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R.P. BenDedek

Proverbs 22 and A Brief note on American Right to Bear Arms
By R.P. BenDedek
Feb 24, 2013 - 12:15:47 AM

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As I was reading the online news from back home in Australia today I came across two articles which made me think about the 'Gun' controversy in the USA.

The first Article was about A 16-year-old boy who is facing 14 charges after assaulting an off-duty policeman and the second about two men who are in critical condition after they were stabbed during a pub brawl involving 40 people in Sydney's west. Violence it seems, plagues our societies with or without the involvement of guns.

The current gun controversy in the United States makes it seem that 'guns' and 'guns alone' are the cause of violence and death but as the two stories above indicate, people are the cause of violence. I remember in 2006, reading in China Daily Newspaper that there had been over 1100 terrorist acts of violence in the previous 18 months. In China, people have no right to carry arms and certainly it is difficult to obtain them. Nevertheless, it is not a society without violence.

At the time of one of those events, my friend was just down the road from where it took place and phoned me immediately after the event. The story was simple enough. A disgruntled Chinese man constructed a crude explosive device which he then carried on a bus intending to explode it at the designated location. Only problem was that it exploded on the bus.

There have been many other stories of violence in China, from teachers throwing students out of school windows, to school bus drivers attacking children with knives, to people throwing acid from windows onto those walking in the streets below. Violence and murder is not a prerogative restricted only to those with access to guns.

The issue of whether or not Americans can or should carry firearms is not the business of people from other countries, however one thing that should not happen in the U.S. is that people should allow themselves to be deceived by 'activist agendas'.

People kill people - guns are just weapons of choice or availability. Those who seek to kill, will use whatever is most readily at hand to accomplish the act. The question that should be addressed is WHY there is so much violence NOW in this day and age.

In a recent article by Jim Kouri titled: "Researchers: Children's frequent TV watching linked to criminal behavior" February 19, 2013 it states:

The university researchers selected and began monitoring a group of 1000 children born in Dunedin, N.Z., in 1972-73. The researchers would then visit the study subjects every two years between the ages of 5 and 15. The study subjects were then questioned about the amount of television they watched. The subjects who watched more television than the other children and teenagers were more likely to have a criminal conviction and were also more likely to exhibit antisocial personality traits in adulthood.

One can take away the weapon of first choice, but that does not prevent violence, especially the violence perpetrated by those with criminal or antisocial personalities. The report listed above shows that some people 'are more likely' to become criminals than others but television surely cannot be totally to blame for antisocial and criminal behavior.

One must wonder what other factors lead to so much "violent and destructive" angst in society. Where for instance, is 'self-control'? Where is the idea of 'a moral compass'? Where is the common man's ability to deal with and cope with life's many frustrations? In short - Where is Maturity?

It is not a mature society that produces many times over, people whose response to hurt, rejection and anger is to run amok killing innocent people going about their daily lives. Today in the entertainment section I have posted something which I received in an email. It is titled: "The Things I Owe My Parents!" It is certainly entertaining for those of us of a certain age, but behind the entertainment value lies a real truth.

That truth is about responsible parenting; each person's social responsibility and social morality; and about respect for necessary authority without which society falls into chaos. In a society that chooses to debase its own religious and secular traditions and customs, and in which the new, novel and exotic is raised above the social 'norms', and in a society in which one's own rights supercede those of others around them, can it truly be said that it is the right to bear arms which is responsible for violence?

Proverbs 22:6 says: Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old, he will not depart from it. Who is training our children up? And what way are they training them to walk in?

Perhaps the answer is to be found in verse 24 of the same chapter of the book of Proverbs:

  • Make no friendship with a man that is given to anger and with a wrathful man thou shalt not go Lest thou learn his ways, and get a snare to thy soul.

So who is teaching our kids this violence and anger against society at large?

R.P. BenDedek

The Real Root of School Violence
by Tom DeWeese
January 12, 2013

Are there calls for stopping, banning, regulating the use of these mind-altering drugs? Is the pharmaceutical industry being called on the carpet? Are there emergency congressional hearings being held to showcase the heads of big pharma as murdering criminals? Not on your life. To date, there has never been issued a single peer- reviewed scientific paper officially claiming to prove ADD/ ADHD exists. Nor has there ever been a single bit of physical evidence to confirm the disease exists. So- called experts on the subject have refused to answer the simple question, "is ADD/ ADHD a real disease?" Medical researchers charge that ADHD does not meet the medical definition of a disease or syndrome or anything organic or biologic.

Who and What are we? - Time for Reflection
by R.P. BenDedek
January 26, 2013

Marxists believe that the existing society must be destroyed in order to successfully establish the new order. They believe that society, like the Phoenix must die so that out of the ashes can rise the new Phoenix. I don't think that they realise that it is the same bird that rises, not one with a new design. Cultural Marxists pay no attention to the lessons of history, and it is we who will suffer because of it. We must begin to question what we have been taught. We must begin to see where our societies are headed. And most importantly, we must stop being bystanders who believe that there is nothing that they can do.

R.P.BenDedek (pseudonym) is the Author of 'The King's Calendar: The Secret of Qumran' ( ), and is a guest columnist and stand-in Editor at Magic City Morning Star News. He is also the Editor of the 'Writers Journal' at An Australian, he has been teaching Conversational English in China since 2003.

Writers Journal Kingscalendar

"The King's Calendar" is a chronological study of the historical books of the Bible (Kings and Chronicles), Josephus, Seder Olam Rabbah, and the (Essene) Damascus Document of The Dead Sea Scrolls.

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R.P. BenDedek
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