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R.P. BenDedek

What's in the Book Basket This Week? Money makes the world go around
By R.P. BenDedek
Dec 28, 2014 - 1:32:45 AM

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"What's in the book basket this week?" brings to the attention of readers via publication of publicity material, various new book releases. The regular Sunday Book basket usually lists 15 such books. On an irregular basis we also publish a Christian Book Basket specifically listing 'Christian Books' and a 'Children's Book Basket.' These are published on a Wednesday. The publication and number of books in those baskets will vary.

We have some wonderful book reviewers at Magic City but unfortunately we can't do book reviews for every book. We do however assist authors to promote their books via a "No Charge - No Pay" self-promotions service in which we invite authors to give us 'stand alone' articles to publish at the bottom of which we can include their bios, photographs of book covers and links to purchase pages for their books.

We are extremely grateful to those authors who do provide our readers with interesting articles to read and we appreciate that those articles are sometimes exclusive to us or at least that we have been the first to be given the opportunity to publish them. A list of such articles from the end of June 2014 to December 2014 may be found here.

As you can see listed immediately below, we also list the articles published during the previous week which were supplied by book authors, and as well, we list whatever book reviews were published in the same period.

Author Articles published this week at Magic City
(Dec 21 - Dec 27)

Book Reviews Published during the last week
(Dec 21 - Dec 27)

E.M. Parke Review: "Living and Teaching Authentic Christianity" By Gordon Haresign
Dec 24, 2014

I have recently completed reading Gordon Haresign's book 'Authentic Christianity' and found it to be a very well written, well researched, informative document, containing a wealth of information for students of the biblical book of Revelation. The fact that Mr Haresign is quite an authority on his subject becomes evident the further the reader progresses through the book. He also presents as a writer espousing typical fundamental, protestant views which he has no difficulty in outlining for the reader.

E.M. Parke Review: "Monastery to Matrimony" by Mary Ann Weakley
Dec 24, 2014

Whilst this book is located in a convent setting, it is not presented as an overly- religious manuscript, but rather, it celebrates the triumph and resilience of the human spirit and the way that it can develop under difficult circumstances and duress. Although this book may not be first choice of reading by serious Bible scholars, I would expect its readership to be found amongst those who appreciate a book that promotes good, old fashioned, basic, honest values, honourable behaviour and family life.

Martha Stevens-David Review: "Secret Intelligence: Dark Rim" By Enoch Chang
Dec 21, 2014

Upon sitting down to read, I was impressed by both Enoch Chang's knowledge and his ability to put forth a book of this caliber. The story line is interwoven with criminals, intelligence agencies and a young boy who is seeking to find an answer to all of his problems.

Milt Gross Book Review: "Nor the Battle to the Strong" by Charles F. Price
Dec 21, 2014

Nor the Battle to the Strong is one of the most realistic books I've ever read about any part of America's history. The part it covers is the American Revolution in the South. It stays in the South so much there is no mention of George Washington crossing the Delaware of any of the popular tales of the Revolutionary War we encounter so often.

R.P. BenDedek

NOTE: January 1st 2015 begins a new year under a different Editor but at this point in time I have no information as to who that will be. While my resignation was accepted, I have not been provided any information about what happens on January First. I hope that I shall be permitted to continue publishing the Book Basket in my column and further hope that author articles will likewise continue to be published.

No. 1

"The Mysterious Castle"

by John Edward Savage

"The Mysterious Castle" by John Edward Savage
United Kingdom -- Like 500,000 other boys around the world, John and Garry Savage are committed and passionate members of their local Boys' Brigade. But their Ayrshire branch recently ran into a problem -- the land the building sits on could potentially be lost, and quick funds had to be found to keep it. Putting their creative heads together, the duo came up with the perfect fundraising solution. 'The Mysterious Castle' has since more than exceeded its initial £1000 goal, bringing the Boys' Brigade group much-needed security over its future. The project was a true collaboration with John writing the story and Garry providing stunning illustrations, and the results speak for themselves as many children are now cherishing the twins work..

Synopsis: What started out as an ordinary day in the life of the Savage Family soon turns into something else. The girls go out to play and end up lost in the woods. The brothers then set off to look for them and end up in an adventure at the Mysterious Castle.

"We knew we had to do something, and I love to be creative. Writing a book was really cool!" explains John. "I dedicated the book to Mrs O'Shea from school, who always encouraged me to enjoy reading. But we really did it for our Boys' Brigade group, which we would be so sad to lose. It's a really great story which both boys and girls will love and we hope it will inspire some of them to also have a go at writing. I plan another one soon so keep your eyes peeled."

