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R.P. BenDedek

Magic City Book Basket 2015 No. 19
By R.P. BenDedek
Jun 7, 2015 - 3:12:31 AM

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"Magic City Book Basket 2015" brings to the attention of readers via publication of publicity material, various new book releases. This year the frequency of publication and number of books in each basket will vary and while we still have book reviewers at Magic City we unfortunately can't do book reviews for every book. We are still offering to assist authors in promoting their books via a "No Charge - No Pay" self-promotions service. We invite authors to send in 'stand alone' articles on a topic that readership might find interesting.

  • This is not an opportunity to rehash publicity material and authors should not use their book title as the article title.
  • When we publish author articles, we do include author bios and a photograph of the book cover and additionally add the link to a purchase page.

We are extremely grateful to those authors who took advantage of this offer in 2014 and a list of those authors and their articles for July-Dec 2014 may be found here. At the end of last year our book reviewers cut back on their book requests while waiting to see what changes would occur with a new editor in 2015. With the book baskets now recommenced our reviewers have once again started requesting books and once those books are received and read, will once again be offering us their reviews. (Books Reviewed July to December 2014)

Author Articles Since Basket No. 18

(No author articles this week)

Book Reviews Published Since Basket No. 18

Milt Gross Book Review: "Backpacks, Boots and Baguettes" by Simon Calder and Mick Webb
May 31, 2015

My understanding is this trail along the Pyrenees crossed many roads as well as rough places including hard climbing. Many times the two described their coming down a trail to a road and walking along the road. Their overnights were far different from the Appalachian Trail, as well. They seldom camped and spent most nights in hotels or inns with adequate meals.

R.P. BenDedek

No. 1

"Captain Hawk"

By SJ Garland

"Captain Hawk" By SJ Garland
International author, SJ Garland is pleased to announce the release of her new historical fiction novel, Captain Hawk.

Singapore 1823. The East India Company is in full pursuit of wealth and glory expanding the dominance of the United Kingdom around the world. Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles saw the potential in a tiny settlement on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and knew it would be ideal for a free port. It would soon become one of the busiest and most lucrative ports in the East India Company's portfolio, attracting merchants and pirates to its wharves.

Nathaniel Hawk arrives just before Christmas in order to spend the holidays with his father, Captain Sebastian Hawk, a famous East India Company Captain. Trained to captain his own ship, Nathaniel turned away from a life at sea in order to chase a life of gambling and adventure on land. He arrives in the East India Company's latest free port intent on continuing his hedonistic pursuits.

When word reaches Singapore Captain Sebastian Hawk has finally been bested in a battle at sea with a ghost ship, none is more shocked that his son. Nathaniel will look for answers in the newly built colonial houses of the rich merchants as well as the opium dens of the slums looking for answers to his father's disappearance. Only a return to sea will lead to the truth, but does he have the skill to seek out the ghost ship and learn its secrets?

SJ Garland writes historical adventure novels set in the times she would like to have lived. Or at least thinks she would have! Originally from Vancouver Canada, Garland has spent a decade traveling around the world and enjoyed eating her way through many different cultures. She is currently living in Singapore and contemplating getting a gold fish. Garland loves skiing, cooking, rugby and of course, sampling the great wines from around the world.

"Captain Hawk"
By SJ Garland
Maple Kakapo Limited
Published: May 2015
ISBN: 978-0473319236
Pages: 308
Softcover $13
Kindle $0

No 2

"Dogs Don't Talk"

By Nancy May

"Dogs Don't Talk" By Nancy May
WASHINGTON, DC -- Wrestling is a true test of skill and mental fortitude: a one-on-one battle to outmuscle and outsmart an opponent. Unfortunately, the same display of will power does not always result in success off the mat -- especially in high school hallways.

In Nancy May's new novel, Dogs Don't Talk, sixteen-year-old Ben McDowell has found success in the gym, but struggles nearly everywhere else. Soft-spoken and a little awkward, Ben is often teased by teammates and hopeless when it comes to talking to girls. Perhaps more pressing, though, are the challenges of dealing with his family -- including a mother who talks more frequently with the dog than she does with him and an autistic brother who communicates by singing Beatles' songs.

May was inspired to write the book by events in her own life. With firsthand knowledge of the unique joys and frustrations that come from having an autistic child, May sought to ground her story with an uncommon perspective.

