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R.P. BenDedek

What's in the Book Basket This Week? From Healthy to Dangerous
By R.P. BenDedek
Aug 3, 2014 - 6:17:21 AM

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"What's in the book basket this week?" brings to the attention of readers via publication of publicity material, various new book releases. The regular Sunday Book basket usually lists 15 such books. On an irregular basis we also publish a Christian Book Basket specifically listing 'Christian Books' and a 'Children's Book Basket.' These are published on a Wednesday. The publication and number of books in those baskets will vary.

We have some wonderful book reviewers at Magic City but unfortunately we can't do book reviews for every book. We do however assist authors to promote their books via a "No Charge - No Pay" self-promotions service in which we invite authors to give us 'stand alone' articles to publish at the bottom of which we can include their bios, photographs of book covers and links to purchase pages for their books.

We are extremely grateful to those authors who do provide our readers with interesting articles to read and we appreciate that those articles are sometimes exclusive to us or at least that we have been the first to be given the opportunity to publish them. A list of such articles to the end of June 2014 may be found here.

As you can see listed immediately below, we also list the articles published during the previous week which were supplied by book authors, and as well, we list whatever book reviews were published in the same period.

Articles published Since July 20th at Magic City which were written by various book authors include:

  1. Surviving Fear And Terror By Veronika Svilans Smits - "Insula - Island of Hope"
  2. Awaiting the Light - Luke by Trevor Payne author of "In The Spirit of Elijah"
  3. The Healing Power of Story-Telling by Lauren Joichin Nile author of "Race: My Story & Humanity's Bottom Line"
  4. A fictional tale about John the Baptist by Trevor Payne author of "In the Spirit of Elijah"
  5. Life is a culmination of choices by Herman L. Hinton author of "Hidden Relationships of the Homicide Detective"
  6. Discipline is the Highest Form of Love" by Dr. Sherrie Campbell author of "Loving Yourself"

Book Reviews Published Since July 20th

Laure McCourt Lopez Review: "One for the Heart" book by G. Raye Jones
Jul 30, 2014

I once had a professor who said you could always tell when a reader was engaged in a good book: after reading for some time, the reader would pause and look up with a sign of personal reflection upon the face. That is how this book affected me. It isn't just a matter of reading words but rather reading the musings of a heart that has so much to share with the reader. I highly recommend this thoughtfully crafted collection of poetry to enjoy during those contemplative moments when one wishes to step back from the busyness of life and reflect upon that which is lasting and meaningful.

Laure McCourt Lopez Review: "Bella and Harry; Let's Visit Maui!" by Lisa Manzione
Jul 27, 2014

Having been bitten by the travel bug many years ago, I was intrigued with this fanciful excursion of the beautiful island of Maui, one of Hawaii's eight main islands. Who could ask for more charming tour guides than Bella and Harry, brother and sister Chihuahuas, as they invite young readers to join them on a trip that explores different customs, cultural diversity and historic landmarks. I especially appreciate how the author uses child-friendly descriptions that are clear and involve the five senses. Kudos to author Lisa Manzione and to Kristine Lucco for her illustrations.

Milt Gross Book Review: "Arcadia" by Lauren Groff
Jul 27, 2014

Arcadia is a three-part novel about those who attended a fictitious version of Woodstock called Arcadia in New York State. It shows the characters while at Arcadia, then in middle life, and finally in old age. If you've ever thought seriously about being a hippie, try this 2012 Hyperion, New York, NY publication, a fictitious look at the very real experience.

Martha Stevens-David Book Review: "Tormented Prison" by Sky Gram
Jul 23, 2014

This is a very difficult story to read because it is about a small child who is a victim from the very day of her birth. As a mother myself, I found some of "Sky's" story too graphic to even read but as the old saying goes, "fore warned is fore armed." Would I recommend this story to others? YES!

M. Stevens-David Review: "One Chance, One Moment: Book One - The Mandy Story" by Judith Kohnen
Jul 22, 2014

I found myself hurrying to get my household work completed so that I could resume the story again and that sadly, from all the books I review, doesn't happen very often. As the author noted in her "press release" this book was first written in 1986 and revisions were made several times over the ensuing years but I can now state, the "wait" and the reworking were well-worth it. Would I recommend this book to others? ABSOLUTELY! Wondeful work, wonderful presentation and am waiting for the next!

