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R.P. BenDedek

What's in the Book Basket This Week? Religion, real life, comedy and novels.
By R.P. BenDedek
Aug 17, 2014 - 12:07:25 AM

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"What's in the book basket this week?" brings to the attention of readers via publication of publicity material, various new book releases. The regular Sunday Book basket usually lists 15 such books. On an irregular basis we also publish a Christian Book Basket specifically listing 'Christian Books' and a 'Children's Book Basket.' These are published on a Wednesday. The publication and number of books in those baskets will vary.

We have some wonderful book reviewers at Magic City but unfortunately we can't do book reviews for every book. We do however assist authors to promote their books via a "No Charge - No Pay" self-promotions service in which we invite authors to give us 'stand alone' articles to publish at the bottom of which we can include their bios, photographs of book covers and links to purchase pages for their books.

We are extremely grateful to those authors who do provide our readers with interesting articles to read and we appreciate that those articles are sometimes exclusive to us or at least that we have been the first to be given the opportunity to publish them. A list of such articles to the end of June 2014 may be found here.

As you can see listed immediately below, we also list the articles published during the previous week which were supplied by book authors, and as well, we list whatever book reviews were published in the same period.

Author Articles published this week at Magic City
(August 10 to August 16)

  1. Sharing Reality and Truth by Lou Potempa author of "Best Knowing Joy"
  2. You See a Shrink? by Dr. Sherrie Campbell author of "Loving Yourself"
  3. Berchtesgaden Before Insula by Andis E Spura from "Insula: Island of Hope"
  4. Nicodemus and Lazarus by Trevor Payne author of "In the Spirit of Elijah.
  5. Taking Charge of Your Health in an Era of Healthcare Uncertainty by Ruth Tarantine author of "Against All Odds"

Book Reviews Published during the last week
(Aug 10 - Aug 16)

R.P. BenDedek book Review: "The Rise of the Black Knight" by HW Cumming
Aug 13, 2014

Although I didn't get around to it while in Australia, late this afternoon (Sunday August 10th) I decided to bite the bullet and start reading it. Surprise surprise! I couldn't put it down. It was a great story. It is definitely not an 'action' story about knights doing battle, but rather a 'detective mystery' which commences with a 'natural tragedy' that leaves three young princes curious to understand the events that played out before their eyes. Oh - it does also involve talking dragons. (I love dragon stories).

Martha Stevens-David Book Review: "Solider Boy" by Allan Green
Aug 13, 2014

This is absolutely the best story/writing that I have encountered in a very long time. It is a story that draws one in and never lets one go until the very last page and then the reader doesn't want it to end! Mr. Green, the author, should be commended for the way he held the reader's attention throughout and his ending brought me to tears if the truth be known. I, for one would love to read anything else he may write. Job well-done.

R.P.BenDedek Book Review: "A Covenant People" by James P. Eckman
Aug 10, 2014

This book by James P. Eckman is a very informative and many faceted presentation of the history of Israel. If it were to be given a different title, then 'History of Israel 101' would be a very appropriate one. Because of my over-familiarity with the subject matter, halfway through I was tempted to write my review. I'm glad I didn't! Chapters 12 through 15 were for me somewhat of a revelation, and I eagerly sat at the master's feet and soaked in as much as I could. It provides the reader with what I consider to be an evenhanded academic approach to the realities on the ground.

R.P. BenDedek

No. 1.

"Walking in Hope, Living in Grace"

by Maryalyce Poole

"Walking in Hope, Living in Grace" by Maryalyce Poole
A relationship could be the missing link when learning to live with a mental illness. A relationship with God, that is.

In her new book "Walking in Hope, Living in Grace," author Maryalyce Poole narrates her spiritual journey from disability to ability and highlights the immense role her faith played in the process.

I am a person with a mental illness known as Bipolar. I have been in remission for 23 years. For the past 13 years I have been a Recovery specialist at Chesterfield Mental Health Chesterfield Virginia. Hope has been the essence of my life. (Read More)

Through her trust in the Lord, Poole has found solace.

