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R.P. BenDedek

The Real Reason Why I Cannot Support RECLAIM Australia
By R.P. BenDedek
Jul 17, 2015 - 10:40:15 AM

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In April of this year I published this article below at and for some reason forgot to publish it here at Magic City. Today, as I was reading the Australian News sources, I came across this article which states that once again "democracy loving" PC Idiots are waging a war against free speech, and using violence to do so.

Police have used capsicum spray and horses to quell rowdy protesters trying to disrupt an anti-Islam rally on the steps of Melbourne's Parliament House.

The original article was meant to be somewhat 'tongue-in-cheek' but the situation is becoming worse and worse. In a Democracy, everyone has a right to an opinion and everyone has the right to protest. But these 'so-called' Politically Correct, humanitarian, tolerant of other cultures Democracy loving people, have been deliberately trying to overthrow democracy and deliberately orchestrating clashes with the 'Anti-Muslim' and 'anti-immigration' group.

These are not just 'dumb' people. They are deliberately trying to overthrow democracy.

R.P. BenDedek

First Published at Kingscalendar April 11, 2015

Recently there was a lot of publicity given to violence that erupted in several cities in Australia when "Reclaim Australia" protestors clashed with angry counter protestors who accused "Reclaim Australia" of being racists.

My initial reaction was one of anger toward the 'counter protestors' who seemed to have no respect for democratic rights, and this was only heightened when I read of one 'counter protest' group gaining permission to stage their counter protest in exactly the same spot, just one hour prior to the scheduled Reclaim Australia protest. I considered that in a democratic country, all views must be permitted or none at all, and that for counter protestors to deliberately target a lawful protest, that targeting constituted a provocative and hostile act to suppress the rights of free speech.

However, as I read and reread articles about the conflict, I began to understand that the counter protestors were indeed correct in their actions. It may not appear on the surface to be democratic, but in fact, their actions demonstrate beyond doubt that Australia is a democratic country, and in the process they have demonstrably refuted many libelous accusations made against Australia and its people. The first thing it demonstrated is that Australians are not racist.

Clare Fester, who organized the counter rally in Sydney, told journalists that the "Reclaim Australia" protests were clearly an attack on Muslims and Muslim Communities in Australia. Some news reports indicated that the "Reclaim Australia" protests were 'hurtful' to new migrants and refugees and that many refugees and new migrants feel more isolated and vulnerable now. Clearly we do not want to foster this type of thing in Australia and the counter protestors demonstrated that we will not.

In addition to reports that the counter protestors eclipsed those in support of "Reclaim Australia," we are informed in one report that the chair of the Federation of Ethnic Communities' Council of Australia did not think it a good idea to give "Reclaim Australia" much publicity because they are a totally isolated and insignificant fringe group.


As an Australian I get tired of that tired old line constantly appearing in both domestic and foreign press claiming that Australia is a racist country. As the counter protestors have clearly demonstrated, the Australian people have risen up to declare that they are not racist and that they will not permit racism in Australia.

In China, where I have been living and working for the past decade, there is an actual law to punish people whose words and actions are designed to destroy the social harmony of the nation. Now whilst it behooves all people in a secular democratic society to permit people to think and believe what they like, (for to do otherwise would be totalitarian) we cannot allow minority groups to create social disharmony, division, sectarian violence and perhaps ultimately - civil war.

The counter protests have demonstrated to the whole world, that Australia and its people are not racists; that those who are, are just "an insignificant and isolated fringe element."

Australians are not racist and nor are they sexist or homophobic. For too long we have allowed ourselves to be deceived by unbalanced media reports, into believing that perhaps we are sexist and homophobic. Quite clearly as was demonstrated by the reports on the counter protests, the majority of Australians believe in and support the politically correct and multicultural values of our secular democracy. It is only the constant media focus on individual negative acts which leads us to think these are major problems. I find personal support for that statement in the comments of one writer, Yassir Morsi, who pointed out that "Reclaim Australia's" sentiments stem from a misguided belief that Australia is under attack from Islam.