"With autism so prevalent, I felt there needed to be a voice for those siblings growing up amid these struggles that families with autistic children have," May said.

Sixteen year old Benjamin McDowell - a wrestler and an honor student - is entering his junior year of high school and still not fitting in; either at home, where the family dog Rosie and his autistic brother get most of his mother's attention, or at school, where his teammates taunt him over being a bookworm. Life is pretty bad when you're jealous of an old mutt and an autistic brother, Benjamin thinks to himself. If only he knew how to talk to girls, he could achieve both his goals: get a reasonably hot looking girlfriend and thus, get respect from his wrestling teammates. (Read more overview at iUniverse)

Nancy May grew up in Columbia, South Carolina. After graduating from the University of South Carolina with a journalism degree, she moved to New York City and worked in publishing. She is currently a freelance writer and lives in Virginia with her family. Dogs Don't Talk was inspired by situations from her own life, including having a child with autism.

"Dogs Don't Talk"
By Nancy May
iUniverse Corp
Published 1/27/2015
ISBN: 978-1-49175-666-9
220 pages
Softcover $16
Hardcover $26
E-book $3

No. 3

3. "50! The Life, Loves & Psyche of a Male Mid-life Crisis: Vol 1 - The Journey"

by Cory Y. Standby

"50! The Life, Loves & Psyche of a Male Mid-life Crisis: Vol 1 - The Journey" by Cory Y. Standby
United Kingdom -- While the market is currently awash with memoirs, few if any men are willing to let readers inside their mind for a no-holds-barred look at life through their eyes. In his powerful new book, Cory Y Standby does just that. It's unique to say the least. '50!: "THE LIFE, LOVES & PSYCHE OF A MALE MID-LIFE CRISIS', the first in a new series, pulls no punches when exploring life's harsh spectrum. Described as uplifting, funny and poignant -- every reader will learn something new about their own life.

Synopsis: This is the story of life. It is about love and relationships; about the importance of family; about how real life and human emotions invariably mess each of these up. It looks at death, divorce and dating; losing loved ones; family feuds and other intertwined issues; grief and stress and how we seek to cope (or spectacularly fail to do so) with all that fate and fortune throws at us on our journey through life. It is a series of personal anecdotes intertwined with the author's view of the world, both then as it happened and especially now he is older and hopefully much wiser. It is written with the benefit of hindsight. If he had had such clarity and understanding at the time, much of it would never have happened. But he didn't. As we all know: "To be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid"

"When I started my law career as a young man, I really did think I knew it all," admits Standby. However, having now hit my middle ages, I'm well aware of the benefit of hindsight. This book comprises everything I have been through and learned, in the hope it will help readers better evaluate their own lives. From being a divorced dad to experiencing the gamut of life's emotions and also being blessed with many unique experiences in and around the city of London -- I now expose all. It's a great tonic for men who are afraid to show the world their true emotional colours, and it provides fascinating insight for women who thought they knew it all about men!"

Cory Y. Standby is a former successful City of London lawyer who quit his job to dedicate more time to his growing young family.

No. 4

"Rings of Smoke"

By Diane O'Toole

"Rings of Smoke" By Diane O'Toole
United Kingdom -- While most authors use their debut novel to do nothing but test the literary waters, a compelling upcoming release by Diane O'Toole is proof that a first book could also present an opportunity to rival a genre's bestsellers. 'Rings of Smoke' is dark and disturbing to say the least; a journey through the evil side of the human condition where even family members are barely safe from harm.

Synopsis: Erin Fallon is the eldest daughter of an Irish immigrant who took his family to a small town on the Lancashire/Cumbria border for what he believed to be a better life. It was what her mother wanted, but once she got it, it wasn't enough. She had to have more. Leonard Fitch is an eminent neurosurgeon. His mother was never satisfied either, and her constant demands led to his father being killed in a motor accident. Leonard loved his father; he was the only person to treat him with kindness and affection. He hated his mother but could never stand up to her. Tormented and ridiculed throughout his childhood, Leonard swore to exact revenge on womankind in general, but mothers in particular. At a secluded lodge in the depths of Bleazedale Forest, for four years he carries out the most abominable atrocities with impunity. He takes girls on their birthday and keeps them holed up for a full twelve months before killing them and sending their mothers a birthday card with a picture of their beloved little girl, dead and with their severed feet placed either side of their head.

