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R.P. BenDedek

Magic CIty Book Basket 2015 No. 21
By R.P. BenDedek
Jun 19, 2015 - 9:00:22 PM

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"Magic City Book Basket 2015" brings to the attention of readers via publication of publicity material, various new book releases. This year the frequency of publication and number of books in each basket will vary and while we still have book reviewers at Magic City we unfortunately can't do book reviews for every book. We are still offering to assist authors in promoting their books via a "No Charge - No Pay" self-promotions service. We invite authors to send in 'stand alone' articles on a topic that readership might find interesting.

  • This is not an opportunity to rehash publicity material and authors should not use their book title as the article title.
  • When we publish author articles, we do include author bios and a photograph of the book cover and additionally add the link to a purchase page.

We are extremely grateful to those authors who took advantage of this offer in 2014 and a list of those authors and their articles for July-Dec 2014 may be found here. At the end of last year our book reviewers cut back on their book requests while waiting to see what changes would occur with a new editor in 2015. With the book baskets now recommenced our reviewers have once again started requesting books and once those books are received and read, will once again be offering us their reviews. (Books Reviewed July to December 2014)

Author Articles Since Basket No. 20

  1. Iran and ISIS. High Moral Ground or Bloody Trenches? by Michael Moffitt author of "Granddad's Forecast for America in 2015"
  2. Embracing the Life Changing Power of Africa by James Henderson author of "Travels with King Kong: Overland Across Africa"

Book Reviews Published Since Basket No. 20

Milt Gross Book Review: "Hound-dog Man, a novel", by Fred Gipson
Jun 14, 2015

This fiction novel covers a raccoon hunt by Blackie Scantling and two boys, one of whom, Cotton Kinney, is the hero of the story. It also covers home life in the Texas outback, the threats and defeat of a bad guy, a baby being born, and other typical incidents of early-twentieth-centure rural Texas. Gipson wrote it in first person...Years ago when I was teaching, I read Gipson's books, and I highly recommend this one if your sense of adventure has remained youthful.

R.P. BenDedek

No. 1

"Life Savers"

by Tunde Alaofin

"Life Savers" by Tunde Alaofin
Ending Medical Misdiagnosis For Good. Tunde Alaofin's 'Life Savers' is a revolutionary look at how modern technologies can reduce and eliminate medical misdiagnosis

Twenty two million Americans were misdiagnosed last year and over 100,000 died as a result. Globally, misdiagnosis is responsible for millions of patient deaths every year. Now a new book, Life Savers: How the Use of Medical Diagnostic Software, as a Second Opinion to Your Doctor's Diagnosis, Can Save Your Life, shows how this can be prevented.

In Life Savers, Dr. Tunde Alaofin calls for a proposal of healthy partnerships between doctors, patients and software in an effort to make quick and more accurate diagnoses of diseases in patients. He shows how technology can empower patients with necessary diagnostic tools to make sense of their symptoms and change the way they speak to their doctors forever. According to Alaofin, diagnostic software is the key to preventing misdiagnosis. Rather than fully supplant doctors, Alaofin shows how diagnostic software can be used in tandem with medical professionals so that patients can have more agency, and can become an active participant in their own healthcare. He advocates a partnership between doctor and patient, aided by software, so that this new technology can educate patients, aid physicians, provide a secondary and unbiased opinion, and ultimately, save lives.

Dr. Tunde Alaofin is a Systems Engineer with over 20 years of professional experience that spans through Healthcare Management Systems, Technology Integrations and Information Engineering. He is a Franchise Owner & Chief Technology Officer of Geeks On Call Corporation, Washington, DC Metro Area. He has worked as a consultant in Systems & Network Engineering, Healthcare Information Systems and Assistive Technology Advisor for various United States Government agencies - Health & Human Services, Dept. of Agriculture & Social Security Administration. He is a faculty member at the University of Phoenix. He was a lecturer of Information Systems at Allen University in South Carolina. In addition to his faculty role, he was a Director of Information Systems at the University of South Carolina between 1994 & 1997, and Sr. Director of Technology for LightTrade Corporation in Washington, DC. He has a Ph.D. in Information Systems Management with research focus in Artificial Intelligence from Walden University. He is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI).

