
978-1-45259-262-6 (e)
Softcover: $13.99
E-book: $3.99

No. 11

"How To Build An Enduring Marriage"

by Karen Budzinski

"How To Build An Enduring Marriage" by Karen Budzinski
Rochester Hills, MI -- "A recent survey showed that people's most undisclosed desire is to share in deeper relationships," says Karen Budzinski, author of the new release How to Build An Enduring Marriage, a guide on Building Better Relationships -- and, not just in marriage. "In a time where most of the population is uber-connected to technology and we all have the semblance of being connected, truly meaningful relationships have gone to the wayside."

"People who have the best relationships are those who realize that it takes extraordinary efforts. Olympic and professional athletes have coaches -- not because they don't already know the ins and outs of their profession, but because they want to reach their fullest potential," continued Karen. "If you open your heart to some new ways of thinking and dealing with relationship issues, this book and the companion workbook partner with you, like a coach, in your quest to reach your full potential in your relationships."

This book will give you many tools, including: How to avoid common obstacles that hinder successful communication; identifying destructive habits that are eating away at marital happiness; preparing to get through problems without danger or injury to your relationship; how to achieve true intimacy, love and friendship with your husband and how to hold onto your joy through the ups and downs of life together," says Karen.

Karen wrote the book after years of studying relationships and teaching her signature class, Building Better Relationships. In 1981, Karen taught her first class, helping folks strengthen their relationships; she did not realize at the time that the rest of her life's work would be dedicated to helping others build better relationships. Her book contains a wealth of information that has benefited an inestimable number of people. Karen has been the head of several Women's Ministries for churches, taught and written materials for adult, youth and children's classes and marriage groups.

The book, How To Build An Enduring Marriage, can be used in any community group to help strengthen relationships. Karen and her husband Gary reside in Michigan; their family has grown to include five adult children, their spouses, and three granddaughters. (Read More) Purchase the book on Karen's web site, via the following link:

No. 12

"And Grant You Peace"

by Kate Flora

"And Grant You Peace" by Kate Flora
This 4th book in the Joe Burgess mystery series finds the Maine detective pulled into a case rife with religious tensions after screams for help lead him to a woman and a baby locked in a closet inside a burning mosque. The baby dies. The very young mother survives, but suffers from traumatic muteness. She has no ID, and no one has reported her missing. When the autopsy shows the baby was gravely ill, and needed surgery to survive, Burgess suspects someone was trying to keep mother and baby away from hospitals that might have asked questions.

The mosque's Somali Imam claims to have no knowledge of the girl, or of who was responsible for scrawling anti-Muslim graffiti on the mosque's walls. Burgess learns that the "Iron Angels," an outlaw motorcycle gang led by William "The Butcher" Flaherty has been harassing the mosque's members. Then someone tries to steal the baby's body. Burgess has been hoping to regain a semblance of "normal family life," but there, too, things are complicated. First, by the threat that his son will be suspended from school. Then by the chilling knowledge that his family is being stalked.

As Burgess tries to sort out the tangle of a suspicious and uncooperative immigrant community, an outlaw gang, and a mysterious man who may be involved with both, clues lead to another body, a stash of stolen guns and ultimately, a tense confrontation in which the staggering extent of death and destruction that's been sowed in the name of greed is revealed.

Kate Flora is the author of 14 mystery and true crime books including Finding Amy, a 2007 Edgar nominee co-written with a Portland, Maine deputy police chief. Her other titles include the Thea Kozak mysteries and the starred-review Joe Burgess police series, the third of which, Redemption, won the 2013 Maine Literary Award for Crime Fiction. A former assistant attorney general for the state of Maine, Kate is a founding member of the New England Crime Bake Conference. She has served as editor and publisher of Level Best Books and as international president of Sisters in Crime. She divides her time between Maine and Concord, MA.

"And Grant You Peace"
by Kate Flora
Hardcover price: $21.52
Release date is 22 Nov 2014

No. 13.

"Hurting Girls"

by Kim Mac Innis

"Hurting Girls" by Kim Mac Innis
Having written numerous scholarly articles and currently teaching university level courses on the topic of violence against women, Kim Mac Innis, a Bridgewater State University Professor of Sociology and a Lakeville, MA resident, has brought further life to the subject via a crime thriller entitled "Hurting Girls". Fast paced, the thriller focuses on girls who are being hurt all over the city. Suddenly the very men hurting them are dying one by one. Someone is playing vigilante.

Professor Theresa Lane has deep concern for these girls but no sympathy whatsoever for the men who hurt them. She's glad they are dead. She hopes more die. Theresa and her husband Jake both teach at the local university. Theresa is a criminologist and Jake, an English Professor. Theresa is not quiet about her support for the vigilante and Jake becomes increasingly concerned about her dark thoughts and rage directed at the men who are being killed.