"I wanted to break convention and release something far more intense and tumultuous than the average new novel," explains O'Toole. "The most disturbing bit was actually my research. Not only did I spend dozens of hours reading about the psychology behind murder, but I meticulously researched policing methods from the 1970s. Remember -- this was a time when handheld technology and the internet was nothing but a pipedream -- instead requiring blood, sweat and tears to turn a cold case into something with leads. We are crowdfunding the final stage of the book's production and, while initial sales have been strong, I require around two hundred more pre-orders to ensure that the release goes ahead as planned. Those who have reviewed the manuscript really like the narrative, and I'm hoping my readers can escape reality and revel in something delightfully sinister."

About the author, in her own words:

Diane O'Toole was born in Manchester into a large family of seven brothers and five sisters. For "Rings of Smoke", I drew on real life experiences, particularly in respect of the protagonist Erin Fallon. With stalkers, a runaway mother and abduction, I had the bones of what I believed was a good story. See more at: Read More at Britainsnext

No. 5

"The New One Minute Manager"

By Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson William Morrow

"The New One Minute Manager" By Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson William Morrow
New York, NY, Taking into account the drastic changes of the past three decades, this new sequel takes the timeless advice of the original book to a new level for modern readers. The original "The One Minute Manager," first published in 1982, took the world by storm. Over the years it has sold more than 15 million copies and been translated into more than 42 languages, making it one of the most influential books about managing work and life. "The New One Minute Manager" is as compelling today as "The One Minute Manager" was thirty years ago. Staying true to the original, the book is a parable of a young man searching for a great manager. "'The New One Minute Manager' realizes that today, the old top-down style doesn't work, as people want to bring their brains to work. Leadership is a partnership, rather than a superior-subordinate relationship," says Blanchard about the evolution of the book's content.

"People are different today," Johnson adds, "They want to find more meaning in their work and be appreciated for what they contribute."

Attesting to the timeliness and relevance of Blanchard and Johnson's new book, Clare Diaz-Ortiz, former VP of Social Innovation & Corporate Philanthropy at Twitter, Inc, says, "I'm thrilled with 'The New One Minute Manager,' because it recognizes how much the world has changed." Through a concise, easy-to-read format, "The New One Minute Manager" teaches readers updated versions of the Three Secrets of leading others. After reading "The New One Minute Manager," readers will learn how to leverage One Minute Goals, One Minute Praisings, and One Minute Re-Directs to get better results today. For more information on "The New One Minute Manager"--including a free sample chapter, shareable graphics, and purchasing information--visit

Ken Blanchard, PhD, is the Chief Spiritual Officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies and a highly sought-after author, speaker, and business consultant. His perennial international bestsellers include "Raving Fans," "Gung Ho!," and "Whale Done!" He lives in California.

Spencer Johnson, MD, is the author of numerous international bestsellers, including the #1 New York Times bestselling classic, "Who Moved My Cheese?." After graduating with a BA in psychology from the University of Southern California, he received his MD from the Royal College of Surgeons and completed medical clerkships at the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School. He lives in New England.

"The New One Minute Manager"
By Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson William Morrow
Harper Collins Publishing
Published 5/5/2015
ISBN: 9780062367549
112 Pages
Hardcover $23.99
E-book: 9780062376251
HarperAudio: 9780062376268

No. 6

"A Forbidden Boundary"

By Shauna Springs

"A Forbidden Boundary" By Shauna Springs
SEATTLE -- Love between two individuals is a hotly-debated topic in modern society, but history shows that there has always been someone pushing to break free from cultural norms.

"A Forbidden Boundary" by Shauna Springs is a historical drama following the life of wealthy Mary Anne Winters as she pushes social boundaries to be with the man she loves.

The romance between Romeo and Juliet has captivated audiences for generations. "A Forbidden Boundary" is reminiscent of the old play, bringing new life and social issues to modern readers. There are many boundaries labeled as forbidden that are being pushed today, shaping the culture in which we all live.

Young women face fear and uncertainty when trying to determine their life paths. The main character of the book, Mary Anne, is an example of open-mindedness, love and courage to overcome societal boundaries that can inspire readers during this essential time.