"Hope is my journey, but not my destination, because with each grace, we are directed toward a new destination," Poole said.

Maryalyce Poole was born into a Roman Catholic rite and Byzantine rite of the Catholic family. In life she overcame many obstacles, including physical, mental, and spiritual difficulties. Since 1985 she has been a leader in the mental health recovery movement. She has been an advocate for those who can not speak for themselves and has addressed the Virginia General Assembly on their behalf. Website

"Walking in Hope, Living in Grace"
by Maryalyce Poole
Paperback: 118 pages
Hardcover $16
Paperback $11
Kindle $11
April 16, 2014
ISBN-10: 1452595399
ISBN-13: 978-1452595399

No. 2.

"The Second Coming"

by Roue Hupsel

"The Second Coming" by Roue Hupsel
WASHINGTON -- The Universe is full of darkness and in a place so big, is it really conceivable to believe that we are alone?

"The Second Coming" combines history with adventure as Nibiru, a mysterious planet from the dark shadows of Neptune and Pluto, suddenly reemerges and rouses a series of strange and terrifying events.

While ancient God's return to reclaim their legacy, two men embark on a quest that inevitably expose the unknown past of mankind.

From the dark shadows of Neptune and Pluto, suddenly an unknown planet emerges, which after a cycle lasting thousands of years, has returned to our solar system, visible from Earth at night as a small star. With her arrival, Nibiru, as the ancients in pre-historic times called her, brings a horror that will afflict the earthlings as never before. They, who our ancestors considered gods, have returned to claim their inheritance. (Read More)

"I wrote this story in order to explain to my readers that true history is different from what we learn in school, Hupsel said. "Using ancient writings as well as the Bible, I have written an exciting story for my readers."

"The Second Coming" is a revolutionary look into the future and takes place in Siloam Springs, a small town in the United States.

Roue Hupsel is an award-winning author of short stories. In addition to "The Second Coming," he has written "Blinde Muren," "Zwarte Magie," and "De Groene Oorlog." He has published his short stories in Suriname, The Netherlands, Belgium, the Caribbean and South African. He currently resides in Paramaribo, Suriname where he is an active member of the Society of Dutch Crime and Writer's Group 77.

"The Second Coming: The Mighty Ones of Eternity"
By: Roue Hupsel
ISBN: 978-1-44918-7162-1
Softcover retail price: $16.95
Hardcover retail price: $27.99
E-book retail price: $3.99

No. 3.

"The Headlong Fury"

by J. Fred MacDonald

"The Headlong Fury" by J. Fred MacDonald
Honoring the centenary of World War I, J. Fred MacDonald's new book, "The Headlong Fury," draws readers directly into the massive war that engulfed the world from 1914 to 1918.

"Too often World War I is portrayed as a series of battles between Germany, France, Great Britain, and eventually the United States," said MacDonald. "In reality, it was a global struggle."

Philip Belmont is an unsuspecting young American scholar who arrives in Paris in the Summer of 1914 to conduct academic research. Quickly, however, he is drawn into the intrigue that will soon drive the world into the global conflict that was World War I.

Before the Great War ends in 1918, Philip becomes involved in a range of dangerous activities that includes secret agent, battlefield rescue work, fighter pilot with the Layfayette Escadrille, prisoner of war, and propagandist. His activities travels take him from Paris to Rome and Petrograd, from Cairo to Anatolia to Athens to Geneva and Salonika.

In his Odyssey, Philip meets Lenin, Woodrow Wilson, Lawrence of Arabia, and many other prominent figures of the time. (Read More at Amazon)

J. Fred MacDonald was a history professor for twenty-seven years; he earned his PhD from UCLA after writing his doctoral dissertation on French diplomacy from 1898 to 1902. He is the author of several books on the cultural history of United States radio and television. Now retired, he enjoys writing fiction as a means of fostering an appreciation of history. He currently lives in Illinois.

"The Headlong Fury"
by J. Fred MacDonald
E-Book 448 pages

No. 4.

