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R.P. BenDedek

What's In the Book Basket This Week? The Many facets of life
By R.P. BenDedek
Oct 12, 2014 - 12:10:30 AM

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"What's in the book basket this week?" brings to the attention of readers via publication of publicity material, various new book releases. The regular Sunday Book basket usually lists 15 such books. On an irregular basis we also publish a Christian Book Basket specifically listing 'Christian Books' and a 'Children's Book Basket.' These are published on a Wednesday. The publication and number of books in those baskets will vary.

We have some wonderful book reviewers at Magic City but unfortunately we can't do book reviews for every book. We do however assist authors to promote their books via a "No Charge - No Pay" self-promotions service in which we invite authors to give us 'stand alone' articles to publish at the bottom of which we can include their bios, photographs of book covers and links to purchase pages for their books.

We are extremely grateful to those authors who do provide our readers with interesting articles to read and we appreciate that those articles are sometimes exclusive to us or at least that we have been the first to be given the opportunity to publish them. A list of such articles to the end of June 2014 may be found here. (For a list of book reviews published during this period click here.)

As you can see listed immediately below, we also list the articles published during the previous week which were supplied by book authors, and as well, we list whatever book reviews were published in the same period.

Author Articles published this week at Magic City
(Oct 5 - Oct 11)

  1. Combating M&A Failure through Organizational Constitutions by S. Chris Edmonds author of "The Culture Engine"
  2. Ditch Your Costume and Woman Up at Work by Aimee Cohen author of "Woman Up!"
  3. Political Correctness and The Death of Honesty by Ray Martini author of "I could just scream"
  4. Interview with Caiaphas by Trevor Payne author of "In the Spirit of Elijah"
  5. Your Wife has Cancer by D'Wayne Robinson author of "The Luvya Tree"
  6. Find peace in the Gospel of Thomas by Robert Beasley author of "What is this thing called Go(o)d?"
  7. 7 Friendship Ingredients to Implement in Marriage by Karen Budzinski author of "How to Build an Enduring Marriage",

Book Reviews Published during the last week
(Oct 5 - Oct 11)

Milt Gross Book Review: "Blizzard" by Phil Stong
Oct 5, 2014

This novel, published by Doubleday & Company, Inc., New York, NY was well written but a bit corny in the story line. The story included the blizzard, of course, a farm, romance, a divorce about to happen, a politician who decided to stay home instead and practice his veterinarian trade, a person missing in the storm, a power outage, and their eventual rescue by the town snowplow.

R.P. BenDedek


"Courage and Devotion"

by Bruce R. Kindig

"Courage and Devotion" by Bruce R. Kindig
DAVENPORT, Iowa -- More than 50 Civil War reenactments will be taking place this September in the United States. Author Bruce Kindig has been taking part of these reenactments for more than 30 years. Kindig is furthering his passion and experience as a history teacher by writing a new book surrounding a specific unit in the Civil War.

Kindig's new book "Courage and Devotion" takes place at the beginning of the Civil War in 1861, encompassing the story of Bankhead and Scott's Battery, which is rarely discussed and has little information on the regimental level. This story concludes the battles and campaigns of the unit, while intricately acknowledging individual soldiers and what they did during the war.

"I took a fondness on Bankhead and Scott's Battery many years ago and found that very little was known about the unit," Kindig said. "Failing to find a diary or letters from the original members I decided to write the book so that all of the research I had done would not be lost if I were to die."

"Courage and Devotion" covers how the artilleryman trained and lived, the battery fought and the results, what specific soldiers did in the war and after and where the unit fit in to the general political and military situation of the time. A complete breakdown of every member lived in the Confederate army is explored, showing who was killed, captured, died of disease, deserted or fought to the very last battle in 1865.

"Every man that served in Bankhead Scott's Battery is described with information about recruitment, occupation, wounded or killed in battle or died of illness or deserted," Kindig said. "Four men were still serving when the Army of Tennessee of Tennessee surrendered in April 1865."

Bruce R. Kindig received his bachelor's and master's degree in history from the University of Northern Iowa. He taught history in the Davenport Community School District and served as an adjunct professor teaching US history at Scott Community College until he retired after more than 35 years of teaching. He is still a member of the West Tennessee Historical Society

"Courage and Devotion"
By: Bruce R. Kindig
ISBN: 978-1-4969-1835-2
Hardcover $24
E-book $4

No. 2

Bird Lady Meets Mort and Ort in "It's a Great Day for Pulling Weeds!"