"The story is set in 1902, and it teaches that some things never change. There are still issues of racism, classism and women's rights. Sometimes you have to sacrifice everything, including family, to be with the one you love,"Springs says.

Shauna Springs immediately began working to support herself when she graduated highschool. She wants to promote the idea that, regardless of socioeconomic status, people can find happiness. "A Forbidden Boundary" is her first book. Springs currently lives in Marysville, Washington where she enjoys studying history and writing.

"A Forbidden Boundary"
By Shauna Springs
Balboa Press
Published 12/11/2014
ISBN: 978-1-45252-300-2
502 pages
Softcover $34
E-book $4

No. 7

"An Interview with the Devil: Prophecy and Thy Dead Script"

By Raymond Burt

"An Interview with the Devil: Prophecy and Thy Dead Script" By Raymond Burt
MELBOURNE, Australia -- Major headlines of war, murder and immortality are commonplace in modern society. Many people may wonder what has been the leading cause of such ills.

Raymond Burt believes that the sinful choices politicians and citizens willing make have lead the world into a terrifying descent.

His interpretation of the Bible and observations of the world shape his harsh criticism of sexual immorality and government.

"An Interview with the Devil" is inspired by an encounter with a demonic entity. Burt writes his visions of the future as a way to warn fellow believers. Each chapter outlines ideas and prophecies of what Burt believes will take place.

"Everyday we make deals and sign contracts with the devil," Burt says.

"An Interview with the Devil" envisions a demonic future, but one of humanity's own making. Burt believes that moral decline is reaping consequences that have no escape.

Raymond Burt has written 15 books. "An Interview with the Devil" was inspired by a demonic experience when Burt was very young. His life took another dramatic turn when an accident left him a paraplegic. Burt currently lives and continues to write in Glen Waverley, Australia. For more information, visit

"An Interview with the Devil: Prophecy and Thy Dead Script"
By Raymond Burt
Balboa Press
Published Jan 23, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-4525-1347-8
210 pages
Softcover $15
E-book $4

No. 8

"l hope they all manage to get a small plastic toy from the cereal box"

by Gareth Morris

"l hope they all manage to get a small plastic toy from the cereal box" by Gareth Morris
I hope they all managed to get a small plastic toy from the cereal box is based on a man who was to spend 42 years of his working life working in prisons, both in the United Kingdom and in Western Australia. During his career he was to face a prison riot, the aftermath of two subsequent prison riots, dealing with deaths in custody and having to deal with prisoners on a daily basis, some of whom had committed the most heinous crimes. He also had to deal with continual nepotism and cronyism by some elements of management that saw family and friends given employment opportunities without making any application or the positions being advertised so others would not have an opportunity to apply. Working as a Prison Officer, the author was busy with the day-to-day running of the prison and it was only as he moved up through the ranks and into an administrative role did he find that there was an ethic by some who believed in the motto: 'Do as I tell you and not what I do.' To question these unethical practices would have one 'blacklisted' and any future applications for promotion etc. would be met with failure. This book is not about the present but of past practices, although in saying that the author wonders if anyone has done anything about dealing with the nepotism and cronyism that was so openly evident. Some may criticise what the author has written but he would ask why? He believes that most below the position of management would agree in some respects and it would be the management that would be critical... and if that is the case, the saying is correct: 'The truth can sometimes hurt.'

Gareth Morris was born in the mining village of Senghenydd in South Wales. He was the youngest of seven surviving siblings and saw the hardships of the 1950s in the mining community during that time. They talk of 'the good old days', but Gareth remembers that was far from the truth. Holidays or luxuries were only things you could dream of, but what the village did have was a community spirit. Gareth left school in June 1963, aged 15, and started work in a local engineering company. During his time in the engineering company Gareth was able to complete an apprenticeship as a fabricator welder. He stayed there until 1971 when he left to join the Prison Service. Joining the Prison Service was the start of a journey that saw him spend the next 42 years working in the prison environment. Although leaving school with a basic education, Gareth was to strive to learn and be as best as he could in whatever he set out to achieve. In 1981 Gareth emigrated to Australia to join the Prison Service in Western Australia. During his working experience in Western Australia Gareth was to achieve a great deal, with some of his Operational Compliance reports being submitted to the State Parliament of Western Australia. Gareth went on to achieve the distinction of being the only external person to attend the Western Australia Police Academy, successfully completing the Prosecution Officer's course, which led him to prosecute prison-related offences in open court. He also became a member of the Prison Officers' Appeal Tribunal that sat in the District Court. In 1997 Gareth's wife of 26 years was to pass away due to complications as a result of breast cancer. Gareth retired in 2013 and returned to live in Wales.

