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R.P. BenDedek

What's in the Book Basket This Week? It's all about believing
By R.P. BenDedek
Jun 29, 2014 - 1:40:33 AM

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"What's in the book basket this week?" brings to the attention of readers via publication of publicity material, various new book releases. The regular Sunday Book basket usually lists 15 such books. On an irregular basis we also publish a Christian Book Basket specifically listing 'Christian Books' and a 'Children's Book' Basket. These are published on a Wednesday. The frequency of publication and number of books in those baskets will vary.

We have some wonderful book reviewers at Magic City but unfortunately we can't do book reviews for every book. We do however assist authors to promote their books via a "No Charge - No Pay" self-promotions service in which we invite authors to give us 'stand alone' articles to publish at the bottom of which we can include their bios, photographs of book covers and links to purchase pages for their books.

We are extremely grateful to those authors who do provide our readers with interesting articles to read and we appreciate that those articles are sometimes exclusive to us or at least that we have been the first to be given the opportunity to publish them. A list of such articles may be found here.

As you can see listed immediately below, we also list the articles published during the previous week which were supplied by book authors, and as well, we list whatever book reviews were published in the same period.

Articles published this week at Magic City written by various book authors include:
(Sun June 15th to Sat June 28th
There was no book basket June 22nd)

  1. My worst day ever by Judith Slaughter author of "The Accidental Bank Heist"
  2. Can perennial bachelors change into husbands? by D.H. Barkley author of "George Clooney: From Bachelor to Betrothed"
  3. Quick Tips on Raising Capital By Clemson Barry author of "Sweet Success: Knowledge and Quick-Skills in Thirty Minutes"
  4. Government diversity or uniformity? by By T.J. Shannon author of "The Darkness Behind Me"

Book Reviews Published During the Last Two Weeks
There was no book basket June 22nd

Milt Gross Book review: "World War II in 500 Photographs by Time Home Entertainment, Inc."
Jun 15, 2014

The book is not a straight essay type but a series of articles under titles, such as "Vanquished No More" near the book's end. This is about how Germany and Japan fared after the War, including that Marshall Plan loans of about $15 billion in today's currency helped West Germany get back on her feet. That heading also includes the 1989 collapse of communism and the demolition of the Berlin Wall that had divided Germany since 1961.

Estelle Parke Book Review: "Seeing the Life" by Sophie Dawson
Jun 18, 2014

I am pleased to recommend this book as one that would be of interest to a wide readership, because it is well-written, carefully researched, correct according to scripture, but manages to tell its story without the undue promotion of any particular religious belief system. This book is unique in both its perspective and its impact.

R.P. BenDedek

No. 1

"Tormented Prison"

by Sky Gram

"Tormented Prison" by Sky Gram
Author Sky Gram talks hellish childhood, overcoming the odds in new book

The survivor of a hellish childhood, Sky Gram has been able to overcome tremendous hurdles.

"Tormented Prison" is Gram's heart-touching personal story and serves as a reminder to people everywhere: You can overcome the odds.

"I hope that 'Tormented Prison' is able to help at least one person know that he/she is not alone," Gram said.

Gram has endured a great deal of suffering in her life. She was abused physically and verbally, suffered from a Dissociative Identity Disorder and was raised by the high priest and priestess of a satanic cult. Nothing short of tortured, it is amazing that Gram has even survived to share her story.

However, Gram has not simply survived--she has learned to thrive. "Tormented Prison" recounts her life within the satanic cult, dealing with her mental health, the pain and abuse, and eventually making it out not only alive, but happy.

According to Gram, "If you can survive your childhood, you can overcome, grow and allow yourself to be happy."

Sky Gram was born in 1965 and grew up in the Midwest. Having overcome tremendous obstacles, today Gram holds her bachelor's degree in criminal justice administration. Outside of work, Gram loves photography, being with her family, nature and animals.