"I Will Never Forget"

by Elaine Pereira

"I Will Never Forget" by Elaine Pereira
For occupational therapist Elaine Pereira, her experience with Alzheimer's disease did not come from reading a textbook. After a master's degree in education and 30 years in the field, she knows how to help. However, as a daughter of an Alzheimer's patient, she also knows how to relate.

In her new book "I Will Never Forget: A Daughter's Story of Her Mother's Arduous and Humorous Journey," Pereira recounts her childhood involvement with her mother's worsening dementia. Even with a medical background, Pereira found herself denying the continued symptoms of Alzheimer's. Throughout her story, Pereira shares her ideas and methods of coping--allowing readers to laugh and cry as they partake in her journey toward acceptance.

"As a former caregiver for my mother, I have experienced the gamut of emotions that accompanies talking to - operative word here is "to" as sometimes it is not a reciprocal talking "with" conversation - someone with significant short term memory loss".

I Will Never Forget is a heartwarming, funny and powerful true story pertinent to anyone touched by the insidious effects of Dementia and provides comfort to caregivers to know they are not alone. Learn from Elaine's unwitting mistakes as she weaves through uncharted waters to capture insightful and effective intervention strategies. And finally, accompany Elaine through her journey with her mother as a once brilliant mind is slowly destroyed by Dementia's ravenous appetite for brain cells.

I quickly visualized a masked thief, slithering into her third floor apartment during the cover of darkness to confiscate two pair of brown pants. Mom had thousands of dollars of gold and gemstones and someone stole pants! Absurd. I held back my laughter, but inside I was busting at the seams. A week later when I visited her, I also rummaged through her closet looking for pants that weren't there and that I was certain Mom had donated years before. Read more

No. 5.

"In White America"

By Paul Barlin

"In White America" By Paul Barlin
DENVER -- According to the most recent Timing of Adoption survey by Adoptive Families, two thirds of newborn adoptions are completed within a year.

In the early 1950s, adoption agencies in the United States were only allowed to place babies in families of the same race. Paul Barlin and his wife, a Jewish couple, waited three years for a Jewish baby before pushing the Director of Adoptions to give them any baby, of any color, of any ethnic group.

In White America follows the family's journey through 1956, when the Paul Barlin family became the first white family in California to be given an interracial baby.

"The courage and beliefs of my family together with the determination of the director of the Los Angeles County Bureau of Adoption changed adoptions proceedings in America forever," Barlin said.

In the book, Barlin highlights social courage, race in America, and the idea that all men -- and babies -- are created equal.

"Having lived through the astounding racial prejudice against Jews and African Americans in America and worldwide, I felt Americans should know the history of how we broke the racial code in adoptions and changed the adoption practices forever in America," Barlin said.

Paul Barlin and his wife, Anne, became the first couple to adopt an interracial child in California in 1956. Currently a resident of Colorado, Barlin is the author of six books, including In White America, which follows the family's journey. In the book, author Paul Barlin highlights social courage, race in America, and the idea that all men -- and babies -- are created equal.

"In White America"
By Paul Barlin
ISBN: 978-1-45024-140-3
184 pages
Hardcover $24
Softcover $15
E-book $14

No. 6.

"Death Dealer"

by Kate Flora

"Death Dealer" by Kate Flora
Death Dealer (New Horizon press, September 9, 2014), gives an inside look at a high-profile and particularly gruesome murder in New Brunswick, CA,

When Miramichi, New Brunswick resident Maria Tanasichuk's husband David reports her missing, the local police force is perplexed: they have had a close relationship with the Tanasichuks and know David as a loving and supportive husband, yet his account of Maria's disappearance contains disturbing inconsistencies.

Through conversations with Maria's many friends and loved ones in Miramichi's small, close-knit community, the police soon discover that David has been using drugs heavily and Maria's efforts to stop him have frayed the marriage. Witnesses report he has been selling Maria's belongings to support his drug use, has been involved with another woman, and has engaged in suspicious, nighttime comings-and-goings. Further disclosures suggest that he played a role not only in Maria's disappearance, but also in several unsolved murders.