"l hope they all manage to get a small plastic toy from the cereal box"
by Gareth Morris
Kindle Edition $9

No. 9

"Science and the Soul"

by Mike Pitman

"Science and the Soul" by Mike Pitman
United Kingdom -- While science and philosophy are sometimes at loggerheads over the simplest-sounding issues, few resources bring them together for a holistic exploration of our universe. However, Mike Pitman has spent decades teaching both humanities and science, giving him rare insight into how even apparently opposed disciplines can work together to answer the world's most pressing questions.

Synopsis: Could any immaterial factor (say, information, reason or mathematics) exert fundamental influence? How did cosmos start? Who in heaven's name am I? Where on earth did you spring from? What, if any, is the object of brief travel through the nothingness of time and space? Such child-like questions have excited and still excite the whole of philosophy and science. Are you, in answer, an agnostic? If you are this book's for you. Are you religious? Do you want to understand the natural roots round which your faith has formed? Or are you, by default, of atheistic/ materialistic faith? After all, isn't every object and event (including cosmic origin and nature of the mind) material alone? Everything, according to this modernistic view, is physical - unless a metaphysical constituent exists. This volume treats phenomena using a simple, polar framework called Natural Dialectic. Within this framework it coordinates the major scientific disciplines of information technology, physics, psychology and biology. In this it defends neither any particular holistic faith nor evolutionary materialism but instead systematically interprets current scientific evidence according to opposing but supra-religious world-views.

"A scientific world-view not profoundly and completely coming to terms with the nature of conscious mind can have no serious pretension of wholeness" sets the scene. You definitely won't have read a book like this before. Paradoxically, it's redolent with long-familiar themes yet at the same time a game-changer! If you're intrigued then come with Science and the Soul on a voyage of discovery. "I begin my book with a thought-provoking statement and question," explains Pitman. "Your body is made of cells, cells are made of chemicals, chemicals of atoms and atoms aren't alive. If atoms, molecules and cells aren't, then your body isn't. It might be a marvellous machine but it is not alive. So who are you? Are you alive or dead?"

Using a multi-disciplinary approach, this question is picked apart in great detail and presented in a way that will be of pertinence to people from all sorts of background. It also encourages readers to carry out their own further independent study. To that end, this volume could easily become a vital addition to any university library's catalogue.

Mike Pitman read Classics at Oxford and Science at the Open University. In Cambridge, where he has lived most of his life, he has taught humanities and science with, for many years, an emphasis on biology. Indeed, SAS was penned across Parker's Piece from the rooms of William Paley and Charles Darwin at Christ's College.

No. 10

"The Last Road Rebel--and Other Lost Stories"

By Robert Gilberg

"The Last Road Rebel--and Other Lost Stories" By Robert Gilberg
SAN DIEGO -- As a teenager, residents of New Bremen, Ohio might have viewed Robert Gilberg as a shiftless individual--until you got him behind the wheel of his hot Ford convertible; then he would shift like a maniac.

An influential engineer originally from the Midwest, Gilberg was instrumental during the tech boom of the 1980s and 90s when he helped design new lynchpin technology, winning an Emmy Award and eventually going on to retire as an associate vice-president at Motorola Broadband.

His memoir, "The Last Road Rebel--and Other Lost Stories," describes his transition from a teenager with little motivation to a passionate professional engineer. However lacking he was in motivation for high school, Gilberg channeled his energy into his hometown's gang of hot rod car enthusiasts, participating in club events and hoping to perform good deeds on the roads surrounding his hometown.

"Most people wouldn't imagine a simple chance meeting with a beautiful girl would be the turning point to getting a young boy's act together," Gilberg said. "In this case--along with realizing some bad choices I'd made--it was. She made me want to find a better path than the one I could see myself heading down."

Gilberg's memoir delves deeply into the car culture of the 50s and 60s Midwest; his experiences with music and the counterculture; and his adventure in professional engineering after meeting the girl of his dreams.