By Gramma Golden

"Bird Lady Meets Mort and Ort in "It's a Great Day for Pulling Weeds!" By Gramma Golden
CHICAGO -- Understanding how to take care of the Earth starts in childhood, when bees and butterflies are part of playtime. Jan "Gramma" Golden is a passionate environmentalist who maintains a garden that is not only a certified National Wildlife Federation habitat, but also an Audubon Bird and Butterfly Sanctuary. Inspired by her own passions, Golden has written a children's book that has proven popular among educators and children alike.

"Bird Lady Meets Mort and Ort in 'It's a Great Day for Pulling Weeds'!" takes kids on a whimsical journey through the Bird Lady's garden. One day, while believing that she is taking care of her plants, she meets two zany birds named Mort and Ort who quickly teach her how to do a better job of helping wildlife visitors thrive in her garden.

"I hope that children and adults alike will learn how to become better stewards of our environment through my book," Golden said. "It is a known fact our environment is in peril, and by changing our gardening practices we can make a difference."

Through colorful illustrations, Golden's book teaches children to appreciate their role in keeping the environment safe, and even includes easily digested explanations of current environmental issues like colony collapse disorder. It is a book perfect for parents, teachers, and environmentalists of every kind.

Gramma Golden is active in her community, having served as a nurse, teacher, and Board of Education volunteer. She is passionate about maintaining her gardens and loves the outdoors. She is married with two grown children and three grandsons.

"Bird Lady Meets Mort and Ort in "It's a Great Day for Pulling Weeds!"
By Gramma Golden
ISBN: 978-1-49186-770-9
Author House
Published 3/26/2014
38 Pages
Softcover $21
E-Book $12

No. 3

"The Ideal Woman"

By Roy Espiritu

"The Ideal Woman" By Roy Espiritu
MILWAUKEE, WI -- Imagine a country of more than 7,000 islands, populated by people from every corner of the Earth. Welcome to the Philippines, home to one of the richest and most diverse cultures in the world.

Author and Filipino immigrant Roy Espiritu's new book, "The Ideal Woman", features a mother and her daughter caught between American and Filipino culture. It presents the story of three generations of women embedded in the daily life of a highly traditional society. Side-by-side with the beauty of these traditions comes difficulty, double standard, tragedy and bravery.

"I believe you should write about what you know," Roy said. "Who better to describe Filipino culture than one who was born and raised in the Philippines?"

Just as "The Ideal Woman" is a story with a genuine setting, it is also based on real incidents of injustice and violence. It examines every angle of Filipino culture to reveal its beauty, even with its faults.

"Every culture has its share of good, bad, and unmentionable," Roy said. "Sadly, violence knows no culture. I wrote The Ideal Woman with the hope for it to be a life-affirming story of courage and redemption."

Roy Espiritu is a physician who has worked in both the U.S. and Philippines and supports the volunteer doctor group Smile Train. He is an avid movie buff and can speak fluent Tagalog. Roy has been married for more than 30 years to his wife Alicia. They have three grown children.

"The Ideal Woman"
By Roy Espiritu
ISBN-10: 1491730463
ISBN-13: 978-1491730461
Publisher iUniverse
Published July 31, 2014
308 pages
Hardcover $23
Softcover $17
E-Book $4

No. 4

"Angry Birds and Beehive Hair"

by Nancy J. Chovancek

"Angry Birds and Beehive Hair" by Nancy J. Chovancek
CHICAGO -- A raucous childhood in an Italian-Polish family and deafness from Meniere's Disease come together to form author Nancy Chovancek's laughter-filled new book, "Angry Birds and Beehive Hair".

The book is a collection of short stories that prove the best way to deal with trials is focusing on fun. With a positive message of empowerment and resilience, everyone can identify with Chovancek's everyday trials.

Chovancek is a proven author with two books under her belt on the topic of living with Meniere's Disease. With "Angry Birds and Beehive Hair", she hopes to reach a wider audience with relatable stories from an exciting life full of ups and downs.

"I've written stories my whole life, starting with an old fashioned typewriter in my parents' basement," Chovancek said. "I'm thrilled to finally share these gems and, hopefully, laughter with the world."