The fact that they cannot locate Maria's body -- combined with David's clever, deceptive ways -- make it impossible for the Miramichi police to prove their suspicions. As signs that David may in fact be a dangerous killer mount, the police officers tracking him fear, rightly, that at any moment he could unleash his vengeful violence on their families.

Only when they look across the border into Maine and enlist the help of the Maine Warden Service and trained cadaver dogs and dedicated handlers are Miramichi's police officers able to undertake the long and grueling search for the evidence they need: Maria's body.

A former assistant attorney general for the state of Maine, Kate Flora is a founding member of the New England Crime Bake Conference. She has served as editor and publisher of Level Best Books and as international president of Sisters in Crime. She divides her time between Maine and Concord, MA.

Kate is the author of 14 mystery and true crime books including Finding Amy, a 2007 Edgar nominee co-written with a Portland, Maine deputy police chief. Her other titles include the Thea Kozak mysteries and the starred-review Joe Burgess police series, the third of which, Redemption, won the 2013 Maine Literary Award for Crime Fiction. Read more

No. 7.

"Harmonious Hearts"
a collection of short stories

by LGBTQ teens

"Harmonious Hearts" by LGBTQ teens
Coming out is never easy, especially when you're a teenager. According to Suicide Prevention Education Awareness for Kids (SPEAK), 30% of LGBTQ youth attempt suicide around the age of 15. But a support system of any kind can help to ease the journey to self identity.

Helping to support this young LGBTQ community is Harmony Ink Press, a division of LGBTQ romance publisher Dreamspinner Press.

In addition to their current titles of YA novels aimed at an audience of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and transsexual teens, Harmony Ink Press is excited to announce their groundbreaking new title "Harmonious Hearts", a collection of short stories written by LGBTQ teens to help encourage peers weave their identities into the stories they tell.

"Harmonious Hearts" marks a part of Harmony Ink Press' ongoing effort to help LGBTQ teens find an outlet for their feelings, their crises, and their ideas. This year, Harmony Ink Press is doing it again. In their next annual Harmony Ink Press Young Author Challenge, they are calling on all talented young adults to submit their story to be considered in their next volume.

Dreamspinner Press is an international full-service publisher of gay romance based in the United States of America. They publish stories from 3,500 words and up in several genre categories and eBook formats, as well as audiobooks and translations in four major world languages. Novels of 60,000 words+ are published simultaneously in paperback.

In seven years, Dreamspinner has built a catalog of more than 1,000 titles written by more than 500 authors from six continents. The press now operates four imprints: Dreamspinner Press, specializing in gay romance; Harmony Ink Press, devoted to LGBTQ+ Young Adult fiction; Itineris Press, featuring LGBTQ+ faith-based fiction; and DSP Publications, a boutique publisher of specialty genre fiction. has almost 30,000 registered users. For more information on Harmonious Hearts, please visit

No. 8

"The Golden Thread of Time"

by Crichton E.M. Miller

"The Golden Thread of Time" by Crichton E.M. Miller
United Kingdom -- By modern-day standards religion, astrology and science are three separate entities that not only contradict each other, but rarely cross paths. In his powerful and insightful new book, Crichton E.M. Miller reveals that all three were once used in unison, by seafaring hunters looking to maximise their efficiency and profit. This supply chain discovery is explained in 'The Golden Thread of Time: A Quest for the Truth and Hidden Knowledge of the Ancients', which showcases the holy cross as an ancient navigational tool. The book offers a fresh new perspective on time-keeping, navigation and life itself.

Synopsis: Time is the most important commodity on Earth, we live by it and we die by it, it gives order to our lives and we control all of our modern society using time and its modern instruments. We think we have mastered time, what if we are wrong? Genesis 1 verse 14, tells us that our ancestors measured time by the stars and moon and we are told by evolutionists that ancient people used basic astronomy to achieve a crude understanding of time. What if the war between science and religion has psychologically obscured an obvious and indisputable fact from us all? If our ancestors could measure time accurately, then all our science and technical achievements would have been inherited in a tree of knowledge that brought us to where we are today. What if the Church in its desperate struggle to keep a profitable business alive and functioning has created such division over the ages that we do not understand the simple messages left by our ancestors on the real nature of time? What if both church and crown in their pact to rule Europe, obscured a scientific system inherited from Palaeolithic and Neolithic sea faring hunter gatherers that was used for thousands of years to keep time while measuring and travelling the planet and developing a philosophy that maintained a balance with Nature? The Golden Thread of Time is designed to give hope where it does not exist, providing answers where there have been none while motivating people to look beyond the mundane toward the light.