Martha Stevens-David Book Review: "Scotch Rising" by S.J. Garland
Jul 22, 2014

This very interesting story set in the 1700's, begins with a young man, Esmond Clyde-Dalton, who comes from a very wealthy English family and tells of his trials and tribulations as he makes his life in his own way. Edmond has to make a decision that will ultimately change the rest of his life. I found this story to be very interesting and well done.

M. Stevens-David Review: "Greyhound Therapy" by J.R. Conway
Jul 20, 2014

The story tells of the trials and tribulation that Sheriff Craig Spence faces on a daily basis and how the Sheriff's Department in a small town in Wyoming, deals with the inhabitants, the drug problems and just trying to live in a very unbalanced world.

R.P. BenDedek Review: "The Legacy of Two Gemini Knights" by Geoff Logan
Jul 20, 2014

Travelling far and wide and caught up in everything from Arthurian legends, the Crusades and the murder of a Pope, William McBride's journey is really one of deep spiritual self-discovery during a period of great turmoil in Europe's history. Topics covered for which background material was required included: the political differences between Scotland, England, France, Spain and the Vatican; the Crusades; the history of the Templar knights; the history of the Celts, Druids, Christians and Muslims and of course the religious history, legends, superstitions and eschatology of those religions. I heartily recommend "The Legacy of Two Gemini Knights" to anyone interested in historical tales or ancient Celtic legends and the like.

Milt Gross Book Review: "Thomas Paine and the Promise of America" by Harvey J. Kaye
Jul 20, 2014

The book states that, "Though elites denied Paine a place in 'official' commemorations of the Revolution, Americans never actually forgot his memory...." Much of the book reviews those who quoted Paine and praised him as the one whose words helped bring about the U.S. One such figure, William Sylvis, who, "Reflecting the influence of Common Sense, he drafted the manifesto of the National Labor Union in the fashion of the Declaration of Independence."

R.P. BenDedek

No. 1.

"Devil Music"

by Carly Orosz

"Devil Music" by Carly Orosz
It's always taken a little while for alternative music to be accepted by the mainstream, but the Satanic Panic towards metal in the 1980s was the biggest public reaction to music since the debut of rock and roll in the late 1940s. Afraid of heavy riffs and big hair, religious extremists pointed the finger at the scary music that was "ruining" the lives of their children.

In the new book, Devil Music, author Carly Orosz explores this visceral public reaction to the heavy-but- harmless genre of 1980s hair metal. Telling the tale of one band's rise to stardom in 1980s Los Angeles, the book examines religious backlash towards the alternative music of the time and the "Satanic Panic" that overtook the public. Transporting you back to a time where spandex and long hair reigned supreme, Devil Music is a fascinating, engrossing read that teaches important lessons about religious extremism, mob mentality, and the gray areas between good and evil.

Major themes in Devil Music include: The misguided nature of the "Satanic Panic" in the 1980s; Finding that good and evil aren't always so black and white; The idea that not being "normal" is okay; Turning creature tropes on their heads; Showing strength in different kinds of ways and Finding friendship in unexpected places

Carly Orosz studied English at Kalamazoo College, and earned an MFA in creative writing from Sarah Lawrence College. She has published poems in Wavelength Journal and SpoutMagazine. She has done extensive research on 80s hair metal music and has read every book on the Satanic Panic that she could find. She currently resides in Kalamazoo, MI. (Read More about the Book)

"Devil Music"
by Carly Orosz
E-Book Published 17 April 2014

No. 2.

Race: My Story & Humanity's Bottom Line

By Lauren Joichin Nile

Race My Story & Humanity's Bottom Line By Lauren Joichin Nile
PASADENA, Calif. -- Lauren Joichin Nile dreams of a world in which humanity replaces racism with love for one another. Her book RACE: My Story & Humanity's Bottom Line addresses her personal experiences with racism, the biological oneness of humanity, the history of racism, many of the present-day effects of historical racism on both Americans of Color and European Americans, and the possibility of a human future that is evolved beyond racism toward empathy and compassion.