John Edward Savage is 9 3/4 and was born in Ayrshire in Scotland in 2004. This is the first in a series of books written by John and illustrated by his twin brother Garry Savage.

"The Mysterious Castle"
by John Edward Savage
CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Published 25 Oct 2014
ISBN-10: 1502835908
ISBN-13: 978-1502835901
26 Pages

No. 2

"Never Saying Goodbye"

by Mary Jean Teachman

"Never Saying Goodbye" by Mary Jean Teachman
Scottsdale, Arizona (November 22, 2014) -- Author Mary Jean Teachman triumphs after the loss of her son to suicide in her new ground-breaking, tell-all memoir NEVER SAYING GOODBYE, just released. Mary Jean's deeply personal story is helping other mothers who are struggling after the loss of children to suicide. Her inspiring story of hope is for anyone who is suffering and would like to proceed with the process of living.

The devastating consequences that bipolar disorder and drug addiction brought to Mary Jean and her family, which are documented in her new memoir, NEVER SAYING GOODBYE, are sadly not an anomaly. According to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, bipolar disorder affects approximately 5.7 million adult Americans, or about 2.6% of the U.S. population age 18 and older every year. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA's) National Survey on Drug use and Health, 23.5 million people 12 years of age and older needed treatment for an illicit drug or alcohol abuse problem.

Mary Jean's book details her family's experiences with both bipolar disorder and drug addition and how these traumatic episodes ultimately led her to seek a life of peace and joy.

"Without the support of my family, and the love they showed me in my darkest hour, I would surely not be here today," says Mary Jean.

In addition to the turmoil and devastating consequences that bipolar disorder and drug addiction cost Mary Jean and her family, the memoir depicts an unlikely and powerful friendship that she had with an intuitive healer named Renata Moore. The friendship created events and thought processes that utterly changed her life and ultimately healed her shattered spirit.

Mary Jean Teachman is a writer and speaker who sits on the board of the John E. Upledger Foundation, an International healthcare resource center. She's active in numerous charities and has served as a chairperson for many charitable events. She is a former runway and print model who appeared in Vogue, previous president of Groesback Investments and prior president of MIRA (Mental Illness Research Association), For more information, visit

Never Saying Goodbye"
by Mary Jean Teachman
Publisher: Mary J. Teachman
June 21, 2014
ISBN-10: 0615954863
ISBN-13: 978-0615954868
214 pages Paperback $13
E-Book $5


"Engage the Fox: A Business Fable About Thinking Critically and Motivating Your Team"

by Jen Lawrence & Larry Chester

"Engage the Fox: A Business Fable About Thinking Critically and Motivating Your Team" by Jen Lawrence & Larry Chester
Recent research indicates only about 20 percent of employees worldwide are actively engaged, while 70 percent of all projects at work are not completed on time or fail to meet expectations. Why? Simply put, most people do not think critically and effectively when attempting to solve everyday business issues. As a way to help us make decisions and solve problems more effectively in any aspect of our lives, storyteller and author, Jen Lawrence, along with highly successful businessman and University of Toronto instructor Larry Chester, have written the new guide, Engage the Fox: A Business Fable About Thinking Critically and Motivating Your Team. In this fun, humorous, and easy-to-read business fable, the authors guide readers in important business decision-making, using animals portrayed in time-tested parables to represent different aspects of human personalities.

By exploring and understanding different personality types present in the office, readers learn how to tap into the strengths and creativity of every employee, co-worker, and team member. Using charm and wit, the authors ultimately teach readers how to manage complex, messy issues in a systematic fashion. "The book introduces a basic thinking process that engages the whole brain," says Lawrence. "This process ultimately involves gathering facts; generating new and innovative ideas and potential solutions; evaluating those potential solutions to see which ones make the most sense; and most importantly, gaining the commitment and support of organizational stakeholders."

Jen Lawrence has been helping organizations improve performance and navigate change since 1994. Prior to joining Process Design Consultants, Lawrence was the Executive Director of a children's museum, a Director within the investment banking arm of a major Canadian bank, and a consultant for one of the "Big Four" consulting firms. She also ran the training and development department for the Canadian subsidiary of a Fortune 500 manufacturing company. Lawrence, who holds an MBA in Finance, has widely written and spoken on lifestyle issues, corporate culture, critical thinking, and strategic planning. She has been interviewed by media outlets including The Toronto Star,Report on Business TV, National Post, and Toronto Life. A resident of Toronto, Lawrence is a proud mother of two children.

