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R.P. BenDedek

Excerpt from: "The Travelers: The Wonders of Journeying in the Afterlife" by J.L. Sconce
By R.P. BenDedek
Dec 10, 2013 - 12:23:15 AM

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Today author Joseph Lima Sconce has provided us with an excerpt from his Novel "The Travelers: The Wonders of Journeying in the Afterlife". We at Magic City Morning Star are happy to help authors promote their books if they provide us with something other than advertising.

According to what the author has written on site,

  • the main theme of the book is that the afterlife is real and substantial and that all of us, when we arrive there at some point, will soon realize this. Our spiritual bodies are very much like our natural bodies, except that the spiritual bodies are in perfect shape. Life in the afterlife is, at least superficially, very much like life on Earth. People in the spiritual world live in real places: beautiful cities or country locations in heaven, and noisome slums in hell. People there work as they do on Earth--willingly and joyously in heaven, not so in hell. They also enjoy time off from work, which is marvelous in heaven and, within strict limits, somewhat enjoyable in Hell. We are full human beings in the afterlife, up to and including that dreaded word for most religions--sex. But in the spiritual world, time and space function differently, being fluid and connected to our thoughts and emotions; deception is nearly impossible, and the economy is a moneyless one.

The author has graciously sent me an E-copy of the book and while I haven't had time to read it yet, I have read the introduction which provides the background to having written this novel but which is not actually part of the novel. I found the introduction so fascinating that I have asked for permission to publish it.

Here then is an excerpt from "The Travelers: The Wonders of Journeying in the Afterlife" by Joseph Lima Sconce

R.P. BenDedek

When Albert sensed that the group had got its focus back, he continued, "As I was saying, all people arrive to the World of Spirits when they transition. The adults stay in the World of Spirits, and it is here that they make their decision whether to go to Heaven or Hell." More murmurs of surprise from the group except from Alice and Joseph.

"But why would anybody want to go to Hell? That would be insane," Allison asked, aghast.

"Yes, Allison, it would be insane. But the way we view it here, a person that loves evil is INSANE! But that does not change the fact that there are people that love to do evil. And such people would be most unhappy in Heaven. In Heaven, such a person would not even have the freedom to have an evil thought, for the angels around him or her would notice that thought and be repelled by such a person. In Hell, evil people have the freedom to think whatever they want without an adverse reaction from their neighbors and, under strict limitations, sometimes are able to act on those evil thoughts. Hell, Allison, is not a series of fire pits where evil people burn for eternity. It is not a nice place, but the people there live in villages and towns, kind of equivalent to slums on Earth, and from their point of view, their surroundings are decent looking enough most of the time. But when they violate the God's laws that maintain order, they get to view their surroundings as they really are, which is very ugly and noisome, but still not the pits of fire. That is done to discipline the evil spirits so they learn not to go beyond certain strict limits in their behavior toward their fellow residents of their Hell community," Albert lectured the group, but especially Allison.

"Okay, I think we all understand why Hell is not quite as bad a place as the Bible makes it out to be," Randy said, looking at the entire group for confirmation, "but it still would be a place to be avoided. Surely after being here a while and maybe getting a taste of what Hell is like, a person inclined to do evil would change his mind and try to become a good person."

"Here we go," thought Albert. "This was the one issue that most confuses and scares newcomers." "No, Randy. That is not possible because once an adult makes the transition, what that person has learned to love most of all while on Earth remains with him forever here. If what he has learned to love most of all is a good, that person will go to Heaven. On the other hand, if the thing that person most loves is an evil thing, then he will eventually happily go to Hell. When I talk about 'an evil thing,' I don't mean a love for collecting speeding tickets or some other minor infraction. I am talking about the love of wealth accumulation for its own sake or the love having power and control over other people so that person can mistreat him or her, for example. Deep, central loves. The loves that drives a person to do what it does with the central goal of satisfying that central love," Albert explained.

"So we cannot change in this world? We can't learn to be good people? What kind of benevolent God would permit that?" Randy said with some anger and confusion.