"Tormented Prison"
By: Sky Gram
ISBN: 978-1-4931-8204-6
Available in softcover ($17.38)
Hardcover ($26.87)
E-book ($3.99)


"Greed is Good, Big is Bad: How to Fix America's Problems"

by Michael Engmann

"Greed is Good: Big is Bad" by Michael Engmann
"From the first day of his virginal campaign, he knew the promise he made of bringing harmony to his country was a lie. President Obama was a communist." Self-described as a true capitalist, those are the words passionately stated by Michael Engmann, author of the new book Greed is Good, Big is Bad: How to Fix America's Problems. Disturbed and bothered by the game of politics, and the "power grab" from both parties, Engmann presents his readers with an eye-opening view into the problems facing our nation.

"Americans have sacrificed their freedoms to our political leaders. Their promises to 'take good care of us' has led to massive power structures in big government, big business, and big unions," says Engmann. "Unless a new power structure is created and the old one thrown out, the 'American Dream', seen by us and the rest of the world, will be destroyed."

In his book, Engmann boldly argues both the Republican and Democratic parties are responsible for socialism taking hold and how the 'American Dream' is dying. Irritated by these parties controlling the purse strings of the election process, Engmann insists it's time to return America to the values that once made it so great and to revive the original role of American government, according to the ideas of our Founding Fathers. "Today, our freedoms are on the ropes. America has moved too far down the path of socialism and is headed for the same ruin experienced by Russia, China and all other communist countries," adds Engmann. "Unless Americans reverse the course of socialism quickly, the gravity of more socialistic policies will be impossible to break."

Michael Engmann currently resides in San Francisco, CA. He was educated at U.C. Berkeley, graduating in 1970 with a BS in economics and received his MBA in finance. Since, Engmann has founded numerous small businesses in the investment field. He was one of the original market-makers on the Pacific Stock Exchange in 1976 and, in 1978, founded Engmann Options, Inc. to include other traders under a corporate umbrella. Recognizing the need for a West Coast based clearing company that provided superior service and advanced technology, he founded Sage Clearing Corporation in 1980. Understanding that members of the public could also use better technology, Engmann created the public brokerage house Preferred Trade in 1982. In 2001, he took control of RevereData, a small information data provider to the securities industry.

In addition to his fully owned businesses, Engmann has been an angel investor in many start-ups and fledgling companies. His experience with the problems of small businesses in regard to regulation and competition with big business has given him an insight into why small businesses are crucial to growth in America. As an expert with 40 years of experience in the investment field, he has an excellent understanding of both macro and micro economics. Understanding political policy has also been an important element of Engmann's success as an investor.

Engmann's reason for writing this book: "As a true capitalist and believer in the greatness of America, I have been compelled to write this book. Our great country is being torpedoed by our politicians and our media. I couldn't stand by and say nothing!" Website: Greed is Good, Big is Bad: How to Fix America's Problems is available at Amazon


"The Orange Trees of Baghdad"

by Leilah Nadir

"The Orange Trees of Baghdad" by Leilah Nadir
Leilah Nadir's authorial debut has been described by Noam Chomsky as "moving [...] vividly evoking real people and their lives and homes," and by Naomi Klein as "a book about what loss really means -- the theft of history and of homeland."

Having grown up in Canada and England to an Iraqi father and an English mother, Nadir is uniquely positioned to feel the full weight of the Iraq War: both as the occupier and the occupied, even though she has never set foot in Iraq. Never having a chance to know an integral part of her history or the Iraq that existed before American and British troops changed its face forever provided the impetus for her to create this poignant, passionate story. The Orange Trees of Baghdad details her search for Iraq and her people, inspiring her to go beyond the headlines and politics and unearth the exceptionally human consequences of a devastating war.

Beginning as a political commentator for national media, Nadir struggled with the decision to write about a country that she had never visited, but came to the realization that this is the story of many immigrant families -- and in The Orange Trees of Baghdad, she reveals the truth about her family, her heritage, her history and what happened to the people of Iraq during the war and afterwards.

Beginning with the gift of the photo album compiled by her Iraqi grandfather just before he died in 1989 (written in English as even he could foresee that his descendants would no longer speak Arabic), Nadir began the painstaking search for her Iraqi roots, compiling the stories of her father, aunts and cousins, friends and strangers, a diaspora. Her lament for the losses inflicted on Iraq are mirrored in the riveting and heartbreaking photographs taken by Canadian-Iraqi photojournalist Farah Nosh, whose images have appeared on the front pages of Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Guardian and more.