Larry Chester has more than 30 years of strategy formulation, business process improvement, and training and development consulting experience. A professional engineer with an MBA in finance, Chester is also an instructor at the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto and was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award in 2000. A resident of Toronto, Chester is Lawrence's father and has been happily married for 48 years.

""Engage the Fox: A Business Fable About Thinking Critically and Motivating Your Team"
by Jen Lawrence & Larry Chester
Greenleaf Book Group Press
Published October 7, 2014
ISBN-10: 1626341230
ISBN-13: 978-1626341234
224 pages
Hardcover $20
E-book $10

No. 4


by Kevine Walcott

"Institutionalised" by Kevine Walcott
United Kingdom -- Kevine Walcott was once a globe-trotting business owner; confident, happy and seemingly untouchable. However, after becoming the victim of YouTube cyber-attacks, she found herself institutionalised at an NHS facility and under the control of the country's medieval mental health laws. In 'Institutionalised', Walcott bares all. Most shocking is that the cyber-attacks were not initiated by teenage trolls or a disgruntled former lover; but agents working for the UK Government. Prepare to learn about a shocking new form of modern oppression, because Walcott has one searing story to tell.

Synopsis: This book is a personal account of one woman's experience with the British government, its police and intelligence services, and mental health services after experiencing cyber attacks on YouTube by government agents. The book exposes government operatives online and within the National Health Services (NHS), and how mental illness is used as a punitive psychiatric tool to cover-up abuses by government. It also provides some insight into the way government agents are allowed to pursue religious interest among other interest online and burry alternative views, and the role mental health services plays in these unfortunate activities. This book is not meant to be spy novel, the characters, scenes and account are real and frightening.

"It is vital that the NHS separates and distances itself from Police and Intelligence Services. Right now, they are virtually in bed with each other," explains Walcott. "Health professionals cannot make correct diagnoses while Government agents are part of the process and abusing their powers for the sake of control. As a result, I became involved in the judiciary in ways I could never have imagined, and that entire process was also moulded around the Government's mandate to control. If any case appears to be exposing Government abuse or their illegal activities, the Crown will throw it out. It's unbelievable, but true."

Walcott also came under fire simply for putting pen to paper. "They threatened to institutionalise me again just for wanting to tell my story. I now live my life treading on egg shells; a far cry from the beacon of confidence and independence that I was before. My advice to everyone is to watch your movements, be careful what you seek out online and -- above all -- trust nobody." she adds.

Kevine Walcott a first time author and a postgraduate who had worked within the field of property for over 10 years. Writing this book was difficult for her because the issues were real. Walcott was institutionalised in hospital for raising the real events that had happened to her as the authorities did not believe my story. This book finally allows her to tell that story.

by Kevine Walcott
CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Published November 20, 2014
ISBN-10: 1503029395
ISBN-13: 978-1503029392
164 pages
Paperback $12
E-book $9

No. 5

"I, Horatio"

By Donald A. Tortorice

"I, Horatio" By Donald A. Tortorice
RALEIGH, NC -- Many have tried to describe Admiral Horatio Nelson. In so many ways, he was an enigma.

This book is the first presentation of the life of Horatio Nelson to be narrated in the first person, a recounting of his life in his own words. It begins with Nelson as a young 21-year-old captain in the Caribbean and goes to his death at the Battle of Trafalgar. Along the way his experiences in carrying out the vision of his duty in the Caribbean, Corsica, Tenerife, the Battle of Cape St. Vincent, the Nile, Copenhagen, and Trafalgar cost him his eye, his right arm, and ultimately his life, all because he was blessed and cursed with a nature that was blind to the spectre of failure and deaf to anything other than the call of duty, the clamour of battle, and victory. He was also a mortal man whose attraction to women brought pleasure, frustration, infatuation, and ultimately lifelong satisfaction. This is his story as he would tell it. (Authorhouse Overview)

The new book I, Horatio by Donald A. Tortorice attempts to explain Admiral Nelson in a way no other text has. It is the first presentation to be narrated in the first person, a recounting of Nelson's life in his own words. This is a book of history and fiction. Its plot is taken from history. All of Nelson's assignments, missions and engagements with the enemy are true. Tortorice presents a chronology based upon a timeline of events that actually happened. Letters, dispatches and many historical quotes are taken from historical fact and are presented in italics. However, major elements of the book are fiction. We can never know exactly what Nelson may have been thinking and what he actually said during the various dramatic episodes of his life.