For more information, visit

Nancy Chovancek is a mother, author, wife, dog lover, and hearing advocate with a degree in web graphic design from DeVry University. She is a HearStrong Champion and a mother of three sons and four German shepherds. She has gone skydiving twice.

"Angry Birds and Beehive Hair"
By Nancy Chovancek
ISBN: 978-1-4918-9907-6

No. 5


by Lily Stuart

"Webs" by Lily Stuart
United Kingdom -- Teen detective novels are a timeless slice of the literary cake; even though most narratives are simply recycled from the same-old basic concepts. However, under the pen-name of her protagonist, Lily Stuart, author Debrah Martin has crafted a compelling and wholly-unique new novel that brings the YA detective world into the twenty-first century with gusto. 'Webs' melds cutting-edge technology with the traditional grassroots detective work that will ensure young readers only need the edges of their seats.

When Lily Stuart's mum resorts to the web for her romance - the world-wide-web - Lily resorts to her own bit of web-weaving to fend off the two candidates for replacement daddy. The trouble is neither are quite how they first appear to be. Meanwhile Jas is getting on Matt, Melissa is being an utter bitch, Dad and Mum still don't get it that they should be trying again and The Hitler Youth Brigade - aka school - are on Lily's case to choose what her future is going to be like. If she still has one that is...

Martin admits that she has a great insight into the young adult mind, thanks to her two most honest critics."I have fifteen and a twenty year-old daughter, who are brutally honest! My elder daughter actually took time out of her university social life to finish the book, so I must be onto a winner! In all seriousness, my daughters have given me great information and insight while constructing the narrative, a luxury not every author is afforded." For more information on this novel and the others in the series, visit:

Debrah Martin describes herself as the ultimate multi-tasker. "Sometimes I even have to remind myself who I am for the day," she admits. That's because she writes under three different pen names and in three very different genres. As Debrah Martin she writes literary fiction. She also plots fast-paced and compelling thrillers as D.B. Martin. And not to be overlooked is her YA teen detective series, penned as Lily Stuart - THE teen detective. Debrah's past careers have spanned two businesses, teaching, running business networking for the University of Winchester and social event management. She now currently makes do with chairing a literary festival in her home town when she's not writing. She also has two daughters and a dog to organise.

by Lily Stuart
ISBN 0992996139
ISBN13: 9780992996130
Published Sept 1, 2014
230 Pages
Price $10

No. 6

"Shades of Winter: Reflections of Spring"

By John Wesley Anderson, Jr.

"Shades of Winter: Reflections of Spring" By John Wesley Anderson, Jr.
TACOMA, Wash. -- When real love finds you at the wrong time, do you pursue it or let it pass you by? The question of right and wrong is difficult when matters of the heart are involved.

Author, John Wesley Anderson, Jr. explores the lives of five people trying to pursue love and happiness, in his new book "Shades of Winter." Conflict begins when each character is faced with complex decisions that often include maintaining their marriage vows.

"This is a morally puzzling romance that tugs on the heart of readers in ways they have hopefully never felt before," Anderson said.

Love can happen when we least expect it, but loving one's self before truly loving another is important. Anderson's characters struggle with accepting their imperfections, which impacts their lives and the relationships around them.

"As an observant student of life, I felt the need to explore the grey areas of our existence that real love creates," Anderson said. For more information, visit

John Wesley Anderson, Jr. was born in Detroit. For the past 15 years, Anderson has been a funeral director and embalmer in the Tacoma, Washington area. He attended Kansas City Kansas School of Mortuary Science and Counseling. Anderson is the proud father of two sons and currently resides in Spanaway, Washington.

"Shades of Winter: Reflections of Spring"
By John Wesley Anderson, Jr.
ISBN: 978-1-48360-691-0
Publisher Xlibris
Published: 4/3/2013
180 Pages
Softcover $20
E-book $4

No. 7

"Sheppard of the Argonne"

By G. William Weatherly

"Sheppard of the Argonne" By G. William Weatherly
NEW LONDON, Conn. -- The Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 was an attempt to discourage an arms race after the horror of World War I. Cutting more than half the world's navies, the signing countries limited the size of fleets, ships and guns. In his new book "Sheppard of the Argonne," retired U.S. Navy Captain George Jackson describes what World War II's naval battles might have looked like if the treaty had never taken place. Huge ships -- and a lot of them -- maneuver for control of the world's oceans.