As more killings occur, Detective Dana Blades and Theresa cross paths. Although Detective Blades has no leads, he is determined to stop the killer and asks Theresa for help. Vigilante justice is not the answer, according to Blades. As he investigates the cases, he discovers another side of himself that he never knew existed and he begins to understand the war against women and the violence they endure every day.

Will this get in the way of catching the killer? Will Theresa help or hinder the investigation?

Kim Mac Innis is a Professor of Sociology at Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. She has been teaching for twenty years. She has been writing non-fiction for twenty years and this is her first fictional piece. Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada where many artists have been produced, she lives with her husband and children in Lakeville, Massachusetts.

"Hurting Girls"
by Kim Mac Innis
296 pages
Paperback $18
E-book $10
Outskirts Press
Published Apr 14, 2014
ISBN 9781478727194

No. 14

"Standing on Principal"

by Frank Vetro

"Standing on Principal" by Frank Vetro
On February 8th, 2006, Frank Vetro entered the halls of Hampon Bay High School as the revered, respected, and beloved principal he had been regarded as by students, parents, and colleagues for his years spent there. Upon leaving that day, he was arrested and charged with seven misdemeanor counts of second-degree aggravated harassment. Subsequently, Vetro went from an educator known for his unbridled passion for his profession to an individual perceived as a terrorist by authorities and members of the press.

In his memoir Standing on Principal, Vetro lays out the roller coaster ride that has been his life over the past eight years. The book includes notes and thoughts from the many court appearances and the circumstances that befell him during this time, including living out of his car as a result of wages lost after being forced from his job in addition to the mounting attorney fees he incurred.

"I was a school principal, celebrated as a 'dream team administrator', and labeled 'the future of education,'" recalls Vetro. "As quickly as I was arrested, I was humiliated in the media, and labeled a terrorist and predator. I was innocent. I took notes everyday regarding the criminal proceedings, the evidence and witnesses that were coming forward. The notes were to defend myself in court not to write a story. The notes morphed into a real story unfolding before the reader's eyes, in real time."

Indeed, many students, colleagues, and parents of students came to Vetro's defense, even to the extent of raising money for both his bail and legal proceedings. Vetro was thrust into a unique juxtaposition, presented at one moment as a well-liked educator, and the next as a sexual predator. At this point, he simply wants the facts to speak for themselves.

Frank Vetro currently works at a school, educating students who have been arrested, kicked out of school, are enduring trying times, and in need of a second chance. Ironically, he works with the courts and school districts of Long Island, the very entities who took his life away. Website:

"Standing on Principal"
by Frank Vetro
Published 13 March 2014
264 pages
$17 at

No. 15

"The Path of a lifetime"

by Carol Ann Craig

"The Path of a lifetime" by Carol Ann Craig
Carol Ann Craig's 'The Path of a Lifetime' reminds readers that hard times in life can inspire the determination needed to accomplish great things.

There is a blizzard, and it has caused the power to go out. Since the only heating is electric, Carla sits in the drafty house wrapped in a blanket, with only a small candle to keep her company. So opens Carol Ann Craig's The Path of a Lifetime, which tells the story of Carla's self-determination in the face of hardship and a haunting past.

Carla is not as comfortable as she would like to be at her age. With two sons in their forties, she would hope to have fewer worries. Sadly, life has dealt her a difficult hand, one in which times of promise have always been followed by those of heartache. Indeed, what would usually be a happy

announcement- that her youngest son's girlfriend is pregnant- has been tainted by both his upcoming trial and potentially fatal illness. This cycle has continually appeared in her life, with good times always undermined by an unhappy circumstance.

The novel goes on to detail many of the memorable events in Carla's childhood and adolescence, where, in times of comfort, her mother has a little gray box full of money but during lean times the children wear homemade clothes or rely on the help or charity of friends and extended family. As Carla grows into a beautiful young woman she experiences confusion and heartache many can relate to, and ends up in a marriage that wrecks her self-esteem. Throughout the novel, Carla seeks to self-actualize, emerging from each negative encounter with more strength and greater poise than before. However, upon finally seeming to have found peace, she cannot help but be troubled by the issues facing her sons- who, it seems, are also destined to experience the same roller coaster of high peaks and tragic downfalls.

The Path of a lifetime is Carol Ann Craig's first book. She plans on writing additional books in the future.

"The Path of a lifetime"by Carol Ann Craig
Bookstand Publishing
Published December 13, 2013
ISBN-10: 1618635492
ISBN-13: 978-1618635495
388 pages
Paperback $15
E-Book $6

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