"I've been interested in his life since I was a midshipman at the University of Texas," Tortorice says. "When I retired from teaching law, I spent the next two years writing this book." I, Horatio begins with Nelson as a young 21-year-old captain in the Caribbean and goes to his death at the Battle of Trafalgar. Along the way his experiences in carrying out the vision of his duty in the Caribbean, Corsica, Tenerife, the Battle of Cape St. Vincent, the Nile, Copenhagen and Trafalgar cost him his eye, his right arm, and ultimately his life. "This is his story as he would tell it," Tortorice says.

"I, Horatio"
By Donald A. Tortorice
AuthorHouse Publishing
Published 8/13/2014
ISBN: 978-1-49693-237-2
428 Pages
Softcover $23.95
Hardcover $31.99
E-Book $3.99

No. 6

"Wild Game"

by Blayne Davis

"Wild Game" by Blayne Davis
There is no shortage of faced-paced thrillers centered around white collar crime, greed, high finance and fraud. But how many of these thrillers are written from personal experience? Blayne Davis' new book Wild Game is just that - a face-paced thriller from an author who has lived the life of high finance until he was convicted of white collar crimes.

In the book, Davis vividly retells actual events such as Being arrested at the airport; Watching former colleagues line up to testify against him; Negotiating his sentence with government prosecutors; The endless parade of lawyer, prosecutors and judges that decided his fate and his incarceration and subsequent treatment

Blayne Davis is a former hedge fund trader, husband and father of two. His first book, Wild Game, is based upon actual events from his life. Following financial charges that stemmed from the 2008 financial crisis, Davis has been in a prolonged legal battle, for which he is currently incarcerated.

From an early age, Blayne has lived a life that rivals many works of fiction. With his father in the CIA, Blayne grew up living a life of international secrecy. He traveled the world with his parents, living in Japan and Germany before moving back to the U.S. to live on Camp Peary, where his father was an instructor at "The Farm".

Blayne enjoys playing golf, watching football and treasures playing ball or being at the beach with his kids. For more information, please visit

"Wild Game"
by Blayne Davis
CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Published March 14, 2104
ISBN-10: 1497354676
ISBN-13: 978-1497354678
516 pages
Paperback $19
E-book Buy for $10
E-Book Read for Free

No. 7

"Adventures of The Great Marlo and The Blue Pearl"

by David Galloway Lindsay

"Adventures of The Great Marlo and The Blue Pearl" by David Galloway Lindsay
United Kingdom -- When David Galloway Lindsay was just twelve, he packed up what he had of his life in Edinburgh and left to join the circus. Fifty years after his story ends, David's Grandson, Gary Marwick, is recounting it to the world in 'Adventures of the Great Marlo & The Blue Pearl.' It sends readers on a global journey where they will see David's life inside the circus, through two World Wars, hunting for the 'Blue Pearl' and later finding international fame with his daughter as "The Great Marlo and Georgina" duo.

Synopsis: The story unfolds, as seen through the eyes of David -- "The Great Marlo", who left his home in Edinburgh, Scotland at the age of 12 to join a travelling circus where he met Marko a magician who tells him the story of 'The Blue Pearl'. Deep below the surface of Buddha's birthplace in Lumbini lies the sacred Buddha Stone, which holds the secret of the Blue Pearl! What is the secret that the Blue pearl possesses? Through his adventures all is uncovered and brought to light Filled with mysticism and intrigue the great adventure unfolds, covering the period from the late 1800's to the 1960's and crossing the continents of India, USA, Canada and Europe. We see truth and enlightenment on a spiritual journey revealed before our eyes. David Galloway Lindsay later became well known as an escapologist (The British Houdini) a magician, a palmist, and a performer with mind reading skills. Working with his son Roy, and later on his daughter Georgina, he performed with the BBC and theatres around Great Britain, and some parts of the USA, going on to become famous as "The Great Marlo and Georgina".

"It all started for me when he sat me down in 1962 and started to tell me about his life joining the circus, living through the wars, stowing away to Canada, working at sea and then finally carving his own fame by performing escapology outside the Tower of London which was the prelude to his television career. But this book isn't just about his life; he has a powerful message to share. My grandfather's experience was one ruled by magic, mysticism, self-awareness and enlightenment."

