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R.P. BenDedek
The Idiots at Microsoft
By R.P. BenDedek
Jul 25, 2012 - 12:07:23 AM

The Idiots at Microsoft is the kindest title I can give this little article, for they are indeed so bloody smart that they are completely useless idiots.

I now have a VPN (virtual private network) that will allow me to get around the great firewall of China and these Idiots at Microsoft now won't let me use my email account because - OH SORRY! In this technological age where you can be in one country today and another tomorrow, we can't trust that YOU are YOU cause you are not signing into your account from the same city and the same country as you normally do. So we will write to you at your alternate email address (provided with lots of X's to prove that they know it) to verify that this is really you.

What idiot at Microsoft got paid big bucks to provide that 'service'? If signing into one account gets blocked because you are now in a different location how in the Good Lord's name is trying to open a different email account going to cut it? Honestly you idiots at Microsoft, did that not occur to you? AND If you CAN open that other email account you can switch to all the other accounts at a press of a button (thanks to your sublime genius).

OK - so they tell me that they will send an email to my 'different email account', and before they will do so,  I have to enter the 'Special Security Characters' that show up on the screen. I tried that 3 times and each time it said that I was incorrect. I waited a while and tried it again. Upper case - lower case - exactly as it appears doesn't work - cause - YOU GOT IT WRONG BUDDY. (See Final Paragraph)

Now of course in the old days you could just send off an email, make a telephone call or even hit the CONTACT button on your screen for the organization you are having problems with but not this one. What idiot at Microsoft came up with this CUSTOMER SUPPORT program that doesn't let you contact customer support?

It's rather like those messages you get when you can't connect with the internet - Oh! You can't connect to the internet? Contact Customer Support for assistance. How can you contact customer support for assistance when you can't get hold of the internet?

But here is the "GET REAL" statement. If these brilliant (Idiots at Microsoft) computer whizzes can invent something that will allow you to sign in from any country of your choosing in the world - HOW COME THEY GET UPSET BECAUSE YOU DO IT?

Well they are only trying to make your internet experience safe and secure aren't they? Like hell they are! We all know that everyday our spam boxes get filled with the same junk from the same people (including phishing emails allegedly from HOTMAIL and WINDOWS) but these great Idiot computer wizards can't put a stop to it (probably because of someone's RIGHTS) but what they can do is prevent YOU from accessing YOUR account.

What sort of idiots are these people at Microsoft? Ever downloaded some Microsoft product, installed it and then had your Microsoft warning that this product is unsafe and is being blocked for your security? Idiots at Microsoft came up with that!

These Idiots at Microsoft remind me of the Idiots at the Commonwealth Bank whose concern for my credit card security resulted in me being the only one in the world who could not use the card. Idiots! I tell you. The world is being run by intellectually giant IDIOTS!

With my VPN I finally have access to facebook. Lovely people Facebook! Every single time I sign in with the VPN they send a message asking me to name the device I am using so they can keep a record. Complete idiots but at least they let me connect to my account.

Now I know that this article sounds like someone who has been pushed over the edge and is frustrated that he can't access his hotmail account, but that isn't the case. All I have to do is turn off the VPN and I can get into my hotmail account easy (when China is not making it difficult). But can I send these idiots at Microsoft a complaining email? No! So they are idiots well and truly who deserve to see how many times in this article I called them just that.

And isn't it doing just that?
Not polite you say? Bunkum - when people deliberately treat you like trash and deliberately make sure you can do nothing about it, you have no need to be polite. They are nameless and faceless specters hiding in the shadows behind the computer screen. They are idiots at Microsoft!

Of course there are those who would warn about writing such an offensive article because perhaps the Microsoft people 'might do something to me'. Well - what does that say about the Microsoft people and what does it say of what we have become when we not only allow idiots to control us but are too frightened to object.

I'm too old to care. The Idiots at Microsoft can go jump! The idiots at the Commonwealth Bank can go jump! The idiots at Youtube can go jump too! (Yeah! I had the same problem with them but at least they let me send a message to them. I told them to stick their youtube movies - I will continue watching Sohu [China Net Channel] Movies)

Final Note: After all the trouble I had opening Hotmail and not being able to get the 'Security Word' right which meant I couldn't complete the process, I wrote this article. Then I went to my 'back-up email account' at hotmail without using the VPN and there was a message from Microsoft giving me a verification code to access my email BUT IT CONTAINED A WARNING saying that someone may have been hacking my emails so I should change the password. Well if I was a hacker I now have the verification code to hack away! Thanks Microsoft!

(Question: Does anyone have any idea what the average number of passwords is that the average internet user must remember or keep stored SOMEWHERE SAFE in order to access all their 'secure' items? - AND - If Microsoft can stop me accessing my account isn't that tampering with my computer?)

R.P. BenDedek

R.P.BenDedek (pseudonym) is the Author of 'The King's Calendar: The Secret of Qumran' ( ), and is a guest columnist and stand-in Editor at Magic City Morning Star News. He is also the Editor of the 'Writers Journal' at An Australian, he has been teaching Conversational English in China since 2003.

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