"I would love the book to open as many minds and soften as many hearts as is humanly possible for the heightened consciousness and ultimate evolution beyond racism, of the entire human species," Nile said.

Racism has affected every stage of the author's life. Nile experienced segregation in her childhood before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, and as an adult she has been the recipient of many racial indignities.

"All of my experiences as an African American have inspired me to write my book: those of growing up under segregation as a child, the lessons of love and understanding which the African American adults in my life taught me during that time, experiencing the ways in which the Civil Rights Act of 1964 radically changed the lives of African Americans both emotionally and practically, my experiences of racism as an adult, the profound lessons I have learned as a diversity trainer, and my deep friendships with my European American friends who are conscious, compassionate and true allies," Nile said.

In RACE: My Story & Humanity's Bottom Line, Nile offers concrete suggestions for how humanity can indeed take our critical next step beyond racism. For more information, visit

Lauren Joichin Nile is an author, keynote speaker, trainer, and licensed attorney.

"Race: My Story & Humanity's Bottom Line"
By Lauren Joichin Nile
540 pages
Published 1/20/2014
ISBN: 978-1-49170-307-6
Softcover $32
E-book $10

No. 3.

"Controlled Women & Constipated Men"

by Dr. Terence C. Teasdale

"Controlled Women & Constipated Men" by Dr. Terence C. Teasdale
SYDNEY -- According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the rate of mental illness in the population has continually increased over the past several years. In 2012, 22% of women were diagnosed with some form of mental illness. This begs the question of how many more mothers, daughters, sisters or friends have gone undiagnosed as these rates of illness increase?

Dr Terence C Teasdale researches into and specializes in the psychiatric and psychological disorders of women. He has created a new eye-opening psychological construct to illuminate the troubling rise in mental illness in modern women, along with its devastating consequences for both themselves and others. Teasdale believes that many women have begun to rely on negative emotions and when mixed with a certain set of neuroses can create what he calls a "controlled woman."

"Unfortunately such a mental state affects more than just individual women," Dr. Teasdale said. "Often these dependencies and neuroses end up creating a massive strain on interpersonal relationships and can even cause lasting damage to families and friends."

Not one to shy away from controversy, Dr. Teasdale has published his research in the form of his new book, "Controlled Women & Constipated Men." Intentionally confrontational, Teasdale's findings and opinions are a direct challenge to established conservative thinking and feminism

"I know many women and even many men may look down upon my writing," Dr. Teasdale said. "None the less I must share this knowledge in the hopes of helping those families who are at risk."

Dr. Terence C. Teasdale specialized in research surrounding androgyny, emotional disorder, neurosis in women, human relationships and Asian cultural thinking. He has been a keynote speaker and presented seminars in 49 countries across five continents. After years of work in clinics and private practices working with women, he has decided his findings must be shared to help improve the lives of women and those they live with.

"Controlled Women & Constipated Men"
by Dr. Terence C. Teasdale
SC-ISBN: 978-1-4931-3703-9
SC-Retail price: $24.19
E-book $3.50

No. 4.


by J. F. Macdonogh

"Annihilation" by J. F. Macdonogh
Written by J F Macdonogh and partly based on his own family history, the first two volumes of 'Annihilation' take readers back before 1641, when civil war breaks out in Ireland. Nobody is safe, not even the MacDonogh Cartys of Co Cork; members of the gentry whose calm existence is about to be turned upside down. The 'Annihilation' series chronicles one of the most tumultuous military episodes in history. Readers are thrust back to 1641 and into twelve years that see half of Ireland's population destroyed by conflict or famine. The MacDonogh Cartys think they are immune to society's problems, but this compelling new work tells how they eventually find themselves inextricably trapped in the unfolding tragedy. This wholly unique medley of fact and fiction proves that not even the gentry can reason with Oliver Cromwell's fearless military. Terrible choices need to be made.