Leilah Nadir has a Master's degree in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh and a joint Honours degree from McGill University in English Literature and History. Her fiction has appeared in Descant and on CBC radio. She has written and broadcast commentaries for the CBC, The Globe and Mail, The Georgia Straight, Brick and the anthology, How They See US: Meditations on America, edited by James Atlas. She has travelled extensively in the Middle East, but has never been to Iraq.

"The Orange Trees of Baghdad: In Search of My Lost Family" [Red Leaf Books] is available via all major online and brick-and-mortar book retailers in paperback and e-book formats as of July 2014. Website:


"One Chance, One Moment: Book One - The Mandy Story"

by Judith Kohnen

"One Chance, One Moment" by Judith Kohnen
Chesterfield author, Judith Kohnen's first novel was inspired by Barry Manliow's "Mandy" -- the song that skyrocketed his career in the 70s. It was first recorded as a single in October 1974, and Kohnen presents that novel, One Chance, One Moment: Book One - The Mandy Story, in commemoration of the song's 40th anniversary and in recognition of Manilow as "the man who makes a difference."

Originally written in 1986, Kohnen recalls, "I knew its title the moment I wrote the last words of the first chapter and never knew what was going to happen next." One Chance, One Moment has had numerous revisions through the years and Kohnen gives the reason for its delay: "Divine Order, Divine Timing," she says. "Certain things and experiences had to happen to make the book what it is today."

Also in his honor, Kohnen is donating twenty percent of all net proceeds from One Chance, One Moment to The Manilow Music Project--a charity that tends to the needs of public schools and their severely depleted music programs.

In One Chance, One Moment, famous pianist and singer Garry Danzlo has lost the will to live following a debilitating accident that stems from his father's suicide. His career halted, Garry wants nothing more than solitude, but a fun-loving nurse sent to rehabilitate him enters his life and changes everything he's ever believed in.

Judith Kohnen is a writer, intuitive counselor, medium, and a practitioner of natural healing arts. One Chance, One Moment is her debut novel and Book One of her Mandy Story (inspired by Barry Manilow's 1975 hit song). Kohnen is currently working on its sequel, Book Two -- For the Love of Mandy. She lives in Chesterfield, Virginia with her husband and extended family.

For more information, visit

One Chance, One Moment will be available on Amazon and on June 17, 2014 (Manilow's 71st birthday). 20% of net proceeds from One Chance, One Moment will be donated to The Manilow Music Project.

No. 5

"The Broken Heart Diet"

by Tom Formaro

"The Broken Heart Diet" by Tom Formaro
No one would ever dare refute the relationship between food and feelings. Bingeing on Ben and Jerry's post- breakup, treating yourself to comfort food after a bad day, and even taking a loved one out to eat for an anniversary are all perfect examples of how the two are intertwined. Food is a universal medication for anything that ails you (if used appropriately).

Exploring this relationship is author Tom Formaro and his new book, The Broken Heart Diet. Recently featured in Kirkus Reviews, as "A memorable, gratifying glimpse into the life of a romantic restaurateur," and in the Des Moines Register, Formaro takes readers on an entertaining rollercoaster ride through food and love. In this new book, Formaro weaves an intricate tale of inspired by his own journey back to love and by his own experiences in cooking and working in restaurants.

Tom Formaro is a writer, drummer, and dad. After 14 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, Formaro now lives in Des Moines with his wife and beautiful daughter. He's the son of a Sicilian immigrant and a first-generation Italian-American. His family is in the restaurant business and in high school, college, and grad school, he worked in restaurants as everything from a dishwasher to a cook.

The Broken Heart Diet is largely based on Tom's kitchen experience. He has published short stories in Spoilage, Akkadian, SoMa Literary Review, and A Sexy Story. He is also the co-author of a children's book, Alfonso, the Christmas Pumpkin.

The Broken Heart Diet can be purchased on,, and


"Faith: Mary's Story"

By Sharon Richter

"Faith: Mary's Story" By Sharon Richter
NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- When Sharon Richter's daughter was attacked by dark shadows, she kept it to herself, thinking no one would believe her. When the twenty-five year old finally got up the nerve to tell others about it, she was astounded that they had also seen the shadows.