"I'm still a car guy, and while my musical tastes are now much broader, I still love hearing Elvis; I always will. Those days have never been far behind me," Gilberg said.

Robert Gilberg grew up in New Bremen, Ohio. After leaving, he earned an engineering degree from Ohio State University and is now retired from thirty-five years in the high-technology world of integrated circuit design, computers and digital television. Gilberg lives in his adopted homeland of Southern California with his wife, Nikki. For more information, please visit or

"The Last Road Rebel--and Other Lost Stories"
By Robert Gilberg
True Directions Pub.
Published 2/3/2015
ISBN: 978-1-4917-5723-9
266 pages
Softcover $21
E-book $5.50

No. 11

"Through the Eyes of Guilt"

by Alvin Epp

"Through the Eyes of Guilt" by Alvin Epp
VANCOUVER -- Many view guilt as a negative or crippling emotion, but can it actually be a constructive and positive sentiment?

Spiritual Life Teacher, Alvin Epp believes so. He supports this claim in his new book, "Through the Eyes of Guilt."

"Life is not meant to be lived guilt free," Epp said. "Guilt is designed to motivate us to live beyond the grip of judging ourselves and the judgments we place on others so that we can live in the freedom of discovering our true selves."

"Through the Eyes of Guilt" begins by describing guilt in the context of religion relationships and human motivation and then explores how Epp views meditation as a means to connect through a spiritual dynamic to our true selves.

(Free Preview at Balboa Press) I was listening to the radio one day, and the host made a comment that caught my attention. The comment wasn't unusual because many people throughout time have said it before. The comment caught my attention because the way it was framed begged me to listen with a curiosity about how someone might respond. The radio host was interviewing an author who had just finished writing a book about the mother heart of God. They were discussing the nature of God and how "he" is portrayed. Even right there, there was the connotation that God is male. I think most people are okay with the idea of God being a male-oriented supreme being, but is there much more to God, presuming we believe God exists, than just focusing on whether God is a male or a female entity?

Alvin and Jacquie Epp live in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He has four fantastic kids who are now well on their way in life. Alvin has two favorite pastimes: playing piano and sailing the Gulf Islands in and around Vancouver. His favorite wine: California Cult Classic. For more information or to connect with Alvin, please visit

"Through the Eyes of Guilt"
by Alvin Epp
Balboa Press
Published 9/27/2014
148 pages
Hardcover $31
Softcover $13
E-book $4

No. 12

"The Masterpiece Within"

by Claudia Church & Guy Scholz

"The Masterpiece Within" by Claudia Church
After a career spent in front of the camera appearing on shows such "Nashville" and "The Oprah Winfrey Show", Claudia Church has opened up about her successes and shortcomings in an effort to help others fulfill their own untapped potential. Her new book, "The Masterpiece Within" mixes Church's career experiences with popular culture anecdotes as well as insight those who have assisted her along her along way. Every life has a story to tell. Whether or not our lives tell an intriguing and inspiring story lies in the hands of each and every one of us. Creating an adventurous and meaningful life story is oftentimes difficult due to the layers of self-defeating personal beliefs we accumulate through our life experiences.

The Masterpiece Within: Five Key Life Skills To Becoming A Living Work Of Art, is a comprehensive, yet reader-friendly life skills manual filled with motivational stories, pop culture references from the film, music, and sports worlds, alongside ageless wisdom from ancient masters that help us chip away layers of fear, anger, discouragement, childishness, shame, low self-esteem, guilt, and numerous other learned traits that blind us to our own innate beauty.

Using the story behind the creation of Michelangelo's sculpted masterpiece, The David, as a metaphor The Masterpiece Within teaches there is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered in all of us! We must envision the masterpiece within ourselves, the same as Michelangelo could envision David beneath the flawed block of marble before he even put chisel to stone.

Guy Scholz is a three-time Canadian bestselling author, National award-winning journalist, and USA National Arena Curling Champion. He has conducted workshops and seminars in over two hundred communities throughout North America. He divides his time between Calgary, Canada and Nashville, Tennessee.

Claudia Church has attained success in the entertainment arts as a model, country music artist, and actor for over three decades. Her life passion is to help others discover and develop their dreams. She resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

"The Masterpiece Within"
by Claudia Church
Balboa Press
Published 12/22/2014
372 pages
Softcover $20
E-book $8

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