Synopsis Book one: The MacDonoghs, Lords of Duhallow, learn of the death of King James and the accession of his heir, now King Charles I. Their fears that his rule of Ireland could be crueller than that of his father's is compounded when Charles appoints Lord Wentworth as his Lord Deputy. His tyranny looks likely to destroy their lovely patrimony, and the family flirts with rebellion. Before long, they are involved to the very hilt, and ever more so as Civil War breaks out in Ireland and then in England.

"This novel sees multiple themes collide, with one being the savage uprooting of a traditional lifestyle that appears to be so safe," explains Macdonogh. "Our protagonists live life at a steady rhythm, but soon they find themselves having to choose between Anglicanism and Catholicism, between King and Parliament, between England and Independence, between Cromwell and the King-in-Exile." "While they face great adversity, they're a gallant and courageous group, who deploy the finer skills afforded by their social position to ensure their survival." Both volumes (approximately $17) are available now.

Jeremy Macdonogh, 65, studied History and Philosophy at Cambridge and lives in Hoxne, south of the Waverney near Diss. This is his third book since he took early retirement. Previously he has published 'A Gap Year or Two' and 'The Last Irishmen'.

No. 5.

"The Industry"

by Natasha Rocca Devine

"The Industry" by Natasha Rocca Devine
Marilyn Monroe once said, "Fame doesn't fulfill you. It warms you a bit, but that warmth is temporary." Yet, millions of singers, dancers, actors and other talented individuals around the globe will still go to extreme lengths to feel that warmth, even if it's only for fifteen minutes.

For Natasha Rocca Devine, the story told in her new novel, The Industry, is fairly close to her own. As the daughter of famous Irish footballer, John Devine, and writer/broadcaster, Michelle Rocca Morrison, as well as the step-daughter of famed musician, Van Morrison, Natasha has lived a life in the public eye. While this life, and the life of her main character Alanna, can appear to be intense, precarious and glam, she has learned to maintain a balance in her life both behind and in front of the camera.

Natasha Rocca Devine is a 29 year-old writer, designer, author, ambassador and Irish socialite. She works as the Interiors Editor for Social & Personal Magazine and is an Ambassador for Aware & Sports Against Racism Ireland Charities. She has both a Masters in Journalism and Media Communications and Interior Architecture and has taken various courses in communications, writing and design. Rocca Devine recently published Awareness; Creating Your Own Balance in Life (Balboa Press, Hay House), which was inspired by her recovery from a coma and is excited to release the first book in her new series, The Industry. She is also working on a children's book collection, reflective of her time working with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, with illustrator Gary Reynolds. Connect with Natasha Rocca Devine at:

"The Industry"
by Natasha Rocca Devine
Paperback $14
Kindle $9
366 pages
New Generation Publishing
Published February 12, 2014

No. 6.

"Smoothie Secrets Revealed: A Guide To Enhance Your Health"

by Elyse Wagner

"Smoothie Secrets Revealed" by Elyse Wagner
If you're into being healthy, odds are smoothies are a part of your daily regimen. But, the question is -- are you being smart about your smoothies? Elyse Wagner is a certified nutritionist, licensed mental health therapist and founder of My Kitchen Shrink, Inc., a virtual, educational health coaching company focused on helping individuals eat mindfully and live healthful. In line with her mission, she has just released a new book, Smoothie Secrets Revealed: A Guide To Enhance Your Health, which shares 30 healing, whole foods smoothie recipes, and further helps readers lay the foundation for a sustainable and nourishing diet.

"My goal is to empower people to be open to trying new recipes and create a healthy life -- one that is full of love, nourishment, and joy," says Wagner. "I hope to help them overcome their emotional barriers and transform their lives with simple ways to experiment with and experience these tips." Smoothie Secrets Revealed is a go-to guide for anyone looking to refresh their eating lifestyle by detoxing daily with whole, real foods and herbs, creating peace between your food and body. Smoothie Secrets Revealed is more than a recipe book: it provides advice to dissolve stress, create health, and live a life you love, on top of the 30 delicious smoothie recipes included.