Gary Markwick is much sought after by people wishing to transform their lives for the better. He regularly holds group and corporate workshops on breaking out of negative modes of thinking and taking charge of destiny. Gary enjoys international fame as a palmist and spiritual healer and during a 20-year career, has made numerous appearances in the national media, including, BBC television, Sky TV and the News of the World. He has read the palms of celebrities including comedian, Phil Jupitus of BBC's Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Q.I. , and most notably, (from a palm print) President Barack Obama before his 2004 electoral campaign. Adventures of The Great Marlo and The Blue Pearl, is Gary's second book. He is based in North London, UK.

No. 8

"Life of a Salesman"

by Rupert Harry Miller

"Life of a Salesman" by Rupert Harry Miller
United Kingdom--'Life of a Salesman' spills the beans on the good, the bad, the ugly and even illegal things Miller has witnessed having sold around the world. But, humour aside, the memoir is perhaps most emotive for its poignant account of the author's brother's death and how it changed his life.

Synopsis: Wry, tongue-in-cheek, this most entertaining and affecting autobiographical memoir tells the story of Rupert Miller, a man born to sell. But like Willy Loman in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, or Shelly Levene in Glengarry Glen Ross, the pursuit of a sales career has an unexpectedly high price. Rupert Miller's tale starts in childhood, his youthful, entrepreneurial spirit fuelling such ventures as 'Take the Blame' and 'Georgieporgiepuddingandpie', the latter requiring payment in return for kissing girls. An onerous task, indeed. Unhappily, because of his improper banking methods (even then), Rupert's mother becomes aware of these activities. Swift action by his father dispatches him first to boarding school and then into the military, where the strict Army rules would hinder, but not rule out, imaginative sales opportunities.

After a final stint for the Army in Kenya, and some highly amusing stories involving, for instance, a spinach-farting hippopotamus, Rupert finds himself in Eastern Europe selling timeshares in Spain. The awkward 1990's represent an incongruous mix of Eastern-bloc values and capitalistic tastes, and provide rich material for the author. Here he is just one of a bizarre cast of characters, involving briefcases stuffed with counterfeit notes, Mafia men in blazers and moustachioed female hotel front-desk staff -- not to mention the legions of prostitutes, who want nothing but to 'love you in your room'. Yet for all Rupert Miller's hugely enjoyable 1990's tales, tragedies befall the Miller family at home. His beloved brother Julian, a Haemophiliac, develops AIDS due to the then contaminated blood supplies. His father dies suddenly on a road trip to Poland; and his son, Patryk, is born with a life-altering birth defect. But love and stability finally arrives in the form of the beautiful Kasia. Can he, the professional salesman that he is, 'close the deal' and make her his wife?

"Life was a non-stop rollercoaster of adrenaline until my brother and hundreds of other Haemophiliacs contracted AIDS from contaminated blood supplies," explains Miller. "With only six-thousand people in the country suffering the affliction, it's not a 'high priority' when it comes to funding research or providing provisions for those disabled by their symptoms. That's when it struck me -- I've got an amazing story to tell, so why not throw it all into a book to raise some of that money? So, now I am on a mission to sell millions of copies and help raise money around the world.

Rupert Harry Miller currently designs orangeries, conservatories and garden rooms. He started formulating this book 21 years ago in Poland and over time it has developed into an autobiographical memoir which he hopes will help raise money for haemophiliacs globally.

No. 9

"Second Chance"

by Robert T. Kiyosaki

"Second Chance" by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Once Upon a Time...America was the richest creditor nation in the world; A person went to school, got a job, retired young, and lived happily ever after; All you had to do was buy a house, and when your house went up in value you were rich; All you had to do was invest in the stock market, and when the stock market went up you were rich and A college degree meant higher pay, age was an asset and a retired person could count on Social Security and Medicare to take care of them. Unfortunately, today, the fairly tale has ended according to Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of the international bestseller, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and founder of The Rich Dad Company. "The world has changed and continues to change, yet many of our leaders continue to implement the same Industrial Age solutions to solve Information Age problems," says Robert. "If our leaders are unwilling to change, it's up to individuals to make new and different decisions about their money and their lives, decisions that can make a difference in our world and give them a second chance."

In "Second Chance -- for Your Money, Your Life and Our World" (January 6, 2015), Robert details the three parts of our financial lives: the past, present and future. Through reflecting on the past, readers will learn how we got into the financial crisis we're in today and what we can learn from the past. Armed with lessons from the past, readers will then have the chance to make new decisions from the present for a better and brighter financial future. Finally, in looking to the future, readers will learn how to guide themselves and their loved ones through the turbulent financial crisis, giving everyone a second chance for their money and life. A global advocate for the power of financial education for nearly 20 years, Robert's style is direct and contrarian. In Second Chance, he uses the lessons from the past and a brutal assessment of the present to prepare readers to see and seize the future.

