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R.P. BenDedek

Children's Deaths Don't Matter to Domestic Violence Activists
By R.P. BenDedek
Jun 2, 2015 - 6:35:55 AM

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I intend very quickly to go to the point of the title of this article, but first I should like to point out that this article continues on from an article I published on March 22, 2015 at, in relation to the Domestic Violence (Political) Agenda in Australia. In that article I asked:

when people like the former governor general start pointing the finger at male citizens, are they feeding us statistical truth or an ideological agenda? Are the figures deliberately skewed to demonize men?

There are many people whose knee jerk reaction would be to vilify me for not only asking that question but also for writing that article, however, in May of 2007 Bettina Arndt wrote an article titled: "Exposing the anti-male myth" in which this very agenda was discussed, and I quote:

In 1971, [Erin] Pizzey launched one of Britain's first women's refuges but became disenchanted when the refuge movement was hijacked by women promoting anti-male agendas.

Pizzey takes a swipe at Australia's Violence Against Women campaigns, which show a never-ending parade of violent men. There is never a hint that men are sometimes victims.

In my first article it was pointed out that according to the women's movement in Australia, one woman every week is killed by a violent male in a domestic violence situation. If we put those 52 women into a statistical relationship with the male population of Australia, these 52 deaths demonstrate that of the almost 5 million males (25 to 54 year old) 0.00001% are murderers. Understand that I am not condoning violence or murder, but in the context of the anti-male angst demonstrated by the 'fundamentalist feminists,' their high profile complaints about EVIL men is a statistical 'nothing.' Naturally most readers will react negatively to that statement, so please allow me to put that statement into context by pointing out that in 2012-2013 in Australia 184,216 children were suspected of being harmed or at risk of being harmed. This figure was a 7.9% increase over the previous year - BUT - that figure constitutes approximately 0.1% of the population of 0-14 year olds. Children are Ten Thousand (10,000) times more at risk than are adult females. Where is the commotion about this serious issue?

To take the issue a little further, while 52 women were killed by violent partners, according to Australian Statistics in the 2011-2012 financial year, 486 child deaths were registered in the State of Queensland alone. Eighteen percent had a child protection history.

Another interesting statistic is that of the total of 9,775 community injury deaths that occurred in Australia in 2004-05, the male death rate was twice that of the female. Suicide accounted for 24% of all injury deaths with males four times more likely than females to commit suicide. To translate that into an actual figure, if my math is right it comes to about 1800 male suicides. (No cheering please!)

So what is the point of all these statistics?

Statistics are a tool for measuring various aspects of any given situation, but as a weapon, they can be used to promote any desired agenda, simply by pulling them out of context. I mentioned above that Female domestic violence deaths equated with 0.00001% of males between the ages of 25 and 54, whilst the number of children at risk was ten thousand times higher and the number of deaths in one state alone was Nine times higher. When you start quoting statistics like these, you begin to understand the undue influence that the 'fundamentalist and sociopathic feminists' have on society at large. Nothing is placed in perspective. As Bettina Arndt pointed out in her 2007 article, the founder of Britain's first women's refuge claimed that the women's movement was hijacked by women promoting anti-male propaganda.

Another aspect of the feminist agenda is rape. It is just another version of Male-to-Female violence. Whilst I cannot find the link to the original article, I recently noted that on one site, it is stated that the number of males raped by males in the United States of America each year, is greater than the number of females raped by males. You may not believe that, but according to the report, most of those rapes occurred in prison situations.

I am sure that some people upon reading that most male-to-male rapes occurred in prison immediately considered that any male who has committed a crime and ends up in jail, should not complain about being raped. This thought however, is totally unacceptable to the feminist movement which repeatedly claims that victims cannot be blamed for the crimes committed against them. Recently in Australia, a politician got himself into a lot of hot water by stating that a female victim of sexual assault ought not to have been traveling alone at night. He had to apologize for that statement. One simply cannot blame the victim. And so it is that one cannot ignore male-to-male rapes simply because the victim was in jail for one or other type of crime. In the statistics game therefore, in America at least, one can claim that males suffer far more than women in this area.

As previously cited, of the 9,775 community injury deaths reported in 2004-2005, about 19-20% involved Male suicide (24% with a male-to-female ratio of 4-1). That is in the general vicinity of about 2,000 male deaths or about 40 times more than the deaths of women killed in domestic violence. Do we see or hear any mainstream media or political activist outcry about this problem? How do the deaths of 52 women compare? Perhaps you think that because suicide is a person's choice whilst death at the hands of a violent spouse is not, that they cannot be compared. Personally I believe that there is a valid comparison and it is to be found in the issue of emotional abuse. In the Bettina Arndt article cited previously, there appears this statement:

This blinkered research "rarely concedes the possibility that at least some of the [domestic] violence may be situational, one-off, reciprocated, or even at times initiated by women," says the AIFS report.