"The knowledge was kept secret by rulers and priests to gain advantage over enemy states and remains forgotten in our contemporary world as the ancient system was superseded and made redundant by the invention of mechanical twenty four hour clocks in 14th Century AD Churches," explains Miller. "I'm now bringing this discovery full-circle and showcasing it to the world once again. But don't worry, it isn't heavy theory; the book is steeped in practical application and context."

Crichton E M Miller was born in Scotland on 25th August 1949, enjoying a private education he saw decorated service in the Royal Air Force. On leaving Crichton became a senior manager with Allied Dunbar and Guardian Royal Exchange. After being made redundant in his early forties he started Haul-IT Nationwide Limited specialising in Logistics and Transport and his customers include most of the top transport companies in the United Kingdom including Wal-Mart, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Dairy Crest, Bibby, Argos and several 3PL's including Stobart and Wincanton. A self-made millionaire, father and grandfather, Crichton researches ancient history and theology with the eye of a skilled navigator and expert in supply chains and logistics.

"The Golden Thread of Time"
by Crichton E.M. Miller
Paperback $22
Kindle $9
Paperback: 454 pages
CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Published June 10, 2014

No. 9.

"Religion in Medicine Volume I and II"

by John B. Dawson, M.D., F.R.C.P. Edin.

"Religion in Medicine" by John B. Dawson, M.D.
Medicine and religion come together in two new, small groundbreaking books. As different as religion and medicine are, both fields are as methodical as each other. And they don't seem to meet at a common point due to cultural differences and personal beliefs. John Dawson attempts to analyze and ameliorate the impasse between the two in Religion in Medicine Volume I and II.

In this new book series, readers discover how religion plays a vital role in the medical care plan of a patient. These works explain how religion sensitivity is a crucial matter in upholding patient rights and dignity.

"I want to draw attention to the situations that arise within medical practice in which religious beliefs play an important," says Dawson. "I also emphasize the fact that most students and many doctors are given insufficient training in such matters, which are important to a large percentage of the public."

Religion in Medicine Volume I and II includes a brief history of medicine as well as Dawson's thoughts, comments and annotations.

"The majority of the world's religions and their medical practices are discussed in the book's chapters, including the churches of Anglican, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehovah's Witness and Judaism," Dawson says.

An insightful and entertaining read, Religion in Medicine Volume I and II successfully bridges medicine and religion, obliterating the fine line separating the two in these modern times. (Read More)

John Dawson is the son of a solicitor-coroner and a national athlete, who saw to his early education beginning at age three. Dawson was away at a British prep school when Nazi bombs started to fall. At this point, his father gathered the family and shipped them to North America. Dawson has been published in medical journals, but this is his first book. During his life, he has met many doctors and people of different religions and these visits form the basis for these books.

"Religion in Medicine Volume I and II"
By John B. Dawson, M.D., F.R.C.P. Edin.

No. 10

"As the Crowe Flies"

by Kevin Crowe

"As the Crowe Flies" by Kevin Crowe
DENVER-- Becoming homeless at the age of 14, Kevin Crowe embarks on a journey of survival that you would have to see in a motions picture to fathom being possible! In his new book, "As the Crowe Flies," author Kevin Crowe relives his life obstacles of growing up homeless and his unending perseverance to defeat the odds stacked against him.

As a child, Crowe slept on the floor while homeless individuals would come and go as they pleased, even stay for multiple nights as Crowe would watch as they would do drugs and other much more inappropriate things. With these careless actions it lead to Crowe being molested at the age of 11. His childhood memories consist of Crowe stepping up and taking care of his younger cousins and helping provide for them. The adults in his life who were meant to protect him, lead him into harm's way and into a world that was ran by drugs and sex.