"War in the twentieth century was dictated by technology," said Jackson. "Presenting that idea, I hope to leave the reader with an understanding of why the tools of war can shape events just as much as the men that control them." Adding a very troubling historical reality to the book's protagonist, Jackson pays homage to the veterans of the greatest generation by addressing the silence that met the debilitating condition now known as PTSD.

The novel begins during America's entry into World War II. Captain Sheppard McCloud is given command of the U.S. Navy's most advanced capital ship while still recovering from wounds received in the recent attack at Pearl Harbor. Captain McCloud struggles to balance his psychological stress--almost at its breaking point-- with the massive responsibilities to the war effort, his crew and their families.

"Commanding a warship on a vital mission is complex enough," said Jackson. "The realities of having to deal with 'shell shock,' which was considered cowardice in that day, presented an incredible challenge and burden to those brave men."

While commissioned in the Navy, Jackson commanded three nuclear submarines and was appointed Chairman of Joint Military Operations Department of the Naval War College from 1994 until 1999. He is an expert in naval warfare and has used his expertise to create a world with an alternative history to thrill navy buffs and laymen readers alike.For more information, visit

G. William Weatherly is the pen name for George Jackson, a retired captain with thirty years of service and command of three ships. He holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin in nuclear engineering and naval science.

"Sheppard of the Argonne"
By G. William Weatherly
ISBN: 978-1-4917-3191-8
Publisher iUniverse
Published 5/30/2014
352 pages
Softcover $21
E-book $5

No. 8

"A Woman in a Man's World"

By Norma L. Winter

"A Woman in a Man's World" By Norma L. Winter
CHARLESTON, W. Va. -- A pregnant 15-year-old struggling in school, Dr. Norma Winter studied and worked hard to make the best life she could. After years of study and work, she became a successful and respected member of her community, eventually becoming principal of the school she attended as a pregnant teenager.

While cutting a path through the male-dominated field of school administration in the second-half of the 20th century, Winter was witness to incredible challenges.

She describes the period of great change in American education in her memoir, "A Woman in a Man's World." The first female high school principal in West Virginia, Winter not only had to deal with the challenges of gender discrimination, but also significant challenges in civil rights reform and constantly changing educational standards.

When Winter entered educational administration, only 4 percent of the administration in central offices and secondary education were female. By 2000, approximately 40 percent of the secondary principles in West Virginia were female.

"Young women, including my own three granddaughters, take their opportunities for granted," said Winter. "They should understand the struggles that other women endured to assure their opportunities."

"A Woman in a Man's World" not only offers an interesting view of history from a pioneer in education, but also stresses leadership. Winters gives readers a look at what it takes to be a successful leader, with anecdotes and advice that will resonate with teachers and school administrators.

Dr. Norma Winter was a school administrator for 16 years, eleven of which she spent as a high school principal. She served as executive director of the West Virginia Secondary School Principals Association. Norma is mother of two, grandmother of five and has one great-grandson named Abraham. Currently semiretired, she lives in Charleston, West Virginia.

"A Woman in a Man's World"
By Norma L. Winter
Publisher iUniverse
Published March 2, 2008
ISBN-10: 0595480101
ISBN-13: 978-0595480104
188 pages
Paperback $15
E-book $5

No. 9

"37 Things I Wish I'd Known Before My Divorce"

by Nicole Baras Feuer, M.S., and Francine Baras, L.C.S.W, with Lynn Prowitt, M.A

9. 37 Things I wish I'd Known Before My Divorce Nicole Baras Feuer et al
WESTPORT, Conn. -- We have all heard the widely known statistic -- 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. So, why is there still a stigma associated with divorce if it's so common? Nicole Baras Feuer, M.S., a mediator and divorced mother of two, makes it a priority to help other families navigate the difficult process. Her mother, Francine Baras, L.C.S.W., a child of divorce, devoted her adult life to giving children a voice and advocating for children's rights. They both believe divorce doesn't have to be an ugly battle.

Their new book, "37 Things I Wish I'd Known Before My Divorce," is a how-to guide in getting a divorce the right way - before, during and after it happens. The authors provide useful, simple, straightforward tips on saving your children, your money and your sanity. "No single factor contributed more to children's self-reports of well-being after divorce than the continuing relationship between their parents," the authors said. "Fathers are more involved in children's lives than ever before and shared custody is now the norm. Parenting together is usually best for the kids when you are able to cooperate and work together."