"Life Savers"
by Tunde Alaofin
Brockston Publishing
April 10, 2014
Hardcover $25
Softcover $15
E-book $7

No. 2.

"My Journey: West Virginia to Korea and Back to WVU"

by Jack Elbon

"My Journey: West Virginia to Korea and Back to WVU" by Jack Elbon
A Best-Selling Autobiographical 'Journey' Through the Korean War and Beyond

Jack Elbon's "My Journey: West Virginia to Korea and Back to WVU," is the best-selling tale of the author's life, beginning in poverty and continuing through music conservatory, the Korean War, and beyond.

In My Journey: West Virginia to Korea and back to WVU, author Jack Elbon tells the story of his incredible life. The book, which will inspire readers of all ages to live life fully and cherish every day, has jumped to the top of the Amazon Best Seller Rankings. Currently, the book ranks as the #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller for Two-Hour Biography & Memoir Short Reads, the #1Kindle Best Seller in Korean War History, and the #3 Best Seller for Mid-Atlantic United States History.

Elbon begins his book by giving the reader a window into Depression-era West Virginia. Like many families during that time, his struggled to eke out a meager living. However, they were fortunate in some ways: even as a young child, Elbon could see that his family's circumstances could be far worse. Elbon grew into an athletic and gifted young man. His gift for sports and music lead him to attend music conservatory and join the military. He served during the Korean War, and gives a fascinating look at a soldier's life during that particular piece of U.S. military history. During this time, he fell gravely ill; his simple hope to see the next day helps readers remember to enjoy every day.

Jack Elbon's My Journey paints a portrait of one man's remarkable life. Steeped in rich, quintessentially American history, this tale is somehow still intimate and unassuming. From his roots in the Great Depression to his service in Korea, and the many years beyond, Elbon's dedication, grit, and joie de vivre will inspire all readers to create fantastic journeys of their own.

Jack Elbon grew up in West Virginia during the Great Depression. He played a number of sports in school, and went to Shenandoah Conservatory of Music. Elbon later went to West Virginia University and served in the United States Army during the Korean War. He married his wife, Jo Ann, in 1955 and has two children, four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. He is currently working on a sequel to My Journey. For more information, please visit

"My Journey: West Virginia to Korea and Back to WVU"
by Jack Elbon
Bookstand Publishing
ISBN-10: 1618635611
ISBN-13: 978-1618635617
80 pages
Hardcover $25
Softcover $11
E-book $3

No. 3

"Power of Pronouncing Blessing"

by Georgina Boye

"Power of Pronouncing Blessing" by Georgina Boye
NEW YORK -- Blessing places an individual in a block of certain parameters for their creator to watch over them and bring the words pronounced to fruition. Blessing, once pronounced, is established. The only one that can revoke them is God and the one the blessing was conferred on. No one else. Even the pronouncer cannot revoke them. Isaac could not revoke the blessing he had pronounced on Jacob. Even when in realization of Jacob not being the one he meant to pronounce the blessing on. He intimated to Esau: "I have blessed him yea and he shall be blessed."

Author and pastor Georgina Boye is a woman of strong faith and conviction. Known by her associates as "God's End-Time Warrior", Boye operates under a strong prophetic anointing. In 2009, God impressed upon Boye to pronounce blessings upon the members of her church. Why? Prayers are temporary, but blessings are permanent.

"Blessings are very important in ever living person's life. They must be pronounced on or conferred upon one," Boye said. "Pronounce the blessings on what and who you love and wish the best for them. The blessings will happen as you speak them because they are the word of God."

