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R.P. BenDedek

The Current State of Egypt's Youth and Future
By R.P. BenDedek
Feb 1, 2014 - 2:10:46 AM

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Safe and secure in our western democratic and free societies where "mere words" can bring down the wrath of the politically correct on someone, I would like to bring to your attention these two articles and their excerpts that might perhaps put western objections to minor discomfort and views about 'MY human rights' into a broader perspective.

Egypt cracks down on students
by Safa Joudeh
January 29, 2014

According to the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE), 692 students from universities across Egypt are currently being detained in a clampdown that has largely targeted the Islamist component of the anti-military opposition movement, but has also roped in liberal activist and students. Dozens of students have been handed prison sentences of up to 17 years on charges related to demonstrating, belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood and inciting violence. Local media have routinely called into question the independence of student political engagement, alleging that the upsurge in student protests is an extension of Muslim Brotherhood--backed activity in various parts of the country.

Government, Brotherhood fail to attract Egyptian youth
By Mostafa Hashem Youssef
January 29, 2014.. Translator Joelle El-Khoury

The youth are the ones who launched Egypt's January 25 Revolution. Furthermore, they influenced, in one way or another, the regimes that came after the revolution, and they led the deposition of elected President Mohammed Morsi. Despite this, their turnout in the constitutional referendum held Jan. 14-15 was markedly low. This confused the state apparatus in Egypt, but was welcomed by the Muslim Brotherhood, who attempted to win the youth over in their battle with the regime.

On the third anniversary of the revolution, many youth took to the streets, protesting against the current regime with the same slogans they used on Jan. 25, 2011. These slogans include: "Bread, freedom, social justice" and "The people want to overthrow the regime."

The current situation in Egypt is not exactly surprising. Anyone with a reasonable amount of commonsense and a brain that prefers to think for itself rather than follow emotion packed political ideologies would have been aware for sometime what the possibilities were for Egypt. These two articles for example which I published in 2009 and 2011.

Hindsight View of "The Future of Egypt"
by R.P. BenDedek
February 16, 2011

This article was published on July 29, 2010 six months before the recent overthrow of Egypt's President Mubarek. In Hindsight it makes interesting reading as does the article written a year earlier which discussed the reasons why 18 months later, the Egyptian revolution finally took place. If and when the Brotherhood gains power and influence in Egypt, it is likely that Egypt will begin sponsoring the likes of Hamas, al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations. And the more powerful the Brotherhood becomes in Egypt, the more likely it is that Egypt will abrogate its peace treaty with Israel.

Egypt: The Future Islamofacist State
by R.P. BenDedek
September 23, 2005

Today, Egypt is Egypt once again. A Different Egypt to be sure, and certainly not the Empire that it was. But what is Egypt today? First and foremost it is an Islamic Country, one that has been struggling to catch up with Western economic success. But it is not exactly a success story, and if the winds of Islamic fundamentalism keep blowing as they have, coupled as they are in Egypt with a people unimpressed with the governments achievements, then before long, Egypt will once again crumble into the dust of history.

When you look at what is going on in the world it certainly puts (by comparison) the comfortable western life into perspective. The amount of angst one can see recorded in places like Australia - my own country - is I think disproportionate to the relative 'ease' of the lifestyle there. Then again, it has been my observation that far too many people's lives are so empty that they simply run around looking for reasons to be angry just so that they won't be bored and can 'feel good' about themselves for standing up for some cause or ideology that they don't fully understand. As the Chinese say: 'It doesn't matter! Do not worry! It's not important!'

R.P. BenDedek

Most Recent Articles:

Only the Arab Christians Understand Middle East Truth
R.P. BenDedek
Jan 11, 2014

Often completely unaddressed in the West is the fact that Christians are the largest persecuted minority in the world," states Open Doors USA President and CEO Dr. David Curry. Only in one place in the entire Middle East do the Christian Arabs get freedom of religion as well as equality...we see young Christian Arab citizens, wanting to join in alliance with the Jewish State. They already know that no one will be waiting for them out there, in the cold Christian winter.

Fundamental American Hypocrisy: A Jewish Child Asks "Why?"
R.P. BenDedek
Jan 1, 2014

11-year-old Roi Fogel, whose parents and three siblings were brutally murdered by Arab terrorists in the Shomron town of Itamar in 2011, wants to know why the Israeli government is releasing terrorist murderers.... These prisoners are not 'political prisoners.' They are not 'freedom fighters.' They are not soldiers. They are cold blooded killers of men, women and children. One of these has more value to the Obama Administration than all of Israel put together since the history of Israel is merely a myth, probably fabricated by the early Christian church no doubt.

U.N. stands for 'L-i-e-s' not United Nations
by R.P. BenDedek
December 28, 2013

"Anyone with a little intellect knew that the appointment was a farce but farce is standard fare for the U.N." In United Nations Rising Hypocrisy I wrote: "It seems rather strange that the United Nations staff fear for their lives, when in Palestine at least, the United Nations (and the rest of the world so it seems), thinks that all the problems, violence and poverty in Palestine are caused solely by Israel, and that Palestinian 'soldiers' are brave freedom fighters." In 2005 whilst studying in Wuhan City China, I was talking with a group of Muslims from Middle Eastern countries and I asked them what would happen if Israel agreed to all the demands placed on it. They burst out laughing and said: 'There would be no Israel!'

R.P.BenDedek (pseudonym) is the Author of 'The King's Calendar: The Secret of Qumran' ( ), and is a guest columnist and stand-in Editor at Magic City Morning Star News. He is also the Editor of the 'Writers Journal' at An Australian, he has been teaching Conversational English in China since 2003.

Writers Journal Kingscalendar

"The King's Calendar" is a chronological study of the historical books of the Bible (Kings and Chronicles), Josephus, Seder Olam Rabbah, and the (Essene) Damascus Document of The Dead Sea Scrolls

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R.P. BenDedek
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