Robert T. Kiyosaki has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money. He is an entrepreneur, educator, and investor who believes the world needs more entrepreneurs. With perspectives on money and investing that often contradict conventional wisdom, Robert has earned an international reputation for straight talk, irreverence, and courage and has become a passionate and outspoken advocate for financial education.

Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are founders of The Rich Dad Company, a financial education company, and creators of the CASHFLOW games. In 2014, the company leveraged the global success of the Rich Dad games with the launch of new and breakthrough offerings in mobile and online gaming as well as Rich Dad's CLUTCH, a digital learning platform.

The author of 19 books, Robert has been a featured guest with media outlets in every corner of the world, including Oprah, Larry King Live, Bloomberg TV, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. His newest book, Second Chance -- for Your Money, Your Life and Our World, is set for release on January 6, 2015 and will be followed by 8 Lessons in Military Leadership for Entrepreneurs in May 2015. To learn more about Robert, The Rich Dad Company, and Second Chance, visit or connect with Robert on Facebook and Twitter. Second Chance will be available on Amazon.

No. 10

"The Payoff Principle"

By Alan Zimmerman, PhD

"The Payoff Principle" By Alan Zimmerman, PhD
A problem many individuals face today is getting the most out of both their personal and professional lives. Dr. Alan Zimmerman points out, "Life is tough, work is challenging, relationships are demanding. And it takes an extraordinary amount of clarity, energy, and skill to bring it all come together in a positive and productive way."

The good news is you can have all the personal happiness and professional success you desire -- as long as you are following the right formula. That formula is revealed in "The Payoff Principle: Discover the 3 Secrets for Getting What You Want Out of Life and Work" available March 5th, 2015. Dr. Zimmerman's research says the formula for rampant success is: Purpose + Passion + Process = Payoff.

"When you find Purpose in what you do, exhibit Passion for the outcome, and master the Process to make it happen, you produce the Payoffs you want, need and deserve in every domain of your life," says Dr. Zimmerman. "Of course, a few people achieve this through dumb luck. When you understand and implement the payoff principle, however, you eliminate the guesswork and gain a practical set of strategies that are guaranteed to deliver greater happiness and success."

The Payoff Principle empowers you, the reader, to take responsibility for your own life and success instead of waiting for it to happen. Further, The Payoff Principle reveals the skills and tactics you need to get extraordinary payoffs on and off the job.

Alan Zimmerman, PhD has spoken to more than one million people across the United States and around the world, giving them the tools they need to achieve their goals on and off the job. As a prominent, sought- after author and speaker, Dr. Zimmerman works with a variety of organizations and professional associations. His clients universally characterize him as genuine, down-to-earth, practical, and powerful. He has received numerous awards and honors for his contributions in the fields of attitude, communication, leadership, and speaking. Most recently, the National Speakers Association awarded him its highest honor, the Council of Peers Award of Excellence.

The Payoff Principle: Discover the 3 Secrets for Getting What You Want Out of Life and Work will be available on March 5th, 2015 from, and through all major booksellers

No. 11

"Coffin for Two"

by Peter Wategay

"Coffin for Two" by Peter Wategay
KUALA LUMPUR -- The Dayak people are made up of hundreds of different ethnic groups in Borneo, each with their own dialects and customs, but with a unified sense of culture. Unfortunately as time marches forward that sense of culture is diminishing.

Author Peter Wategay brings his roots to light in his new novel, "Coffin for Two." Wategay explores the history of the Dayak people while sharing the deep cultural beliefs in an action-adventure story written in the vein of classic literature.

"The Dayak people were a powerfully spiritual group," Wategay said. "The connections between man, spirits and nature are essential to understanding our history, but as our local jungles have disappeared so has the culture that was tied to them."

As the world becomes truly global the Dayak people have adopted modern technologies, new agricultural techniques and left their original religions for Christianity or Islam. Wategay provides a peek into their origins while hoping to spark interest in their culture for the next generation.

"Coffin for Two" takes Borneo's history and wraps it into poignant tale of love, bravery and revenge as one Dayak sacrifices everything to avenge his friend's death.

Peter Wategay has a bachelors degree in philosophy from the University of London as well as a diploma in business studies. He was born and raised in a Dayak mountain village. Wategay is an avid reader of classic literature and channels those influences into his writing to help shed light on the dying animistic culture of his community.