Thus, "Power of Pronouncing Blessing was born. Through her education and vast experiences as a pastor, Boye has created a book that guide's readers through various blessings for all occasions, people and situations. Through following Boye's lead, readers can begin blessing their family, church and country and watch as dramatic changes take over.

"Blessing is the greatest legacy anyone can leave for their family. This is not the exhaustive account of blessing in the word of God," Boye said. "But this book will equip you to make the right pronouncements of blessing upon all whom you love and cherish."

Georgina Boye is the pastor of Dayspring Glory Ministries in New York. Boye holds her bachelor's degree in Theology and a master's degree in Christian counseling. Boye is known by her associates as "God's End-Time Warrior," called with a mandate to intercede for the citizens of the kingdom of God globally.

"Power of Pronouncing Blessing"
By: Georgina Boye
WestBow Press
Published 1/28/2015
ISBN: 978-1-4908-6373-3
216 pages
Softcover ($17.95),
Hardcover ($33.95),
E-book ($7.99)

No. 4

"Justin and the First Amendment"

By Verna Safran

"Justin and the First Amendment" By Vern
The First Amendment Comes Alive Through Fiction. In tutoring middle-school kids, Verna Safran has found that very few know what their rights are as guaranteed in the Constitution. Her new book entitled "Justin and the First Amendent" explores civil liberties such as freedom of speech and freedom of the press and shows how the Bill of Rights works to protect every citizen. The story begins when Justin, whose dad is in the armed service, wears a peace T-shirt to school and gets suspended. Justin's friends rally around him, but get in trouble for signing a petition and publishing a pro-Justin article in the school paper. With a lovable main character and complete with humor and heart, this book is a great tool for parents and teachers to open dialog with their children about a potentially difficult topic in an entertaining way. Ms. Safran taught English and History in middle school and high school and has worked as a freelance journalist, writing articles on health, civil liberties and women's issues that have been published in national magazines. She is currently on the board of the local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. Originally from New York, Ms. Safran is now retired in Sarasota, where she helps organize current events forums and is an actress/director/playwright with the Asolo Play Readers. The author of three musical shows for children, which have been profesionally produced, ("The Prince and the Pauper," "Hiawatha," and "The Legend of Paul Bunyan") Ms. Safran has also had stories and poems published in Highlights, Ladybug, and The Readers Digest Educational Series. She is looking forward to doing a book tour of schools, churches, and community groups, so she can present her ideas directly to young citizens, helping them make responsible decisions in the future.

Does The Constitution give kids the right to freedom of speech? And does free speech include wearing a T-shirt with a message on it? Justin Conroy finds out, when he wears a peace T-shirt to school. His dad is in the reserves, fighting in far-off Gazolia, and Justin wants him home. But the school authorities accuse him of being unpatriotic and suspend him. His friend Gwen circulates a petition defending him, which a teacher rips up. When a student journalist interviews the two activists, the teacher in charge of the school newspaper withholds the article. Luckily, their class is studying The Constitution, and their history teacher, Mr. Graham, introduces them to their First Amendment rights. But what's the best way to fight for those rights? How do you speak truth to power? Justin and his friends discover that heroes and heroines come in all shapes and sizes, and the doers of brave deeds can be the most unexpected folks around -- nerdy dweebs, jazz musicians, beauty queens -- they might even be you! (Authorhouse overview)

VERNA SAFRAN taught English and History in middle school and high school and also worked as a freelance journalist, with articles on health, civil liberties and women's issues published in national magazines. She's currently on the board of her local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. Originally from New York, now retired in Sarasota, Ms. Safran helps organize current events forums at the Unitarian-Universalist Church and is an actress/director/writer with the Asolo Play Readers. She has a son who does cancer research, and three grandchildren -- all geniuses, of course. Since she doesn't get to see them as often as she'd like, she's grandmother-at-large to the many youngsters she tutors in reading, writing, and social studies.