Richter wrote Faith: Mary's Story to let others who have dealt with the paranormal know they are not alone and that they can overcome evil with their faith in God. "There's always a fascination with the paranormal. Faith is a sort of how-to book for figuring out the psychic harassment Mary went through," Richter said.

Besides the harassment her daughter was experiencing, Richter had her own brush with the paranormal -- a near-death experience that occurred when she was only seven.

"I believe that people who have had a near-death experience are left with a sensitivity to the other side," Richter said. "I thought it was important for people who have that sense of the other side in their lives to know that they're not alone or crazy, that there are good and evil forces."

Sharon Richter lives in Cheshire, Connecticut, with her husband, Dave. A self-proclaimed church lady, she derives great pleasure in volunteering at her church office and being a reader at mass.

Faith: Mary's Story
By Sharon Richter
ISBN: 9781491898321
Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book


"Let Me Tell You a Story"

by Charles Keith Hardman

"Let Me Tell You a Story" by Charles Keith Hardman
SAN FRANCISCO -- Three-time author Charles Keith Hardman loves a challenge. When he contemplated reviving several unpublished short stories he had written four decades earlier, he realized attitudes about entertainment had changed. But he wanted the stories to be read and enjoyed, and he isn't the kind of person who gives up.

Let Me Tell You a Story is a collection of short stories that takes the reader on a different kind of journey than is offered through today's mainstream media. The brevity of each story matches current attention spans, while the atmosphere of the stories harkens back to shows of the author's youth, such as The Twilight Zone and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.

A fledgling musician leaves Lubbock, Texas, not really caring where he is headed. As the Texas red clay dust evaporates behind his car, he only knows one thing: he has to leave. But as he pulls into the deserted parking lot of an icehouse, the man has no idea of what he is about to encounter. When a stranger enters Jamestown, he introduces himself to everyone he meets—but gives different names and details each time. (Read More)

"I want these to be the kind of stories people tell around a campfire," Hardman said.

Though campfire stories might tend toward the spooky, the stories in Let Me Tell You a Story cannot be bound by one genre, as Hardman is as comfortable writing a Western as he is writing a romance or a science fiction tale.

"There can be no boundary when a writer uses his or her imagination," Hardman said.

Charles Keith Hardman is the author of Let Me Tell You a Story, The Curse, and No Lullaby for Tommy. He enjoys traveling, scuba diving, and underwater photography.

"Let Me Tell You a Story"
By Charles Keith Hardman
ISBN: 978-1-48080-548-4
148 pages
Prices $12 / $4


"Black and Born to Succeed"

By Samuel F. Black

"Black and Born to Succeed" By Samuel F. Black
HOPKINSVILLE, Ky -- While the news media today shows racism as ranting conservatives in the vein of Donald Sterling or Michael Richards, racism is more than ranting by rich or famous individuals.

Samuel F. Black had served his country for four years and displayed loyalty to the Catholic university where he worked for a decade, but in the end his employer chose to let him go rather than honor his service. In Black and Born to Succeed, Black shines a light on issues of employment discrimination, racial discrimination, and the shameful treatment of veterans in the United States.

"The book is about discreet discrimination in employment practices by some of the country's largest employers, which benefit from government source funds and manipulate the system by means of politics, religion, and capitalism," Black said. Black is no stranger to standing up for what he believes is right, as he served in the United States Air Force in the 1970s. "Employment discrimination here in America must end or equal opportunity is just rhetoric," Black said.

With Black and Born to Succeed, the author hopes to open minds and hearts and end discrimination once and for all. For more information, visit

Samuel F. Black served in the United States Air Force from 1970 to 1974 as a jet engine mechanic on the B52 Bomber. He was division staff chief auditor and cost price analyst in a Midwestern model city in 1993 and professional research and sponsored programs accountant administrator with one of the nation's leading higher education Catholic Universities in the Midwest for more than a decade. He now provides volunteer childcare for a military active duty service member and volunteers as a professional business administrator for a non- profit community development organization in the Midwest.