"37 Things I Wish I'd Known Before My Divorce" aims to take away the negative stigma of divorce and help readers make tough decisions and deal with common issues the best way possible. It goes through each stage from making the decision to separate, to getting through the divorce, to dealing with post-divorce issues. In 2012, the mother-daughter team founded Start Over Smart (SOS) and held a Divorce Expo in Manhattan. The hugely successful expo gave hundreds of people the chance to connect with divorce professionals and resources. Today, Nicole and Francine have a divorce advisory practice in Westport, Conn. For more information, visit

Nicole Baras Feuer, M.S., has worked in the divorce field for more than ten years. She is a mediator with advanced training in custody and visitation, has run divorce groups and events, and now has a divorce advisory practice. Nicole's professional experience, coupled with her pen painful divorce journey, was the inspiration for this book. Francine Baras, L.C.S.W., earned a master's degree in social work from Columbia University and has an advanced degree in child psychology and parent guidance. Francine has had a private practice in Manhattan for 25 years, specializing in child and family issues. She is also a divorce mediator. Lynn Prowitt, M.A., is a veteran writer and editor, whose work has appeared in national magazines, books, newspapers and television. She has a master's degree in psychology.

"37 Things I Wish I'd Known Before My Divorce"
by Nicole Baras Feuer
Balboa Press
Published: 4/26/2014
ISBN: 978-1-45258-944-2
120 pages
Softcover $12
E-book $4

No. 10

"Golden Fields"

by Klavs Skovsholm

"Golden Fields" by Klavs Skovsholm
BRUSSELS -- According to South Africa's tourism bureau, more than one million travelers visit this amazing country every year, but what does the average tourist really know about the background of their destination?

Author Klavs Skovsholm has travelled extensively through Africa. He wants to help people explore an often- overlooked period of time with a modern set of characters in his new novel, "Golden Fields."

"Historical events in South Africa between the Boer War and WWI are largely forgotten in history books," Skovsholm said. "These challenging times brought about long-term changes and represent population struggles similar to those surrounding the 1994 elections."

Skovsholm knows that the history of events is only one factor in any story, so he made sure to include cultural aspects that have carried over to today. "Golden Fields" presents the story of two older women in love and how they must survive a bloody civil war, whose effects would travel all the way into Europe while creating the borders and governmental structures that exist in South Africa today.

"While LGBT culture is openly discussed today, it is rare to hear about gay people in history," Skovsholm said. "That certainly doesn't mean that somehow they didn't exist, so I wanted to show history through the lens of characters that faced extra challenges."

The best way to relate the past to the present is to apply it to the stories of individuals. As Skovsholm's characters do their best to be true to themselves and each other, they reveal a dark part of history that many have never seen.

Klavs Skovsholm has travelled throughout Africa on both professional and personal trips. These trips have helped satisfy both his love of outdoor activity as well as his interest in colonial history. He currently works for the Council of the European Union. Skovsholm is a specialist in the European Union's bilateral fisheries agreements with African countries.

"Golden Fields"
By: Klavs Skovsholm
Balboa Press
Published 7.18.2014
SC-ISBN: 978-1-4525-1859-6
Softcover $12
E-book $4

No. 11

"Pope Pius XII and World War II: The Documented Truth"

By Gary L. Krupp

"Pope Pius XII and World War II: The Documented Truth" By Gary L. Krupp
NEW YORK -- Gary Krupp is president of the Pave the Way Foundation, an interreligious and nonsectarian organization that works with religions in order to bring peace, understanding and cooperation to places like the Middle East and Europe. He has a personal mission to defend and clarify the reputation of Pope Pius XII regarding his actions during World War II and the Holocaust. Krupp has compiled and published a book containing primary source documentation from international sources, including the secret Vatican archives. Eyewitness interviews and newspaper articles from the time also serve to provide a historical context for readers who will review the evidence. It is titled "Pope Pius XII and World War II: The Documented Truth."

"Pope Pius XII, in my opinion, is one of the bravest figures from World War II," Krupp said. "The moral courage to save what Jewish people he could from the Holocaust is really incalculable. At a time when others were doing absolutely nothing about the Holocaust, the Catholic Church was actively hiding and smuggling as many Jews as they could out of occupied Europe."