"Justin and the First Amendment"
By Verna Safran
AuthorHouse Publishing
Published 7/23/2013
ISBN: 978-1-4817-7344-7
92 pages
Softcover ($13.95)
E-book ($3.99)

No. 5.

"The Executioner"

by Artie McFerrin

"The Executioner" by Artie McFerrin
Artie McFerrin is an entrepreneur who has owned and operated several specialty chemical-manufacturing businesses serving global automotive, petroleum and industrial enterprises for over forty years.

His new book, "The Executioner" is a guide to give success-seeking people a simpler and more universal process to set and achieve higher goals and rid themselves of self doubt, similar to his own journey in the business world.

The Executioner is a comprehensive modernized update of the 1937 success classic, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill with the more effective nonconventional thinking, execution, and business practices since developed. Hill was unsurpassed in getting right the improved thinking, goals, and action needed for obtaining excellence. However, these near -invisible intangible success principles have remained very elusive to implement. The best business practices in most of the best books available today are also very elusive for most to implement well but for a different reason. These great practices identified don't work until you develop your thinking, habits, and ability to execute them like Hill promoted. The Executioner is a guide to excellence in developing your thinking, goals, positive mental attitude, courage, will-power, people, business, and mastery, and over-coming self-doubt. (Archway Overview)

Artie McFerrin earned his BS in 1965 and a MS in 1969, both in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University. He began his career in 1967 with Shell Chemical, before working in motivational sales and running a small chemical plant from 1972 through 1974. In 1975, he founded KMCO, a chemical processing and manufacturing company, which in 1983 was named by INC. Magazine as one of America's Fastest Growing Privately Owned Business. He also owns South Coast Terminals, which was named an Aggie 100 Business presented by the Mays School of Business in 2005. He is a partner in several other chemical processing plants.

" The Executioner"
by Artie McFerrin
Archway Publishing
Published 10/28/2014
ISBN: 978-1-48080-932-1
308 pages
Hardcover $28

No. 6

"Night of All Evil"

by J.M. Shorney

"Night of All Evil" by J.M. Shorney
United Kingdom -- While horror has long been a bestseller among fans of literature, it is rarely twisted up with the bold and beautiful world of the gothic. In her powerful new novel, J.M. Shorney fuses all into a cocktail of the occult that will leave readers' hearts beating faster than they knew possible.

It all comes to light in 'Night of All Evil'. Be warned; dark spirits never die, and can drag back their former followers without notice...

Synopsis: Freya Monroe used to be part of a circle that engaged in the occult, but has turned her back on it. However the circle are determined to bring her back into the fold, to use her powers for their means, including resurrecting their leader from the dead. The group will stop at nothing to achieve their aims and Freya must call on all her resources to resist the power of evil. But will it be enough? A tense tale of gothic horror -- not for the faint-hearted.

"Freya really is the most amazing character, able to tell someone's scheduled death date, as well as if they have killed anyone themselves," explains the author. "There's also a witch who can't die, but will still grow old. This means she decomposes as she lives -- for the whole world to see. This book isn't for those who scare easily, and is sure to keep the light on well into the night! While most of the narrative is of course far removed from daily life, there are many elements that cross over with reality. For example, one of the characters served in Afghanistan and has since written numerous novels dealing with events such as the fall of the World Trade Centres in New York. In all, readers will be left questioning what is real and what is fiction; it's powerful stuff."

J.M. Shorney lives in Thatcham, in the heart of the Berkshire downs. She has two sons and a granddaughter. A writer for many years, Shorney has a passion for conducting deep research for each of her narratives, and has a soft spot for anything Irish!

No. 7.

"The Bugs Doctor with a Passion for Music"

by Emmanuel Ndawula

"The Bugs Doctor with a Passion for Music" by Emmanuel Ndawula
United Kingdom --While everyone will, at some point, have their specimens and even bodily tissues examined by a microbiologist, few actually understand their work and how it impacts on their treatment. In his powerful new autobiography, one microbiology specialist offers a rare "access all areas" pass not only into his work, but into a private life that is equally as exciting. It all plays out in 'The Bugs Doctor With A Passion For Music', fusing medicine with a searing exposé' on the NHS and creative insights into the world of music.