"There is a lot of 'nutritional noise' out there telling us what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat," adds Wagner. "Although this information can be helpful, the evolving research and changing expert opinions can be daunting. I want to encourage readers to hone into the wisdom that is critical, making everything else secondary -- your own internal body wisdom -- which knows exactly what it needs and wants and speaks to your senses."

Elyse Wagner is an award-winning food, nutrition and health psychology expert and founder of My Kitchen Shrink Inc. Wagner is also a Certified Nutritionist and Licensed Mental Health Therapist. She holds her undergraduate degree in nutritional sciences from UW-Madison-Wisconsin and her dual Masters' from Bastyr University. With over 15+ years of experience as a holistic nutritionist and positive psychology + body love virtuoso, Wagner has transformed the health of hundreds of people in the U.S., Canada and the UK. Website:

"Smoothie Secrets Revealed: A Guide To Enhance Your Health"
by Elyse Wagner
ISBN-13: 9780990347316
Publisher: My Kitchen Shrink Inc.
Publication date: 4/22/2014
Pages: 160
Price $18

No. 7.

"Best Knowing Joy"

by Lou Potempa

"Best Knowing Joy" by Lou Potempa
MONTGOMERY, Texas -- At the age of nine, Lou Potempa decided he would become a successful businessman of the world. Interestingly, he succeeded with a 25-year career as vice president of corporate development. How did this success come about? Looking back on his life, Potempa realized a consistent pattern that resulted in positive outcomes. In 90 minutes, Potempa's new book provides unique insights and understanding of the universal legacies and a process that can be applied by all. "Best Knowing Joy" describes a five-stage process of actual empowerment of consciousness that will result in a realization of one's potential and manifestation of desired objectives. With true accomplishment comes the experience of joy.

The foundation of the process includes controlling time, disowning negativity and distractions, understanding truth, light, and time, emergence of elevated consciousness and envisioning of desire and the pursuit of unbounded potential. Potempa includes comprehensive charts, symbols, and protocols to aid in the understanding and application of his process. Potempa's process has shown success in not only his life, but also in the application in his wife's life during a serious medical circumstance.

"Merely scanning 'Best Knowing Joy' will change one's life," Potempa said. "Reading 'Best Knowing Joy' changes one's life for the best. Universal application of the process will significantly change the world for the best."

Lou Potempa holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology. His career background includes working as a rocket scientist, chemical engineer and corporate development officer. Potempa enjoys playing jazz piano and has worked as a choir director. He and his wife have three children, 13 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

"Best Knowing Joy"
by Lou Potempa
Published: 5/16/2014
80 pages
Softcover $28
E-book $10
ISBN: 978-1-4969-0500-0

No. 8.

"Down the Drain with Jane"

by Jane Tessitor Braun

"Down the Drain with Jane" by Jane Tessitor Braun
Imagine a vacation to a foreign destination, where everything seemed to be going wrong. What if that vacation lasted for three years? "Down the Drain with Jane" by Jane Tessitor Braun is an endearing memoir of an American family's three-year stint in Pakistan in the 1950's.

"I wanted to document our experiences in Pakistan for my children, other family members and friends," Braun said.

Jane's husband, Frank Tessitor, was asked by the U.S. Government to set up and equip a soil-mechanics and hydraulics research laboratory in Karachi, Pakistan for the Pakistani government. What was supposed to be a two-year stay, turned into three. Thanks to letters saved over the years, Jane has been able to masterfully recount her family's time in Pakistan. Follow Jane down the drain as she recounts the highs and lows, dealing with language barriers, revolving-door servants and sickness with great heart and hilarity.

According to Braun, "The countless frustrations of every day living became not only funny, but difficult to bear. Then, humor became the saving grace."

Jane Tessitor Braun is the mother of three children, grandmother of five and great grandmother of eight. During her family's stay in Pakistan, Jane was active in volunteer work, principally as the founder and director of the International Karachi-American Recreation Program. In 1961, the Braun family headed to Taiwan for a five-year stint in Taipei. Her volunteer work here included founding the Taiwan Western Art Library, earning her a commendation from the Taiwanese government for this effort. At the age of 50, Braun was hired to be staff writer and receptionist for the Monrovia Journal-Duartean, and the following year was hired by Foothill Presbyterian Hospital to be public relations coordinator. She retired 15 years later.