"Black and Born to Succeed"
By Samuel F. Black
ISBN: 978-1-48366-010-3
Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book

No 9

"Philosophy: A Path with Heart"

by Alan H. Johnson

"Philosophy: A Path with Heart" by Alan H. Johnson
How many times have you looked at a situation you found yourself in and questioned, how did I end up here? Author Alan H. Johnson, Ph.D. explores the philosophical relationship we have with the world in which we find ourselves.

Johnson's book, "Philosophy: A Path with Heart," asks the question--"What are you thinking?" Throughout the book, Johnson walks his readers through a philosophical and spiritual journey. Colored with personal stories of his own philosophical journey, Johnson's book is an engaging read that will get readers questioning the relevant facts of their very personal lives.

"The thrust of this book is to bring more people to consciously reflect on themselves, their immediate environment and the larger world of which they are part," Johnson said. "I would like to rescue philosophy from a kind of specialized, esoteric academic captivity. A spiritual life is not under the province of religion, nor is philosophical reflection under the province of formal education."

Johnson hopes to bring philosophy to the masses, educating them on how they too can travel on a journey of philosophical and spiritual enlightenment. Through taking this journey, readers will be able to appreciate a more balanced life--which Johnson contends requires religiously attending to spiritual, physical and thoughtful practices. For more information, visit

Alan H. Johnson, Ph.D. holds his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, a master's degree in philosophy, two years of study at Union Theological Seminary (NYC), a year and half study and analysis at the C.G. Jung institute in Zürich, and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology. Johnson taught family medicine residents, and worked in clinical practice for 33 years. Johnson enjoys teaching Tae Kwon Do and dancing with his wife.

"Philosophy: A Path with Heart"
By: Alan H. Johnson, PhD
ISBN: 978-1-4918-9803-1
Available in softcover ($19.95)
hardcover ($28.99)
e-book ($3.99)


"It's Not Always Racist... but Sometimes It Is"
Reshaping How We Think About Racism

By Dionne Wright Poulton, PhD

"It's Not Always Racist" By Dionne Wright Poulton
ATLANTA -- Has the hot-button issue of racism gotten out of hand in the public discourse? The incendiary word is harder to strictly define than many would think. When inaccurately applied, an accusation can muddy relations between races. The end result is injury to the reputations of innocent people; while simultaneously changing the nature and precedence of our public conversations and ultimately protecting the real racists who should be the focus of public outcry.

"We all harbor biases and we all judge people based on race." So says Dr. Dionne Wright Poulton, author of the new book "It's Not Always Racist... but Sometimes It Is." Poulton argues that not only do we misuse the terms racism and racist, but this misuse of language damages society. The only way to repair the damage and prevent further harm is to clear up this confusion and to engage in ongoing, open and honest dialogue.

"Much like the way we all have pre-conceived notions about others on the basis of gender, class, weight, height, beauty, etc., we all judge people because of race," Poulton said. "However, just because we all have racial biases doesn't mean we are all racists. Harboring racial bias does not necessarily lead to racist attitudes and actions. Every person who makes a negative comment about race is not necessarily a racist."

So what is the difference between racism and racial bias? Are they really that dissimilar? In her book, Poulton breaks down many incidents involving public figures who have made racial gaffes and shows whether the incidents have racist qualities to them or are merely examples of ill-considered expressions of bias. Some of her arguments will surprise readers and be controversial, but Poulton insists that this is a conversation that we must participate in to improve conversations happening in today's society. For more information, visit

Dr. Dionne Wright Poulton earned her doctorate in adult education at the University of Georgia where she researched the racial biases and attitudes of teachers. Her work was inspired by her own past experiences as a high school teacher and university instructor. She is currently a diversity education consultant and professional trainer for employees in academic and business environments. She is a certified conflict mediation specialist and lives with her husband and their two daughters near Atlanta.

"It's Not Always Racist... but Sometimes It Is"
Reshaping How We Think About Racism
By Dionne Wright Poulton, PhD
ISBN: 978-1-4808-0588-0
Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book


"Greyhound Therapy"

By JR Conway

"Greyhound Therapy" By JR Conway
LAS CRUCES, N.M. -- There is a practice sometimes used by under-funded law enforcement departments and medical facilities where troublemakers or unwanted people with mental illnesses are put on a bus out of town to become someone else's problem. This practice can go on for extended periods of time, the same people repeatedly getting kicked out of one county and into another.