Synopsis: This autobiography consists of my early life in Uganda and gives an account of more than 30 years as a consultant microbiologist in the NHS in the UK. I use a 'descriptive diagnosis' tool to rationalise the use of antimicrobial drugs and enable patients to understand the management of their infections. I use the same tool to reveal the root causes of the problems of our NHS and propose quality improving and money saving remedies. I show how the work of a microbiologist is relevant to all people with infections. I also share my passion for creative music.

"I am proud to be taking readers on a tour of my life and all I have learned along the way; an adventure from quiet rural Africa tobeautiful Kent, from boarding school through university to post graduate education and finally consultant microbiologist -- a story thathighlights the true importance of mentors and role models," explains Emmanuel Ndawula "I hope it also inspires young people who may be considering a career in microbiology or one of its related fields. My descriptive diagnosis model will provide much food for thought for both the general public and medical professionals. It's vital that patients are empowered to understand their diagnosis and treatments. Equally, it is the responsibility of doctors to inform them. My model is perfect on both sides of the table -- making this a very unique book."

  1. Published by Grosvenor House Publishing Limited, and available at:
  2. Author's music, visit:

I am grateful to have had parents that valued education and worked hard to make sure that I got one. I attended King's College Budo, one of the top secondary schools in Uganda and Makerere University Medical School, which was the top University in East Africa at the time. I did my postgraduate education at Northwick Park Hospital and The Middlesex Hospital in London becoming a member of the Royal College of Pathologists. I was then appointed as a consultant microbiologist in East Kent where I worked for 30 years. I retired from this post in 2012.

No. 8.

"Idolatry of Blood: Religion for a Post-Modern World"

by Frederic Zurcher

"Idolatry of Blood: Religion for a Post-Modern World" by Frederic Zurcher
RIVERSIDE, Calif. (USA) -- Educator and businessman, Frederic Zurcher, has spent the past 30 years studying theology, combing through the Bible and researching various religions because something just didn't sit right with him about the premise of Christianity. In Zurcher's new book, "Idolatry of Blood: Religion for a Post-Modern World," he presents his findings and solutions to bring religion back to its logical roots. He hopes to encourage readers to reconsider all traditional views they have of religion and adopt a more logical approach.

"I have always been disturbed by the idea that a loving God would require the death of his son to make forgiveness possible," Zurcher said. "No father would require blood from an innocent child to pay for his other children's mistakes. The religions of our world are founded on mystical beliefs and related expectations than practical and logical approaches to improve society. If there is a God who created logical beings, he must also be a God of logic, and therefore his approach to the problems of the world must also be practical and logical in nature."

Zurcher argues that if a religion does not help a person become more loving, it should not be called a religion. "Idolatry of Blood" goes into more detail about why and how religions have seemingly failed to produce greater love in the human heart only because the message of God has been corrupted.

"The key to solving the problem of evil is greater love," Zurcher said. "Jesus did not come to change anything; he came to reiterate, once again, at the price of the cross, that the way to greater love had already been revealed."

Frederic Zurcher, a duel American and Swiss citizen, started his career as an elementary school teacher in New York before teaching on the high school level and later at a university in France. The award of several US and international patents brought him back to the United States, where he has been involved in product developments, marketing, operations and general management. He is also CEO of several US and Far East based companies. His long-term interest in education, psychology and theology has motivated the writing of "Idolatry of Blood," his first published book. For more information, visit

"Idolatry of Blood: Religion for a Post-Modern World"
By: Frederic Zurcher
Trafford Books
Published Jan 21, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-49075-380-5
368 pages
Softcover $21
Hardcover $31
E-book $5.40

No. 9.

