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R.P. BenDedek

Multiculturalism: The Loss of Culture
By R.P.BenDedek
Sep 27, 2009 - 7:16:28 AM

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This article is the final article in a series of four on the topic of Cultural Marxism and it's use of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness to destroy the fabric of Western society. (Unabridged Version)

At the end of the previous section of this four part series on Multiculturalism, I made the following statement:

  • While nothing in this article is designed to give the impression that there is something intrinsically wrong with having or living in a multicultural society, what this article stridently wishes to point out is, that when a population is denied the democratic right to free speech and dissent; when a society is denied the right to have and to hold thoughts and opinions that are not officially sanctioned; when a society is forbidden to express their fears and concerns about another culture, then that society is not only no longer a 'free and democratic' society, but is in fact living within a totalitarian state.

We in our western democracies share an abhorrence for communism and other totalitarian regimes, but it seems that as long as we sugar coat our 'loss of freedoms', we really don't mind living in totalitarian societies. We like to believe that we are a free and democratic society that is very egalitarian and accepting of others, but it is my belief that "our thinking and many of our cultural beliefs are no less a result of 'political and media propaganda', than are those of people raised in totalitarian states". (Western Socialisation Versus Life in China Pt. 1)

When it comes to the issue of culture and multiculture, we like to believe that we are in fact accepting of the 'other'. But as has been pointed out in this series, the elites and the powers that be, have often already taken the surgeon's knife to those foreign cultures even before their carriers arrive.

The fiction that is then created and circulated throughout the various media for our general consumption, is that these foreign cultures 'add' to the composite whole of society and that we should partake of them with gusto. But I believe, and am on record as having said, that The 'political' entity called multiculturalism, is something that tries to raise 'foreign cultures' to some imaginary 'aspirational height' whose value exceeds and therefore should replace our own homespun generic varieties. (Western Socialisation Versus Life in China Pt. 2)

I stated in the article quoted above that there are ways of thinking, acting and living in some foreign cultures that you as an individual might not find appropriate. In this I was not talking about things like circumcision or having 4 wives, but quite ordinary things which are unacceptable in our own societies.

In China it is a common sight to see men urinating on the street. Would you want that in your country? No? Why not? It is the most basic of human necessities, and the only reason that you would find it objectionable is that you have been brought up to find it disgusting. In China however, the foreigner soon gets used to this circumstance, and it is not long before he finds himself acting in the same cultural mode as every Chinese, which is to say, that he simply does not look; is not offended; and does not care about it.

When I lived in Suzhou, it was a common sight in Summer to see fathers in their underwear washing their naked kids on the footpath in the evenings. This at first is quite a shock but before long you find yourself doing what everyone else does; you simply don't look.

Why in the minds of Chinese people is such behaviour not shocking, disgusting or deserving of police action? Answer: Because it is normal!

In the article Western Socialisation Versus Life in China Part.2, written many years ago now, I provided some information relating to an article entitled: Cultural Adjustment Part II and the Downfall of American Socialization : 2003-11-25  Xu Jia Hui, Shanghai, China.

That article describes the authors growing awareness of how media plays a significant role in forming our worldviews. I quote:

  • He commences his story by relating his shock when he left Hawaii to live in San Francisco, and for the first time observed openly homosexual behaviour; something which he would not find shocking now. He then continues on to general shocks that one encounters in China, such as 'crippled and deformed individuals begging on the streets, 'one nostril' nose-blowers, pajama wearers in the ritzy department stores ...'
  • From these observations he moves on to recount an event which saw himself, a black african man, and a 14 year old girl all together in an apartment watching an NBA video. I quote here in parts: 'during our discussions, me, a fourteen year old girl and the West African guy found that we all shared an interest in American NBA basketball ... we decided to get together to watch the yet unseen DVD ... Think about the situation for a moment. Would this arrangement pass muster in the USA? A fourteen year old girl and two men; one of them being a black. Certainly none of us see nothing wrong with arrangement and it appears innocent enough..... It then occurred to me how the American Media has shaped my way of thinking and the brainwashing effect which is finally wearing off.'

Media plays an important role in promoting all sorts of agendas, not the least of which are the activist agendas. In Part.1 of the article on Western Socialisation, I provided an excerpt from an article that challenges the concepts of American multiculturalists, adhering to a philosophical and pedagogical belief in the relative value and equality of all cultures.

Becoming the Other: China's Challenges to American Teachers by Tony Giffone.  

But the dilemma for American teachers is compounded by the fact that while they may have never thought of themselves as particularly American before teaching in China, they would have defined themselves, more or less, as multiculturalists, adhering to a philosophical and pedagogical belief in the relative value and equality of all cultures.

What happens to one's multicultural beliefs when one comes into contact with aspects of another culture that one does not like? How does one adjust the image of oneself as a person who celebrates cultural difference when one finds one's reactions increasingly ethnocentric?

While all Americans in China are bound to feel an element of culture shock, the culture shock is greater, I think, for American teachers because these questions are bound to apply to teachers in China more than, say, to business people.

American business people go to China armed with the inherent belief in the superiority of American capitalism and find in China a reconfirmation of that belief. But American teachers go to China armed with the inherent belief in the equality of all cultures and find their commitment to this principle challenged daily.

Ironically, the Americans least challenged by China are right-wing Republicans; the Communist campaign against bourgeois liberalism is not that different from the American right-wing campaign against secular humanism.

American liberals - and how many English teachers do you know who don't consider themselves on the liberal half of the political divide? - find that the things that the Chinese most embrace about America (unbridled laissez-faire economics, unchecked technological growth) are the very things that most American teachers dislike about America.