Making matters worse, he watched his grandfather commit murder. Shortly after, Crowe found himself homeless and abandoned. Crowe knew as a kid living on the streets the odds were not in his favor. However, he was determined to find a way to persevere and not be another statistic; Crowe was determined to pave his own way.

"I had no guidance, no vision, and I was left to fend for myself," Crowe said. "God blessed me with a second chance to fix the mistakes that I had made; turn my life around and inspire people with my story."

At the age of 17, Crowe forged his way into high school. After earning his high school diploma, Kevin Crowe went on to Kansas State University and not only fought for a degree but also for his life. Crowe was in an accident that should have taken his life but by the grace of God he survived only to graduate and tell his story. "As the Crowe Flies" demonstrates how one's situation does not limit their potential. Crowe is a prime example of great things happening from humble beginnings. Through Crowe's unique story, readers will be inspired to overcome their own circumstances and achieve greatness. After earning his degree from Kansas State University, Kevin Crowe now works at the Goal Academy Charter School in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He also spends his time volunteering at Life Networks' annual fundraiser for the Walk of Life.

"As the Crowe Flies"
by Kevin Crowe
ISBN: 978-1-49187-206-2
Published: 3/24/2014
Softcover $17
E-book $4

No. 11

"Mission to Fail"

by Michael Eldar

"Mission to Fail" by Michael Eldar
Can't wait for the new season of Scandal? The new book, Mission to Faii by Michael Eldar, is the perfect solution. Full of espionage, politics, murder and, of course, scandal, Mission to Fail reminds us everyday heroes come in all shapes and sizes. When Steve Pinter's former college friend asks him to visit in Washington, DC he never could have predicted he would be asked play an integral part of a team working to save the White House. Not one to believe in coincidences, Steve and his partner Claire, follow a suspicious money trail from Washington, DC to New York and Switzerland in a fast paced race to save the White House.

Who is your everyday hero? Your parents, a doctor, a special coach or teacher, or how about a police officer or fire fighter? Watching a superhero on the big screen is great entertainment, but in our daily lives, it's the everyday hero who shines the brightest. In the suspenseful new book by Michael Eldar, Mission to Fail, an unlikely hero emerges when Steve Pinter answers a call to immediately visit a college friend, who just happens to work at the White House.

In Washington, Steve is asked to join a team created to investigate a presidential scandal. He accepts and regards it as a nice distraction, but never imagined the dangers lurking in the background.

Following a money trail, Steve notices suspicious coincidences and soon finds evidence of fraud committed at a New York bank. When a key suspect at the bank is murdered, a tip from a surprising source leads Steve and Claire, another team member, to Switzerland where they meet with someone who can shed light on the affair. The meeting, however, is cut short when assassins kill the informer and attempt to kill Steve and Claire. Following his hunches, Steve soon encounters more danger and resistance, even from people who supported him. Will he be able to complete his quest, or will he die trying?

"Mission to Fail was inspired by Bill Clinton's affair," says Eldar. "It made me question how such an affair could be manufactured and what would be the strengths and weakness of such a scheme. Eventually, I turned my mental game into a book."

Michael Eldar brings his knowledge of engineering, finance and information technology to life in his new book, Mission to Fail. A resident of New York City, and a graduate of New York University, he has first hand experience with history, military affairs and politics.

"Mission to Fail"
by Michael Eldar
CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Published July 21, 2014
Paperback: 390 pages
Price $18
ISBN-10: 1499248164
ISBN-13: 978-1499248166

No. 12

"Conflict -- The Unexpected Gift: Making the Most of Disputes in Life and Work"

By Jack Hamilton, Elisabeth Seaman, Sharlene Gee and Hillary Freeman

"Conflict - The Unexpected Gift" By Jack Hamilton
According to Merriam-Webster, conflict is defined as being a difference that prevents agreement. Mediation experts Jack Hamilton and Elisabeth Seaman have delved deeper to document the root of what prevents agreement. Conflict is a natural dimension of human interactions that is typically caused by inaccurate assumptions and faulty communication. However, these interpersonal clashes don't need to create a lifetime of hurt and anger. With real-life situations and concrete steps to resolving conflict, Hamilton and Seaman's new book "Conflict -- The Unexpected Gift: Making the Most of Disputes in Life and Work" teaches constructive communication skills and techniques that can be applied effectively to situations of conflict.