"AKs and Lollipops - Inside The Syrian Conflict"

by Paddy Vipond

"AKs and Lollipops - Inside The Syrian Conflict" by Paddy Vipond
Since the spring of 2011 Syria has been a country intent on destroying itself. What began as peaceful demonstrations, against the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad, soon became a national uprising to overthrow the dictator. With millions displaced, and hundreds of thousands dead, it is a humanitarian disaster on a scale the world has not seen in decades.

In the midst of this turmoil, Paddy Vipond, a young British volunteer, ventured across the border from Turkey to see the situation for himself, and to help those that were suffering.

This honest and insightful account of the short time he spent in Syria is a thought-provoking and candid look at a world that many people have turned their backs on.

Armed with nothing but a pen and paper, and in the company of a man he had met the day before, Paddy embarked on a journey that would change his life forever.

Detailing remarkable stories, and written with warmth and humour, AKs and Lollipops places the reader alongside Paddy as he parties with Free Syrian Army soldiers, rides tanks with northern rebels, and gets bombed by Assad's military.

From his initial illegal entry into the country, right up to his final encounter with ISIS, Paddy paints a picture which is truly impossible to ignore. The book includes photographs the author took within Syria.

"AKs and Lollipops - Inside The Syrian Conflict"
by Paddy Vipond
Bennion Kearny Limited
Published 15 May 2015
ISBN-13: 9781910515006
220 pages
Softcover $26
Kindle $12

No. 10

"Master Your Brain: Training Your Mind for Success in Life"

by Phillip Adcock

"Master Your Brain: Training Your Mind for Success in Life" by Phillip Adcock
United Kingdom -- Philip Adcock isn't life's usual psychologist -- instead hitting headlines around the world with never-before-seen insights into people's subconscious (and often paycheque-destroying!) shopping behaviours. It's safe to say that Adcock has the inside track on how the mind works and, in his compelling new book, he shows how the cogs actually spin.

'Master Your Brain: Training Your Mind for Success in Life' is part self-help book, and part layman understanding of neuroscience. The end result is a set of tools anyone can use to improve their life immeasurably.

Synopsis: What do you aspire to that always seems out of reach--a choice promotion? The dreamy guy or gal you've had your eye on? That perfect home somewhere in paradise? Highlighting the latest discoveries in neuropsychology, Master Your Brain: Training Your Mind for Success in Life offers science-based solutions for overcoming your greatest obstacles.

By demystifying how (and why) our brains function as they do and--crucially--how we can apply these insights to everyday situations, commercial psychologist Phillip Adcock provides us with the tools to dramatically improve our lives in every area, from work and relationships to health and athletics.

"This book is radically different from other success manuals on the market," explains the author. "I'm not just telling people what to do, but giving them a very easy yet in-depth understanding of how their brain works, first. You can't fix a car until you understand what each component does and how it interacts with the other pieces bolted to it -- exactly the same applies to the brain. You need to understand how the brain functions before you can exploit it and achieve the things you have always dreamed of. And don't be fooled -- it's possible to understand the inner workings of the mind even if you slept through your school biology lessons!"

'Master Your Brain: Training Your Mind for Success in Life', from Sterling, is available now:

Phillip Adcock is a commercial psychologist and managing director of a number of human behaviour analysis companies operating in 17 countries. He boasts some of the world's largest organizations as clients, including Coca-Cola, L'Oreal, Mars, PepsiCo, Nestle, Tesco, and Unilever.

No. 11.

"The Reluctant Warrior: An American Airman's Story"

by Barry Rickson

"The Reluctant Warrior: An American Airman's Story" by Barry Rickson
United Kingdom -- As a retired Head of Department English teacher, Barry Rickson knows that a good story isn't one hastily thrown together. In his debut work of fiction, Rickson has painstakingly crafted a historical novel that will not only tug at the heart-strings, but take readers into the human side of WWII with raw emotion and accuracy. 'The Reluctant Warrior: An American Airman's Story' is what the author coins "faction" (fact and fiction). It's so true to life that it's garnering praise from those who actually served during the time the story is set.