Notice that last paragraph: The things which American liberals dislike about America are the very things which the Chinese do like about America. And the converse is also true. So many American Liberal causes and beliefs, are not culturally acceptable to the Chinese, and dare I say it, to Muslims and other Religious persons. Liberal and multicultural activists and ideologues should bear in mind that many of the beneficiaries of their ideology which demands acceptance of foreign culture, actually strongly oppose many of those ideologies, including homosexuality.

In China, one begins to wonder if it is something genetic, or possibly relating to strict Government control over what can be seen on television, that leaves Chinese people free to live their lives unfettered by 'dark fears' of 'men' and 'dirty old men'. Furthermore, you begin to wonder why it is that what is demonstrative of genuine love for someone of the same gender in China, is both 'dirty' and a sure sign that someone is 'gay' in the west.

We have to realise that our western perceptions of right and wrong are not necessarily shared by people of 'other' cultures. Furthermore, many of our perceptions may not at all have anything to do with morality or righteousness 'per se', but rather, may be the result of ideological propaganda engineered by 'vested interests'.

If multiculturalism activists demand that we 'accept' other cultures, then they are going to have to accept that many of those culture will have values that clash with our own, and that if we are truly 'multicultural' and truly 'anti-discriminatory', then we really do not have a right (politically correctly speaking) to stigmatise 'ethnic' values, just because they do clash with our own.

Let's just picture it for a moment. Let's imagine that you see some Chinese or Muslim person, (and you dislike both), and some 'S.S. type thought policeman' overhears you say something derogatory about them. What will they do? Well of course they will tell you off if you are lucky; abuse hell out of you if you are not; and beat the living daylights out of you if it is really not your day.

But let's now imagine that the Storm Trooper, having defended the 'oppressed minority', stands up and says: 'Hey Mr. Chinese man / Muslim man, welcome to our country!' - and as thanks for his actions and welcome, gets called a #$%^ homosexual! (Cause maybe he is!)

What happens to multiculturalism then? My bet is that 'minority group' person is going to get as good as you got just moments before. Why? Because there is a hierarchical power order in activist agendas. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

If we are going to accept 'other cultures' then we have to do it honestly! But the reality is that some foreign culture is just not acceptable to us, not because it is necessarily bad, (eg: urinating in the street), but because we have been brought up differently.

A true multiculturalist is one who accepts that he is not always going to approve of a different culture, but is prepared to allow the 'other' the right to their own culture. Circumcision (male and female), tattoo's, alcohol, smoking, modesty or lack thereof, women's rights, gay rights, general manners and courtesy, religion or lack thereof are just some examples of things in other cultures that we might find offensive, and of course, which they might find offensive in us.

If there is some element of another culture that we find offensive, why is it that we are called racist for saying so? After all, it is one thing to talk about multiculturalism and how we should 'respect' everyone's culture, and quite another to expose aspects of those cultures to our children whom we have raised to hold contrary values and customs.

We have a right to our beliefs, opinions and most of all, our own customs. To wish to maintain your own culture is certainly not racist, for if it were, the Chinese and the Muslims would certainly qualify as certified racists. The Chinese do not, as far as I have observed, hate people based on race. They do not look down on people because of the colour of their skin, or their religion. They do however insist that their Chinese culture is superior to foreign cultures; that Chinese Culture ought to be maintained at all costs, and that foreigners should not force their foreign ways on the Chinese.

If it could be said that 'Racism denies people the right to have and maintain their own culture, language and religion' then it could be said that activists who persecute those of us who value our personal culture over those of the 'foreigners', are racists, because they would deny us basic rights.

Cultural Marxists have been experimenting with Western Society for too long. They have gone to great lengths to see traditional Judeo-Christian culture destroyed. They long for the day when all the cultural prohibitions which have held them down and relegated them to the fringes of society, will be destroyed. They long for the day when their own 'minority' culture will be accepted as the norm. But not content to see this occur through natural change, they 'force it on society'.

Cultural change however, can only ever be successful when societal culture changes from within by the will or aquiesence of the people. Legislation and totalitarianism cannot for long force countries to change their social culture. Genuine culture merely goes into hiding, to await a day of liberty.

Moreover, just because 'we' we undervalue our own national culture (and there are many Australians like that), does not give us the right to force 'foreign culture' on our own society.

It's a difficult kettle of fish to cook, but, we cannot claim to be non discriminatory, when we discriminate against our own people, and nor can we say that we embrace other cultures, when we institute legislation to outlaw certain social 'norms' of immigrants entering our country.

When all is said and done, the problem that politically motivated multiculturalism is causing today, is that Political Correctness is Corrupting Democracy.

When we surrender our minds and emotions to the whims of militant political minorities, we are in danger of complying with all sorts of 'political depravity'. Nazism was not a 'movement', it was the result of a failure to discriminately 'move' for truth, decency, and honesty, and a failure to 'move' against tyranny, threats, and terrorism. (Racism, Intolerance and Discrimination)

When elites start thinking of us as being like rats or children to be prodded toward this social goal or that, it's the beginning of the end of our Republic. (Max Borders: TCS Daily)

Freedom requires vigilence and determination. Activist agendas only require silent passive assent. Let us keep our multicultural societies free and democratic. If that is not possible, then we must give up something that we cherish and believe to be our right to have and to hold.

Democracy or Totalitarianism - Which will you choose?



R.P.BenDedek is the pseudonym of the Author of 'The King's Calendar: The Secret of Qumran' (, and is a guest columnist at Magic City Morning Star News. An Australian, he is currently teaching Conversational English in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China.

BenDedek Social Commentaries at Magic City

"The King's Calendar" is a chronological study of the historical books of the Bible (Kings and Chronicles), Josephus, Seder Olam Rabbah, and the (Essene) Damascus Document of The Dead Sea Scrolls.

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