"Coffin for Two"
by Peter Wategay
Partridge Pub. Singapore
Published June 2014
ISBN-13: 9781482823455
ISBN-10: 1482823454
392 Pages
Paperback $25
EB-Retail price: $4.99

No. 12

"Chester the Cedar Christmas Tree"

by Pat Keith

"Chester the Cedar Christmas Tree" by Pat Keith
Pat Keith's new illustrated storybook, 'Chester the Cedar Christmas Tree', teaches children how to defy all odds.

Chester the Cedar Christmas Tree, written by Pat Keith, presents a compelling and highly relatable story for children and parents alike. The narrative follows a young cedar tree planted in the center of the valley who longs to grow tall and strong like the other cedar trees in the grove. Once named and chosen for a very special responsibility by a young girl, Chester sets out on a mission of becoming "the perfect Christmas tree". Chester endures loneliness, ridicule, fear, and physical stress until the subsequent winter to achieve his dreams, teaching children the importance of mental toughness and goal setting.

It is important to teach perseverance to young ones, so that they are able to exhibit resilience in the face of hardship. Through Chester's tale, young readers learn that on every path lies obstacles of different magnitudes, but, with hard work, dreams can come true. Keith communicates through her narrative that every dream, regardless of its attainability, should be pursued. Like Chester's dream of becoming a Christmas tree, readers learn that they must aspire to become a better version of themselves. The trees in the cedar grove that once tormented Chester for being so small later gaze upon the brightly lit and decorated beauty of his branches from across the valley. His bullies' initial feelings of superiority are replaced by feelings of admiration and pride.

Keith's charming children's book is the perfect gift for young ones this holiday season. In the spirit of Christmas, Chester's story brings about seasonal cheer through its beautiful illustrations and inspirational message. Little readers will enjoy this enchanting Christmas tale around the fire on Christmas Eve, reading and drinking hot cocoa with the entire family.

"Chester the Cedar Christmas Tree"
by Pat Keith
Bookstand Publishing
Published 11/15/2012
ISBN-13: 9781618633781
26 Pages
Hardcover $18

No. 13

"Fly Away Free"

by Anne Turner Coppola

"Fly Away Free" by Anne Turner Coppola
TAMPA, Fla. - In the United States alone families adopted more than 7,000 children in 2012. Some of these children will face struggles with understanding their adoption. Tessie Farrell knows exactly how they feel.

"Fly Away Free", the novel by Anne Turner Coppola, begins with Tessie Farrell, an older woman living in South Florida during the cold winter months of northern New York. When taking her morning walk with her dog, Heidi, she rescues a baby osprey. After taking the baby osprey home and caring for the bird, she lies down to rest and is transported back in time, as a young girl growing up on a dairy farm in northern New York

In "Fly Away Free", Coppola invites readers to follow Tessie Farrell, a young girl devastated after learning she is adopted, and of her struggles to understand why she was unwanted by her biological parents. Bullied by her classmates and isolated from other children, Tessie creates a fantasy world with the aid of her pet horse, Dolly and two pet geese.

Through Tessie's courage and determination, the love of her adoptive parents, and the friendship of an older woman, Tessie overcomes her struggles to discover who she is and her place in her family.

Anne Turner Coppola earned her bachelor's and master's degree in teaching. As an educator, she taught elementary, middle, and high school students. Her empathy for children who were adopted stemmed from her virtual loss of both parents at a young age. Her father died when she was ten and her mother was hospitalized two years later. Anne was placed in a foster home until she entered college at 17. While in her first year of college, she met her then Air Force husband. After battling breast cancer for eight years, Coppola died in 2012. Coppola is also the author of "The Last Panther", and "The Ghost of the Dunes".

"Fly Away Free"
by Anne Turner Coppola
Xlibris Publishing
Published July 21, 2014
ISBN-10: 1499049161
ISBN-13: 978-1499049169
142 pages
Hardcopy $27
Softcover $17
E-book $4

No. 14

"The Dao of Doug: The Art of Driving a Bus or Finding Zen in San Francisco Transit: A Bus Driver's Perspective"

By Douglas Meriwether

"The Dao of Doug: The Art of Driving a Bus or Finding Zen in San Francisco Transit: A Bus Driver's Perspective" By Douglas Meriwether
SAN FRANCISCO -- Of all places to find peace, quiet and contentment, one wouldn't think of a big city bus to top the list. Douglas Meriwether, or Driver Doug as he likes to call himself, is probably one of the only exceptions. The veteran San Francisco transit operator finds life lessons in just about every aspect of his daily job and hopes to share those with others. In Meriwether's new book, "The Dao of Doug: The Art of Driving a Bus or Finding Zen in San Francisco Transit: A Bus Driver's Perspective," he outlines helpful tips and tricks for other bus drivers learning the trade and passengers, whether new to public transportation or daily riders. Useful tips include: The best times to ride; What items you need to bring on the bus; What info you need to know to reach your desired destination and Best practices for entering and exiting the vehicle. Meriwether describes the book as a guide on how to ride a trolley bus in San Francisco and appreciate public transportation for reasons many tend to forget.