"Growing up as a Jewish kid in Queens, I shared the same negative opinion of Pius. I thought I was supposed to hate the guy," Krupp said. "However, I started doing research after a request made to me by the Vatican ambassador to Israel and I began to recognize what a radically decent man Pius was."

The collection of evidence shows the incredible challenge of running a religion that doubles as a sovereign state during a time of war. The Vatican, possessing no standing army and having to keep up the appearance of neutrality, used extremely creative methods to hide and egress Jews from danger. The moral and spiritual leader of Roman Catholicism was also a political leader who showed incredible resolve, shrewdness and foresight. In addition to his defense of Pope Pius XII, Krupp has won many awards for his efforts across the globe in promoting religious tolerance and cooperation. In 2000, Pope John Paul II personally named him as a Knights Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great. He was subsequently recognized by Pope Benedict XVI in 2007 when he was raised in rank, awarded Commander with the Silver Star--the highest Vatican honor bestowed upon a civilian and non-cleric--making him the only Jewish man in history to be invested with the awards. He was also made an Officer Brother in the Order of St. John by consent of Queen Elizabeth II in 2005. He lives with his wife Meredith Krupp in New York. Married since 1970, they have two sons.

"Pope Pius XII and World War II: The Documented Truth"
By Gary L. Krupp
ISBN: 978-1-4771-5704-6
Softcover $62.49
Hardcover $66.99
E-book $3.99

No. 12

"The Living Rainbow"

by Amy Stewart, LMT

"The Living Rainbow" by Amy Stewart, LMT
DOVER, Del. -- Author Amy Stewart believes that learning how to look at life with the innocence of a child is instrumental in unlocking the wisdom of all healing. Created from a poem written for her young son, her new book is a scriptural guide that offers insight into the chakra system by combining eastern and western philosophies with a whimsical tale about a child who is shown the interconnectedness of life.

"The Living Rainbow" teaches children and adults about intuition, connecting to our higher self, and the importance of learning how to process life's experiences in a healthy manner.

"There is a divine unity among all walks of Life and this book is my first published contribution to filling in the gap between science and spirituality and introducing the concept of how our emotions affect our physical wellbeing to our children," said Stewart.

"The Living Rainbow" is a practical tool that will allow parents to reawaken their inner child and develop new communication skills for connecting with their children and family on a deeper, more meaningful level. For more information, visit:

Amy Stewart is a licensed massage therapist specializing in energy medicine and metaphysics. She teaches workshops on psychology of the chakra system and is dedicated to filling the gap between science and spirituality. Amy currently resides in Milton, Delaware with her family.

"The Living Rainbow"
By: Amy Stewart, LMT
ISBN: 978-1-45258-838-4
Softcover retail price: $16.95
E-book retail price: $3.99


"Three Journeys to Patagonia"

by Nick Green

"Three Journeys to Patagonia" by Nick Green
'Three Journeys to Patagonia' is the work of Nick Green, who wouldn't be the man he is today if he hadn't grown close to Patagonia and its globally-unique persona. 'Three Journeys to Patagonia' tells the story of Nick Green's love affair with Latin America; and charts his progress backpacking the subcontinent as a teenager, as an aspiring travel writer in his twenties, and later as a confirmed adventurer and Patagonian aficionado in his thirties. Nick tells the story of how once Patagonia had come into his life in 1991, it remained in his consciousness, compelling him to read around the subject, to study it, and to visit the region again and again.

'Three Journeys to Patagonia' asks why so many travellers have experienced the same overwhelming emotions and been mesmerised by Patagonia's enduring sense of isolation, the notion of space and the rugged beauty of a landscape uncorrupted by man. Stories and historical accounts are pulled from different sources and presented to the reader as evidence that serves to prove the self-perpetuating nature of the enduring Patagonian mystique. The author's candid diaries from 1991, 1998 and 2009 reveal a changing Patagonian and South American scene through the eyes of a boy becoming a man. Through his trio of trips to the southernmost tip of South America Nick paints a vivid picture of Patagonia. It's a humourous, informative and sometimes downright dangerous mission to figure out why he and so many other travellers have felt drawn to such a desolate and forbidding land. The diaries are a delight...and took me back to my own travelling days where a real sense of freedom and possibility was the pay-off for monotonous, bumpy and hungry trips into the unknown. I would heartily recommend this book." 'Three Journeys to Patagonia' is available now:

Nick Green, originally from Oxford, is a Latin American Studies graduate who has travelled extensively in Mexico and South America. In 2006 he moved to Namibia to work in the safari industry and since 2008 has lived in Botswana where he founded Black Crake Books. His most recent publications are Josie a first novel by Legodile Seganabeng and My Forever Heartache - Four Years of Discovery with the Kalahari Bushmen by Bernard Horton.