Author JR Conway has written a book called "Greyhound Therapy," which is what this practice of dumping undesirables into neighboring countries is called. The novel follows a county sheriff with a jurisdiction along an interstate, which like an artery is pumping criminals and mentally ill strangers into his community.

Undermanned and overwhelmed, the sheriff is faced with an exploding population, inadequate facilities and law enforcement from other counties all the while sending more difficulties his way.

Having to solve a murder that occurred in his jail, a wife who has been diagnosed with cancer and a continuous flow of transients, the sheriff must use all his ingenuity and problem solving ability as he deals with crime, personal struggles in his own life and carrying out his responsibilities to care for the transients.

This thrilling and touching novel shows that tragedy and adversity can bring people together in a common purpose of caring for what is truly important in our lives.

JR Conway is a retired military helicopter pilot with law enforcement experience spanning 10 years and 20 more years as a private investigator. He owned a security company that augmented a law enforcement agency and provided law enforcement services for government instillations. He now works as a program manager who helps teach businesses how to do business with governments at El Paso Community Collage in Texas.

"Greyhound Therapy"
By JR Conway
ISBN: 978-1-4931-8355-5
Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book

No. 12

"Warrior Seven"

By Matthew Valles

"Warrior Seven" By Matthew Valles
PITTSBURGH, Penn. -- How did the world of the Hunger Games come to be so separated and hostile? Often missing in dystopian fiction is a fleshed-out background of the people or world the story takes place in. Author Matthew Valles finds this often hinders his enjoyment of a novel, so he wrote his own.

"Warrior Seven" is the first installment in a trilogy that tells the tale of a dystopian society riddled with religious restrictions and a disturbing downfall from an over reliance on technology. The book follows the story of how the city came to be in it's current state, the progression of the beliefs that now rule the people and the battles that threaten their survival.

"I am an avid reader and student of philosophy, theology and history," Valles said. "I wanted to incorporate my research into an elaborate, but believable, sci-fi world that has been shattered."

Valles incorporates his interests in the history of his hometown and other societies in order to create not only an entertaining story, but one that is grounded in a though-provoking state of realism.

Daven, the protagonist of "Warrior Seven," plays an important role in the most vital religious ceremony of his people, but he does not agree with, or understand, their beliefs. When his city is attacked he must accept his destiny or find another way to save them all.

Matthew Valles is a field safety specialist at Independence Excavating, Inc. He has always been fascinated by the dichotomies of ancient and modern civilizations with a keen interest in philosophy, politics and religion. He writes in the hopes of sharing his knowledge with others or inspiring them to do their own research. Valles has written one previous book titled "Vaccine."

"Warrior Seven"
By: Matthew Valles
SC-ISBN: 978-1-4907-3099-8
SC-Retail price: $12.32
HC-ISBN: 978-1-4907-3098-1
HC-Retail price: $21.32
EB-ISBN: 978-1-4907-3100-1
EB-Retail price: $3.49

No. 13

"Junk to Gold"

by Willis Johnson

"Junk to Gold" by Willis Johnson
With no long-term plans and only a survivor's instinct, Willis Johnson (Franklin, TN) built multibillion- dollar auto auction company, Copart, from one modest junkyard. In his new book, "Junk to Gold," Willis Johnson shares his story of success and how faith, family and hard work helped him live his dream.

Johnson talks about his business, Copart, and how it became the powerhouse in the automotive industry it is today. Of the many business secrets he reveals in his book, one key takeaway is that good people in your business are the keys to success.

Today, Copart has more than 750,000 registered members and more than 160 locations worldwide with a vehicle selling every five seconds.

Junk to Gold is about one man's journey from humble beginnings to unimaginable success. Willis Johnson, the founder of Copart [CPRT], offers up a personal and inspirational account of this journey to the top including lessons he learned from love, war and building a global, multi-billion dollar business. Even at the pinnacle of success, Willis remained grounded in his family-first values. His stories will inspire and provoke the entrepreneur in everyone to start building their dream.