"It's a view from the trolley cockpit and how to apply safe driving techniques to real life," Meriwether said. "I wrote this book for new operators who just finished training and for newly arrived city dwellers, unfamiliar about getting around San Francisco. I hope I can increase awareness for the way it was before the car became king."

This book was meant to be read in short doses, such as a chapter a day, like in a meditation book. This explains why some common points come up in more than one chapter, and repeat. This was intentional. These chapters are more like a weekly blog on a social media website, and were posted as such to be like a topic of the day. So who is this book meant for? If I learned anything from my grade school speech teacher, or my university creative writing professor, one of the first ups is: Who is your audience? I would say I have several groups of people in mind for this book. First, students in the training division who have recently applied for a job as a transit operator. Second, those considering a job for the city. And third, passengers who have wondered what we go through, or how do we handle doing such a job. (First Paragraph of free Preview at Balboapress) There is much to know about being a bus driver. It takes about thirty-five days to train a new employee. But as Doug points out, some skills come through experience that takes years to develop. This “guidebook” or “rule book” contains material needed to choose your style on how to pay at the fare box and where to stand while waiting for the bus. Plus a philosophy on how to maintain dignity and peace when the going gets tough. (Overview at Balboapress) For more information visit

Douglas Meriwether has been a transit operator for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) for 16 years. Meriwether currently resides in San Francisco where he works nights as a bus driver on Mission Street.

"The Dao of Doug: The Art of Driving a Bus or Finding Zen in San Francisco Transit: A Bus Driver's Perspective"
By Douglas Meriwether
ISBN: 978-1-4525-6650-4 (e-Book)
ISBN: 978-1-4525-6651-1 (hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-4525-6649-8 (softcover)
Balboa Press online bookstores.

No. 15

"GPS for America"

by Abel Gashe

"GPS for America" by Abel Gashe
WASHINGTON -- In a now infamous YouTube clip from "The Newsroom", presidential candidate, Will McAvoy creates unrest when he argues that America is no longer the greatest country in the world.

In a stark contrast, first generation Ethiopian immigrant and business professional, Abel Gashe still believes in the 'land of opportunity'. He cites the United States' individual autonomy and strong spiritual foundation as reasons for continued global supremacy. Gashe's new book, "GPS for America" is an appraisal and evaluation of American society and politics. Offering a pragmatic and positive outlook, the book lauds the political, social, economic and spiritual foundations of America while providing minor critiques.

"I strive to pay tribute to the U.S. and its people for granting me and millions of others the kind of freedom I was unable to attain in my home country," Gashe said. "While the American Union is imperfect, it remains the greatest nation in the world."

A pragmatic but positive outlook on the American reality in the bountiful land by a first generation immigrant from Gojjam, Ethiopia, the author tries to help the reader develop a generic framework in understanding the evolving American reality since the founders took the bold step in 1776 to write an audacious proposal that "all men are created equal," endowed by the creator with "inalienable rights." The analysis in the book begins by framing the constitutional bases of the nation as a four dimensional compass. Using what he terms as the American GPS, he leads the reader to have a snapshot on the structure of American government, citizenship, church and state, legal, economic, political and foreign policy issues to show that in fact what is manifesting in the American socio-political topology is not a random act but an in-built, systemic transfiguration in creating the opportunity for all children of Adam to realize their God given inalienable rights, being Geezans (freely roaming citizens of the universe) in fulfilling the vision of the nation. (From the overview at Xlibris Books)

Abel Gashe was born and raised in Gojjam, Ethiopia. He immigrated to the United States 23 years ago to pursue higher education. As a first generation immigrant, Gashe has remained fascinated by the way the American system of governance functions. He is currently living with his family in Falls Church, Va.

"GPS for America"
by Abel Gashe
Xlibris Books
Published 9/12/2014
400 Pages
Hardcover $27
Softcover $19
E-book $4

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