"In the course of working through your conflict, you learn to let go of unfounded assumptions," Hamilton and Seaman said. "When reconciled, a conflict can be the gift of a second chance."

Hamilton and Seaman are founders of the mediation company Learn2Resolve, which provides mediation, facilitation, training in communication and conflict resolution skills, and team-building workshops. Their mediation curriculum, which is based on proven communication principles, serves as a foundation for the conflict resolution skills taught in their new book.

Jack Hamilton holds a bachelor's degree from Harvard University, a master's degree from the University of California, and a master's and a doctoral degree from Stanford University. He has been honored by Santa Clara County, California for his work as a mediator and currently coaches mediators in the Mountain View, California mediation program. He is the author of more than 50 academic articles and academic book chapters.

Elisabeth Seaman, a Holocaust survivor, holds a bachelor's degree from Boston University. She is fluent in Spanish, which has aided her career. Seaman holds several mediation certifications and has worked for more then ten years as a mediator for the U.S. Postal Service's REDRESS program. She has been honored for her contributions to the field of mediation by the California State Legislature and by San Mateo County, California.

"Conflict -- The Unexpected Gift:
Making the Most of Disputes in Life and Work"
By Jack Hamilton, Elisabeth Seaman, Sharlene Gee and Hillary Freeman

No. 13

"Trailing Sky Six Feathers"

by Ian Prattis

"Trailing Sky Six Feathers" by Ian Prattis
ONTARIO -- Are social issues such as climate change, financial collapse and nuclear technology making civilization vulnerable to extinction? Professor, scholar and world traveler, Ian Prattis believes that our culture needs to awaken spiritually in order to ensure survival.

"Our world has become an unpredictable beast that we fail to work with intelligently," Prattis said. "We have to take back control of ourselves and this is a spiritual matter."

Prattis' new book "Trailing Sky Six Feathers" illuminates issues that he believes will impact the human race for generations. The book follows him on his spiritual journey as he travels across the globe throughout the course of two lifetimes.

We are all staring into the abyss: climate change, ecosystem and financial collapse, nuclear breakdown, corruption, terrorism and anarchy. Instead of being eaten up by it all I say, "Awaken Spiritually," as that transforms everything. We have made our world an unpredictable beast because we fail to work with it intelligently. We have to take back control of ourselves and this is a spiritual matter. Turning on the switch of awakening is a good idea right now.

Trailing Sky Six Feathers sheds light on issues that will affect our world for generations to come. This exciting Hero's Journey is like Indiana Jones meets the Buddha with a dash of Celestine Prophecy. The story told shines light on the darkest elements of the human condition, including my own. This challenging journey has me stumbling through the first part of life, then standing strong in my own sovereignty in the latter part. In India, Arizona, France and Canada's wilderness, I go to extraordinary lengths to transform four centuries of karma. (Read More)

Ian Prattis is a poet, Professor Emeritus, founder of Friends for Peace and a spiritual warrior for planetary care and social justice. Ian now lives with his wife Carolyn in the west end of Ottawa where the Pine Gate Meditation Hall is located in the lower level of their home. Since retiring from Carleton University in 2007, he has authored four books on dharma, two on the environment, a novel and this legend/autobiographical combo and enjoys the freedom to create at his own pace. He has yet to discern the ordinary meaning of retirement.

No. 14

"Herd Immunity"

By Chudi C. Nwawka M.D.

"Herd Immunity" By Chudi C. Nwawka M.D.
WEST DUNDEE, Ill. -- Recently, the smallpox virus that had been eradicated since 1977 made an appearance in a Food and Drug Administration laboratory. While no one was exposed to the virus, this raises the question of, "What if?"