"Down the Drain with Jane"
by Jane Tessitor Braun
Published: 8/9/2011
216 Pages B&W
Softcover currently $13
ISBN: 978-1-46344-005-3

No. 9

"Shamrock 22: An Aviator's Story"

by Colonel Rick Hudlow

"Shamrock 22: An Aviator's Story" by Colonel Rick Hudlow
OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. -- Colonel Rick Hudlow is no stranger to international conflict. As the leader of a crew that participated in the nuclear deterrence effort during the Cold War, Hudlow experienced first-hand the challenges of leadership in war, which he reveals in his new memoir, "Shamrock 22."

"Shamrock 22" shares the inspiring and unique stories of the young aviator's journey growing up amidst the developing aviation industry, his participation in multiple global conflicts as a member of the United States Air Force and his transition into civilian business.

Hudlow also provides an intriguing and revealing look at his crew members directly involved in the delivery of nuclear weapons to the Soviet Union during the Cold War. With a focus on the dangers and responsibilities the Strategic Air Command took on, Hudlow works to highlight the intense effort and sacrifices of the crew in order to deter a nuclear exchange.

"Today, there is little awareness of the role played by Strategic Air Command during the period of high friction between the USA and the USSR," Hudlow said. "My B-52 Crew and I were on the front line in the conflict and part of the forces that were the lever, or the "Big Stick", that President Kennedy used to contain or dampen the dangerous ambition of the Soviet leaders at the time."

Hudlow, whose experiences include World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam and the Cold War, sheds light on the importance of commitment, responsibility, effective management and friendship in "Shamrock 22."

Rick Hudlow grew up surrounded by the aviation industry and enlisted in the United States Army in 1943, before the separation of the Air Force. He spent his career in the armed forces flying a variety of aircraft, including the C-47, the B-47 and the B-52. Hudlow's business career took him all over the world, and, now a retired colonel from the USAF, he lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with his wife of 67 years. For more information, visit

"Shamrock 22: An Aviator's Story"
By: Colonel Rick Hudlow
Hardback: $31.99
Paperback: $23.95
E-Book: $3.99
ISBN: 9781467028103

No. 10

"Unsecure Skies"

Clay W. Biles

Unsecure Skies by Clay W Biles
During his career as a U.S. Federal Air Marshal from 2008-2013, Clay W. Biles came to find that the general public has little knowledge as to the true inner workings of the service. Today, reflecting on the decreasing support of management and the corruption he experienced first-hand, Biles is now giving a controversial, in-depth look into the service with his newest book, Unsecure Skies.

"The standards at the Federal Air Marshal Service have dropped since 9/11," says Biles. "Management are rarely held accountable for their actions and their lack of accountability has left many air marshals feeling as though they have no control over what happens in the agency. As someone who passionately served -- and excelled -- in the position for more than five years, I felt as though it was time to blow the whistle on the corruption and inconsistencies."

Clay W. Biles has a long and varied career in U.S. defense, beginning with his career in the Navy in 1994. Using this experience, Biles then moved into Explosives Demolition in Los Angeles, followed by his studies to become a doctor and two years spent as a medical researcher at Stanford University Medical Center. In 2001, after the attacks on 9/11, he returned to the military and served with SEAL Team Three until 2004.

After years spent in the UAE, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Mexico on overseas security contracts, Biles joined the Federal Air Marshal Service in 2008, where he was assigned as his class' training leader during the air marshal academy, and was given the Distinguished Honor Graduate Award upon graduation.

Biles previously wrote a comprehensive history of the air marshal service, The United States Federal Air Marshal Service: A Historical Perspective, 1962 -- 2012, and details his own personal experiences in the service in his newest book, Unsecure Skies. He left the air marshal service in 2013 and now lives in Mexico with his wife and daughters. For more information, please visit

"Unsecure Skies"
by Clay W Biles
Paperback: 414 pages
Price $22
Publisher: Wendy De La Cruz
Published July 1, 2014
ISBN-10: 0615835570
ISBN-13: 978-0615835570

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