"Everybody that arrives here changes. And we don't stop learning. Everybody that arrives here is a mixture of good and evil actions, intentions, and attitudes. But everybody also has a central driving love, which dictated all his actions on Earth in one way or another. If it is a good love, like loving to help people for the sake of helping them, then that person will regenerate into an angel by gradually getting rid of its external evils through the temptation process and by asking for the help of the Lord in prayer. But since, to quote a famous TV series on Earth, the Lord's Prime Directive toward us is to give us free will if somebody decides on Earth to follow the admittedly seductive gains in wealth and power that evil offers, then he will not want to change these central loves when he arrives here. His evil love and the pursuit of its goals would have become so entrenched in that person that that is what that person has become, and that person will do and suffer anything for even the chance of acting out his cherished evil. That is what the priceless gift of having free will amounts to. God has given us the chance to decide for ourselves whether to follow Him and the path to Heaven or to follow our baser instincts and the path to Hell. As much as God wants everybody to end up in Heaven, He knows that if He used his omnipotence to make us all automatically good with no choice to be otherwise, then there would be no point in the Creation. He would have created not a race of humans but a race of mindless robots whose praise and worship to Him would be empty and of no use. Think of it this way, if you pursued an activity in which the chances of you winning were always 100 percent certain, you would quickly lose interest in that activity and consider it valueless. For God, it is infinitely more valuable for us to love Him because we want to rather than because we would HAVE to. It is because God is all benevolence that He gave us free will and permits some of us to choose the path to Hell. If He had not given us free will, He would want us to praise and worship Him to satisfy His own Supreme Ego, and in that case, that would not be a God but a supreme devil," Albert explained in detail.

Albert could see in the faces of the group that his explanation had hit home. The masks of confusion melted away to be replaced by looks of comprehension. Yes, they had finally understood why free will was the most important gift of God to man. He now could continue with the purpose of the conference.

"All of you now know that you are in the Spiritual World. That means that you are entering the second stage of your stay in the World of Spirits. This stage will involve your gradually ridding yourselves of the external persona that you created on Earth to best survive and thrive there and letting the INTERNAL real you to come to the forefront. Your external persona was necessary on Earth because since good and evil people live there side by side, certain behavioral standards were imposed by the society a person lived under to prevent evil people from fulfilling their evil desires to their heart's content with no fear of punishment and, unfortunately, in some cases, to prevent good people from being too good. Yes, even the most benign human societies on Earth encourage some behaviors that are considered negative here. Behaviors such as excessive wealth accumulation, excessive ambition, and even . . ." Albert smiled, "politeness. This process is a natural one, which, in the long term, cannot be stopped, although some newcomers try to resist it with various degrees of success in the short term." Albert concluded as he saw deep concern and a little fear in the eyes of all the members of the group.

"Albert, you mean that our inner, private thoughts, feelings, and views will become public knowledge? How? And why? Whatever happened to the right of privacy, especially of our thoughts?" Randy asked, rather scared.

"Unless temporarily necessary, privacy is not a high priority here. This is a rather public place. In fact, privacy is detrimental to a newcomer's regeneration. Before a person can get rid of his/her evils and go to Heaven, that person has to be shown the damage that those evils to do him and others. It is impossible for that to happen if those evils are kept private. At some point, these hidden evils have to come to the surface, so that with help from angels, and especially from God, that person is then able to discard the evil that is being exposed. This is done by various methods, which you will learn about later. For now, what I recommend is that you make true praying to God a daily habit. It will make what will sometimes be a painful process much easier to go through. As for how these hidden evils will become apparent to other people, it is the person undergoing this process that will make it public knowledge. With one exception, the evil of hypocrisy, everybody that arrives to the World of Spirits will find it more and more difficult to be deceitful as their stay in this world lengthens. Whether predominately good or evil, the newcomer going through the second stage will find that the need to pretend to be something they are not is no longer necessary or even desirable. The freedom for somebody to finally be able to be themselves in public is something that most people find quite refreshing compared to the way that living on Earth makes those people pretend constantly. That, in most cases, applies to people that eventually choose Hell as their home, although evil people do tend to be more resistant to this process than good people. But even they will eventually find that it is a much better feeling and liberating to finally be able to say what they want to say, instead of trying to pretend all the time."

Purchase Details:

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover
Pages: 662
Size: 6x9
ISBN: 978-1-45257-736-4
Print Type: B/W
Price $33.99

At this link you will also find another excerpt which commences....

"Yes. That is all true, Christine." Nurse Howard spoke for the first time. "What do you believe happened to create such a situation?"

"Before I answer that question, I have one of my own. How long have I been under sedation?" Christine inquired, the first stirrings of an undefined excitement creeping into her voice.

"Less than 10 hours, Christine." Howard answered.

"Less than 10 hours? Even if by some miracle, Dr. Stokes had found a way to reverse the destruction of my liver by the Hepatitis, it would take months of recovery before I felt this good. Therefore, the only logical conclusion is..." A look that started as fear, but gradually changed to joy and relief swept Christine eyes.

"Yes Christine, go on." Howard encouraged.

"...that I died! I died of the Hepatitis, and I am now in a new... ah, spiritual existence!" Christine said joyously.

"Very good Christine. Yes, you are now in the ....

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