Doctor and author of new book, "Herd Immunity," Chudi Nwawka presents a realistic prediction of what could happen if the decline of herd immunity continues and exposure to the smallpox virus becomes a reality once again.

"Germs do not die with their victims." Nwawka said. "To really protect and prevent, the world needed to get rid of every single smallpox germ on the face of the earth."

In "Herd Immunity" a UCLA microbiologist in search for purpose in a foreign land, finds himself seeking immunity with the Taliban at a high cost. With the U.S. lacking in herd immunity and the smallpox strand in the hands of a terrorist, a smallpox epidemic spreads quickly.

Nwawka uses this fictitious story to present how herd immunity is effective and the serious need for it. His medical knowledge and background is expressed within the novel, providing insight on the smallpox virus and the importance of vaccinations.

Chudi Nwawka is a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist in Illinois. He received his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Studying germs and defense against germs are the building blocks in any medical profession, so it is no wonder Nwawka felt compelled to write on the subject of immunology.

"Herd Immunity"
By Chudi C. Nwawka M.D.
ISBN: 978-1-4389-6042-5
Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Published March 17, 2009
288 pages
Hardcover $29
Softcover $25
ISBN-10: 1438960433
ISBN-13: 978-1438960432

No. 15

"Two Performance Artists Kidnap Their Boss and Do Things With Him"

by Scotch Wichmann.

"Two Performance Artists Kidnap Their Boss and Do Things With Him" by Scotch Wichmann
Two Performance Artists Kidnap Their Boss and Do Things With Him by Scotch Wichmann is an action-packed bromance comedy about two best friends determined to tackle the American dream with bird feathers, duct tape, and a sticky AK-47. It is the first-ever performance art novel penned by a performance artist.

When Two Performance Artists' titular duo -- down-on-their-luck BFFs Hank and Larry -- land Silicon Valley office jobs, the daily grind sucks their souls dry; inspiration vanishes, making art feel impossible. And so they respond the only way they know how: by making even more art.

But this performance is surely their most radical to date: they attack the system from within and kidnap their own CEO with the goal of turning him into an artist. When big boss Bill-the-CEO is finally transformed, he finds he no longer has any need for money; performing -- and the ability performance art gives him to surprise and entertain himself -- becomes enough to sustain him. In this way, Two Performance Artists could be called a kind of utopian vision for how artists might use their art to undo the system that seeks to undo them. Or just a hell of a lot of fun.

Drawing from and playing with literary, art, comedy and action canons, Two Performance Artists Kidnap Their Boss and Do Things With Him is a thoroughly modern, incredibly original and exceptionally perceptive and cinematic romp through a San Francisco you haven't (yet) seen on TV. In Wichmann's words, this is a book that"reveals the punk rock, shamanic roots of performance art, explores what happens when so-called 'selfie-syndrome' is taken to its extremes, and most importantly, shows how a person can use performance art to break the cycle."

Scotch Wichmann is a Los Angeles-based performance artist, writer and comedian whose hyperactive riffs about his trailer park childhood, neurotic delusions, and Hollywood obsessions have spurred the San Francisco Chronicle to describe his work as like "eating and snorting [drugs]... then freebasing... then reaching for the turkey baster." Co-nominated for Best Comedy and Best Stunt at the 2013 Hollywood Fringe Festival, his performances have become known for their surrealism, physical endurance, and Dadaist pranks at galleries, fringe festivals, and comedy clubs around the world, and have been featured in/on CNN, NBC, FOX, NPR, Maxim, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly and more. His debut novel, 2014 comedy caper Two Performance Artists Kidnap Their Boss and Do Things With Him, was a bronze medalist at the 2014 Independent Publisher Book Awards, and a first-round finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. For more information visit:

"Two Performance Artists Kidnap Their Boss and Do Things With Him"
by Scotch Wichmann
ISBN-13: 9780991025701
Publisher: Freakshow Books
Publication date: 5/20/2014
Pages: 482
Paperback $15
Nook book $9

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