Willis never had a long-term plan. His focus was to survive. To get up each morning and do the best he could. He brings to that task certain natural abilities--the ability to constantly observe; to think about what he observes; to prioritize; to delegate; to rethink, reexamine almost everything constantly. And he is comfortable making decisions (Read More)

"Junk to Gold"
by Willis Johnson
ISBN-13: 9781490816593
Author Solutions dba WestBow
Published 3/15/2014
Pages: 188
Nook Book $6.50
Hardcover $25.50

No 14

"Locked Gates, The Riddle Lord's Secrets"

by Howard West

"Locked Gates, The Riddle Lord's Secrets" by Howard West
"Locked Gates, The Riddle Lords Secrets" provides an impressive amount of evidence that goes beyond today's simple understanding of Middle Eastern History. Reintroducing the demigod, Thoth, "who gave the Ancient Egyptians their scientific methods;" his existence was entwined within the stories of the ancients. See Video:

Locked Gates, The Riddle Lords Secrets: proves that the myth-stories/mysteries of the ancient Middle East were intentionally encrypted to give two concepts; one in deceptively simple terms for their enemies and the common folk, the other locked away; treasure hidden for their heirs. Confirming evidence of that concept is found in the writings of the Dead Sea scroll collection and ancient Greek literature, proofs that emphasize the common employment of riddles in the ancient world. Stories with two meanings to hide information that the Riddle Lords held more precious than gold. Today those kabbalistic stories are known to the modern rationalist as myths, simple works of fiction, nevertheless, they hold connections to cryptic wisdom such as the Power of Herupakhered; defined from ancient Coptic Greek as heru, the tool of strengths, pa, port and khered, the ability to move stone and earth.

Herupakhered, was one of the primary Low Tech Tools that quickly turned the Nile river basin from a humble desert kingdom into a world agricultural power. The Semitic name of Egypt was Metzrayim, meaning River Dam. Books from the Dead Sea Collection speak of the building of the Great Pyramid as the level of that irrigation lake rose behind that dam. However, upon the destruction of that dam and the draining of the Sea of Nun; the Great Pyramid rose from those receding waters, an event two thousand years before Christ that was well documented by a Jewish historian. After that dam's destruction that nation became known by the Coptic Greek name, Egypt. Aiguptis, which is derived from aigialos, a sea, and ptoeo to cause to flee away. The book reveals additional wisdom and technologies, such as those found in The City of the Horizon of Aten and hidden within the Great Pylons of Karnack. See Video

Howard West lives at his forty acre research facility, "Pilgrim Ranch" high in the mountains of central Nevada. Under pen names he has also written magazine articles on subjects as varied as the US Marine Corp Mule Packing School to Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Site. West also has several videos that illustrates his findings available through his Youtube channel, theQuicksilverkey.

No 15

"My Battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"

by Beckie Butcher

"My Battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" by Beckie Butcher
ELGIN, Ill. -- Imagine only being able to do one activity a day before being too tired to continue. For those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, situations like that are all too familiar.

"My Battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" is a detailed journey through the symptoms and impact of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on not only the individuals, but also their caretakers. Told from the perspective of a long-time sufferer, the book highlights the difficulties and struggles of a fairly unknown disease.

Author Beckie Butcher shares her personal story, including her treatment and physical, spiritual and emotional recovery, in the hopes of educating and helping those dealing with the autoimmune disease.

"I want share my story to help inspire others who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome," Butcher said. "People need to not only learn that the disease is real and serious, but also know there is hope."

A portion of the proceeds from "My Battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" will be donated to the CFIDS Association for research. For more information, visit

Beckie Butcher has worked as a lab technician in various hospitals and laboratories. She is a lifetime member of the International Women's Leadership Association, and has a variety of awards, including VIP Member of the Year in 2013 and Top Female Executive for Life, both given by World Wide Branding. Butcher lives in her hometown of Elgin, Illinois.

"My Battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"
By: Beckie Butcher
Paperback: $9.95
E-Book: $3.99
ISBN: 9781469773780

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