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R.P. BenDedek

True Faces or Just Masks? Who cares!
By R.P.BenDedek
Jul 27, 2014 - 3:57:31 AM

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Before returning to Australia on Holidays I bought a whole heap of these masks for my Grandchildren. Masks can be scary or they can be attractive. But in the end they are still just masks.

The interesting thing about faces and masks is that they look different depending on the light. But no matter how they look, masks are still just masks.

In an article at Kingscalendar about a wedding in Yancheng, I talked about some entertainment provided the guests and showed photos of "Bian Lian" artists.

"Bian Lian" from Wikipedia: Bian Lian is part of the more general Sichuan opera. Performers wear brightly colored costumes and move to quick, dramatic music. Their faces are vividly colored, for they are wearing masks. However, within a fraction of a second, their masks change - revealing completely new and vibrant visages.

The original photograph showed three frames, but due to limitations here at Magic City, I have removed the middle frame.

One of the performers at the wedding came down into the audience and continued to perform..

Original photo notation:

  • All three photos (like most photos in this article) were lifted from videos I took at the reception. Take a good look at the people in the background in all 3 photos. You can see that there is very little variation in their movements as the mask is changing.

Why am I on about Masks?

During the current Hamas offensive against Israel (yes that is the factual cause of this war), Hamas and others wear a 'victims' mask and proclaim that 'Israel is the aggressor.'

Last week I read a report from a journalist in Gaza who stated that he was near where the four Palestinian boys were killed on the beach. Whilst boldly and bitterly accusing Israel of deliberately targeting civilians, the journalist said that because he was wearing helmet and flak jacket he would not go near the bodies because he might be targeted by Israel, but when enough civilians were crowded around the bodies he felt that it was safe to approach. The mask said 'Israel targets civilians' whilst his factual report showed that this was not the case.

In a New York Times article a journalist said: "At the family house of four boys killed last week by an Israeli strike while playing on a beach, some wailing women cursed Hamas along with Israel." The false victim mask says that Israel is to blame but the facts are that Palestinians also blame Hamas. Egypt and other Arab countries took a long time to react to this Israeli incursion into Gaza. Did you notice? Did you think about it? Do you know why? According to some analysts those nations were hoping that Israel would quickly decimate Hamas so that they could claim they had no time to intervene.

People wear masks to hide the truth.

Yesterday in Brisbane Australia there was a protest by people wearing masks concerning this Hamas initiated war. They pretended that Israel is the aggressor and Palestinians were portrayed as victims of Israeli aggression.

Last week I watched a panel of people discussing this situation which was caused by the Hamas aggressors, in which it was pointed out that Israel spends billions of dollars trying to protect its citizens while the aggressor Hamas spends who knows how much of the donated money they receive, to kill Israelis while at the same time using Palestinian human shields to try to limit retaliatory action by Israel which, according to the latest false reports, deliberately targets civilians.

Many people are never fully aware of how the media manipulate their thinking. In this section of this article I have used the words 'Hamas' and 'aggressor/aggression' together. This is the same tactic used by Hamas in manipulating the emotions of the dim witted. Words also can be masks.

I have only provided the New York Times link in this article. I could provide many more, but as my father used to say: "People only believe what they WANT to believe and no amount of evidence will convince them otherwise."

The fact of the matter is that if Hamas stopped lobbing bombs into Israel, then they would not receive any back.

The fact is that if the Palestinian leadership would make peace with Israel there would be peace.

The fact is that the Palestinian charter and ideology calls for the complete destruction of Israel.

As were also the people in Brisbane yesterday who were chanting: "Death to Israel! Death to Jews!"

Does that offend you? Of course it does! Or then again maybe it delights you.

Actually, they didn't say that at all!

What they did say was: 'We Want a Free Palestine.'

This chant/mask is Politically Correct language for 'Death to Israel! Death to Jews!' Only those idiots who easily succumb to Politically Correct emotional manipulation do not know this. Who knows what these idiots thought they were saying but in the Palestinian mind and ideology, Palestine will never be free till the pigs are thrown into the sea. You know who the pigs are don't you?

These rally organizers are just people who wear masks in order to appear righteous when in fact they are just game players, manipulating the minds and emotions of the simple minded.

When upfront truth is pushed aside in order to promote an agenda, then that agenda is not righteous. When you have to lie, deceive and manipulate people in order to promote a 'righteous' agenda, then that agenda is not righteous.

There is nothing righteous about blaming Israel for what is going on in Gaza.

In 2005 in Wuhan in China, I was in a discussion with half a dozen Arab Muslims and asked them what would happen if Israel provided every concession demanded of it. They laughed their heads off saying: "If Israel gave in to every concession, then there would be no Israel."

As for the calls for indictment of Israel on charges of committing war crimes, if Israel is guilty of war crimes, then many countries are going to have to front the court, including the United States of America which is a million times more guilty than Israel. If you want to talk about targeting civilians, just think of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

No matter what anyone may say or what my position is on the Hamas - Israel war, there is one thing for which I admire and will commend Hamas, and it is this. Hamas has never hidden their ideological agenda and have always clarified false western reports that state that some peace agreement or other has been reached with Israel.

Hamas remains consistently true to its ideology and is prepared to die for that ideology, even if everyone else has to die with them - or should that be 'especially if everyone else can be made to die with them."

R.P. BenDedek

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R.P. BenDedek
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