Synopsis: It is January 1939, and Frank Eberhardt, a young, good-looking university student from Pennsylvania, has taken his father's advice to have a year off from his studies to undertake work experience at the giant German chemical plant of IG Farben in Bremen. There, he falls in love with Helga, an 18 yr-old law student. The outbreak of war in 1939 causes him to return home before he somewhat reluctantly joins the American Air Force training to become a navigator on the Flying Fortress, or B-17. He is then sent to Norfolk from where he takes part in many historic raids over Germany. There are vivid descriptions of these, the disasters suffered and consequent effect on the men's morale. He struggles between duty and conscience. The life in the Norfolk countryside and relationships with local people is emphasised. He is decorated for bravery, before becoming a major at the USAAF Headquarters at High Wycombe where he takes part in planning strategy. From here he manages to achieve a transfer to Bremen at the end of hostilities. There are many amorous adventures, but will he manage to see Helga again?

"As a kid I met many members of the United States Army Air Force; they were always so generous and warm. To me they were warriors and heroes but, as an adult, I can now look back and see that each of them had a compelling personal story to tell. This book attempts to tell one man's story of a life suddenly put on hold," explains Rickson. "My goal from the outset was to write something that was both cinematic and historically accurate. Initial feedback has been fantastic, which provides a real lift to someone dabbling with their first book of fiction!"

BARRY RICKSON is a retired Head of Department English teacher, graduate of Manchester University. He has had books and articles published on cricket, but this is first attempt at writing fiction for a wider audience - or should it be "Faction"? He has been fascinated with the United States Army Air Force and still has vivid memories of meeting several of their number as a boy at junior school towards the end of the Second World War. Their friendliness and generosity remain firmly in his mind. He is married to Jennifer with whom he has three sons, the families of whom are scattered round the globe.

No. 12

"God Does No Wrong"

By Jan Wooden Howse

"God Does No Wrong" By Jan Wooden Howse
NASHVILLE -- Jan Wooden Howse lost her husband and her son, yet maintains her belief in one thing above all else: God does no wrong.

It's fitting, then, that her new book on the subject of her son's passing is titled "God Does No Wrong." It focuses on what happens when an everyday person is confronted with great personal tragedy.

"My story has a positive message about channeling the grief from losing someone dear to you into something productive, something healing," Howse said.

"God Does No Wrong" immortalizes the story of Howse's son in a touching story grounded in optimism. Death touches all people at one time or another, regardless of race or religion, yet the process of healing is the same.

"The best way to live life after a loved one's death is to do something that they would have been proud of by turning your scars into stars," Howse said.

And now this narrative has grown into a book with over three hundred pages. Many of these chapters were written over a period of years. I found this book to be a "Mom & Apple Pie" type . . . full of love and happiness and American families. When reading this wonderful book you will experience romance, marriage, birth, death, happiness, sadness, health, sickness and always the love and power of the Almighty! The author is so skilled in her writing that I could visually see the events described printed page. Although you will shed, a tear or two while engaged with the real people in their sadness it will fade as the overall theme of the book will make you happy (Read More at Amazon)

Jan Wooden Howse lost her husband Walt in 1975 and her son Lee in 1980. Today, she is very comfortable with her own life because she lived every moment of it proudly and in remembrance. In memory of Lee, she received a certified degree to teach up to 4th grade and opened the "Carousel Learning Center", a highly successful pre-school and day care for children from 6 weeks through 2nd grade. She has been involved in numerous organizations including Self Help for Hard of Hearing, Guide Dogs for the Deaf, teaching Sunday School, and the American Association of Christian Counselors.

"God Does No Wrong"
By Jan Wooden Howse
Published Aug. 7 2014
ISBN-13: 978-1496924094
470 pages
Softcover $24
Kindle $5

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