Ordinary people can imagine the erosion of their social surroundings in everyday terms of stories and images that are fed to them in an exaggerated form, of an existential fight between us and them over who owns even the minutiae of life: where we live, the languages we speak and, in the case of the halal certification "debate", what we eat. The beleaguered "community" increasingly becomes formed by these fantasies, fears, symbols, caricatures, stereotypes and nightmares. (Emp. Added)

What we see here is that media of all types provide an unbalanced, exaggerated view of the world. We have become the plaything of what I call 'Media Prostitutes'; people who will screw over anyone for the sake of a quick buck.

What I have learned from these counter protests, is that the constant media portrayal of what Australians are like is completely false, and leads to an exaggerated sense of national guilt. We do not need to feel guilty! We are not guilty! We are part of a proud secular multicultural democracy.

We must not let small, insignificant, isolated fringe elements control the narrative.

The people must rise up and proclaim that Australia is a diverse, multicultural country. Australia is a place where all of its ethnicities, cultures, religions, sexual orientations and political beliefs are acceptable because we are democratic; but no minority group of any sexual orientation, any culture, any ethnicity, any political belief or any religion has a right to impose their will on society at large. As the chief executive of the Arab Council, Randa Kattan, warned: "small groups can be dangerous."

The only way to ensure that these 'small activist groups' can be prevented from doing incalculable damage to Australia's precious secular, multicultural democracy, is for the majority to stand up and say: "You have a right to your opinions - but you don't have a right to control the majority!" And that is what a democracy is!

Democracy is the minority giving way to the majority in order that harmony prevails.

Democracy is the majority respecting the views of the minority, in order that harmony prevails.

Violence derived from ideology has no place in a Democracy!

Violence to overthrow ideology has no place in a Democracy!

I respect "Reclaim Australia's" right to have and to hold their opinions.

But I think the counter protestors made an extremely valid point from which we must all learn:

"Don't let the minority fringe elements destroy our country!"

R.P. BenDedek

Catch 22 in PC: Defending Muslim Children in Australia
by R.P. BenDedek
Nov 1, 2014

Muslim Children Call for End to Democracy in Australia. When you vilify people for objecting to Muslims, their dress, their beliefs and their customs, how can you yourself then be justified in vilifying Muslims. If we were to object to Muslim parents teaching their kids about jihad, about the overthrow of democracy, the damnation of feminists, homosexuals, abortionists, Jews and Christians, then we must of necessity object to what Roman Catholics, Evangelical Protestants, Baptists, Jews, Democrats and Republicans (in America), Labour, Liberal and National Party members in Australia, Feminists, Homosexuals and pro-abortionists teach their children about their beliefs.

Domestic Violence and Statistics
by R.P. BenDedek
March 22, 2015

If activist ideologues are going to paint the male citizenry as 'violent,' then I think it behooves them to be transparent when it comes to the statistics which support their claim. "Why the implied focus on men?" "Can we have the stats on female-to-female violence as well?" "How do the two sets of figures stack up?" What percentage of male-to-female violence is perpetrated by criminals or immigrants holding to the concepts of honor killings? We live in a very politicized era in which activist agendas are basically 'fundamentalist theologies' which appeal to sociopaths -- people who consider their own self-interest the most important aspect of any action and behavior and who completely disregard the possible harm they can cause other people.

Media control of the Australian Government
by R.P. BenDedek
Feb 28, 2015

When Prime Ministers Rudd and Gillard (Labor Party) were going through their games way back when, one could have been forgiven for thinking that the media were in bed with the opposition party. But now that the opposition party (National Liberal Party) is in power, we are seeing the same game played against it. The truth is that all this game playing, no matter the source, damages the country. And since this damaging game play has been going on continuously for several years now, one must ask: "Who is pulling the strings and what do they have to gain?" Why is there a constant threat to the stability of the "Office of Prime Minister?" Constantly targeting Prime Ministers would be a cost effective way of destabilizing a country - Yes?

(pseudonym) is the Author of 'The King's Calendar: The Secret of Qumran' (, and a guest columnist at Magic City Morning Star News. He is also the Editor of the 'Writers Journal' at An Australian, he has been teaching Conversational English in China since 2003.

Writers Journal Kingscalendar

"The King's Calendar" is a chronological study of the historical books of the Bible (Kings and Chronicles), Josephus, Seder Olam Rabbah, and the (Essene) Damascus Document of The Dead Sea Scrolls

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