Black Crake Books is an independent international publisher that is innovative and forward thinking. The company is committed to creating books that inspire and entertain. Black Crake Books was founded by an individual entity with the sole mission of promoting Botswana's literary voice to the world and nurturing local talent. The company is ideally placed to bring a new era in publishing to Batswana. Conceived in 2012 Black Crake Books has published three titles, and is looking forward to working closely with talented writers in Botswana and introducing them to the international marketplace.

No. 14

"Promised Garden: A Garden Novel Trilogy"

By Sabina Griggs

"Promised Garden: A Garden Novel Trilogy" By Sabina Griggs
SAN DIEGO -- Imagine waking up in a land unlike any on Earth. For fictional teenager, Jenelle, waking up in an enchanted world was the perfect escape from her troubling reality. In this fantasy world, she sets out on a journey that changes her life forever and unveils her true capabilities.

"Promised Garden," book one of the "Garden Trilogy," is Jenelle's adventure of finding her place in the world after surviving an abusive household. By escaping to a world with magic and mythical creatures, she is able to cope with the difficulty of her reality. Through the discovery that life is difficult no matter the location, she discovers hope is all she needs.

Author, Sabina Griggs has a similar background to her protagonist and uses her writing as an expressive outlet. After surviving her own tough childhood, she is fulfilling her dreams of being an author. "Child survivors of abuse tend to have a knack for creativity," Griggs said. "Instead of painting or drawing, I created pictures with words." For more information, visit

Sabina Griggs has lived in San Diego for most of her life. For 11 years she lived in the Midwest before returning to California where she currently resides with her family. Griggs holds an associate degree in web development. While writing her "Garden Trilogy," she was working full time, going to school, and raising a family. Her love for writing began at a young age. In her early teens, three of her poems were published.

"Promised Garden: A Garden Novel Trilogy"
By Sabina Griggs
ISBN: 978-1-4969-0320-4
Softcover $15
E-book $4

No. 15

"Weightless" by Gregg McBride
Gregg McBride will tell you himself: he was always determined to make it big, just not quite literally as he once was. As a young adult, McBride topped the scales at over 450 pounds and wore a sixty-inch belt. At a point, he was consuming 9,000 calories per day, eating dinners large enough to serve a family of four. No carbs, all protein, liquid fasting -- name a diet, he tried it. In a short amount of time, he was propelled back into his same cycle of overeating -- until five seemingly simple words would change his life forever.

"I was the 'funny fat guy' to my friends and family, but there wasn't anything funny about how I felt about myself," says McBride. "One day, a supervisor at work suggested that I 'just stop eating so much!' I was resentful at first, thinking this person had no idea what he was talking about. But eventually those words resonated with me and soon after became my mantra."

In his new book, Weightless: My Life as a Fat Man and How I Escaped, McBride recalls his amazing journey of shedding 275 pounds by following that simple, yet effective plan -- eating less. He traded in the junk food that he had eaten on a daily basis for smaller portions of healthy food, bringing his calorie intake down into the 1,500-1,700 range. He eventually began a workout plan, and is passionate about fitness to this very day -- working out on a daily basis. "This is a book I have wanted to write for over 10 years," says McBride. "As a lifetime dieter, I've always been frustrated by the books out there for the overweight individual. Although some authors are well meaning, most are nutritionists or personal trainers who've never actually been overweight. There are so many mixed and confusing messages about weight loss, self-esteem and addiction. I wanted to breakthrough the clutter with a book that would motivate, entertain and inspire."

Gregg McBride is a film and television writer/producer living in Los Angeles, where he works for companies including Disney, Paramount, Sony, ABC Family, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, and others. His blog,, focuses on the topics of weight loss and food addiction. Gregg has made multiple appearances on the Today Show and is a featured blogger for the Huffington Post and Psychology Today. Weightless is a follow up title to his first book, Just Stop Eating So Much! Website:

by Gregg McBride
Central Recovery Press
September 9, 2014
ISBN-10: 1937612694
ISBN-13: 978-1937612696
280 pages
Paperback $13

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