In my original article I pointed out that given a number of listed factors, there should be a decrease in male sexism and violence, but I also asked that if the 'stop domestic violence' feminists are right and it is increasing, why has it not decreased and I posited one possible reason why sexism and associated violence is still on the rise;

Perhaps all those women and organizations out there teaching our boys to be well behaved have failed because they have been undermining their message by verbally teaching one type of behavior whilst practicing another? In other words 'are they hypocrites' and is this hypocrisy resulting in reactionary behavior? Are all of these people teaching boys to be non-sexist and non-violent, actually demonstrating to these boys the female version of sexism and violence. Perhaps we might call it 'Emotional Abuse.'

There are two points of which to be aware here, the first of which is that according to one American report between 1994 and 2010 Domestic Violence dropped down 64% across the board in America. This does not mean that Australia must experience the same, but it does speak to the statistical issues mentioned at the beginning of this article, and which I also raised in my original article.

.. assuming that the statistic of one woman per week dying as a result of domestic (male) violence is totally accurate, then we still cannot equate a statistical numerical rise in the numbers of victims of domestic violence with an actual rise in violence ....In short, per capita, what was the percentage in previous years and what is it now? The press reports quote actual numbers of reported abuse cases. This is good for publicity, but the question is whether the rise reflects a true rise in the number of abusers/murderers.

What I will state outright here is that I truly do not believe that there is an actual per capita or percentage rise in domestic violence. Nevertheless, if there is, then the most obvious reason is that which I have already mentioned, and that relates to the issue of 'Emotional Abuse' by women (At

According to Wikipedia A 2005 study by Hamel reports that "men and women physically and emotionally abuse each other at equal rates." Basile found that psychological aggression was effectively bidirectional in cases where heterosexual and homosexual couples went to court for domestic disturbances. A 2007 study of Spanish college students aged 18--27 found that psychological aggression (as measured by the Conflict Tactics Scale) is so pervasive in dating relationships that it can be regarded as a normalized element of dating, and that women are substantially more likely to exhibit psychological aggression. Similar findings have been reported in other studies. Strauss et al. found that female intimate partners in heterosexual relationships were more likely than males to use psychological aggression, including threats to hit or throw an object. A study of young adults by Giordano et al. found that females in intimate heterosexual relationships were more likely than males to threaten to use a knife or gun against their partner.

I have raised this issue on several occasions. Sociopathic feminists don't like to hear it and do totally reject it, but when it comes to emotional abuse, women take the cake and if this were not bad enough, numerous news reports indicate that female binge drinking and associated violence is dramatically rising:

Teen girls get off lightly for violent crimes January 13, 2010

QUEENSLAND'S fastest-growing group of violent offenders are likely to be let off with a scolding as punishment for their crimes. The Courier-Mail revealed yesterday that girls aged 10 to 14 were responsible for a massive 44 per cent spike in assaults last year, a phenomenon child experts have linked to the explosion in the number of girl fight sites on the internet...In 2008-09, more than 500 girls who appeared before the courts were given a reprimand - two-thirds of those who appeared. Only 11 were sentenced to detention.

Female violence hits record high in the UK Jan 29, 2010

THE number of women arrested for violent offences hit a record high in the UK last year, more than doubling over the last decade, The Sun reported today... Cops blamed the surge in female brutality on the hard-drinking culture among young women...Hundreds of females brawl in the street every weekend....There was also a rise in attacks by girl gangs. (Binge Drinking: Young Women Take to the Bottle Big Time by Barbara Feder Ostrov, Kaiser Health News 4/27/15)

About 88,600 U.S. deaths were attributed to alcohol in 2010...Nationwide over the course of the decade, the rate of binge drinking among women increased more than seven times the rate among men. "It seems like women are trying to catch up to the men in binge drinking," said Ali Mokdad, a lead author of the study.

Are we beginning to see here a picture that doesn't quite fit the 'fundamentalist feminist' rhetoric?

As posited earlier, if there is an increase in male sexism and violence, is it possible that it is because of and in reaction to obvious feminine hypocrisy? Is it possible that amongst those male suicides, some cases were actually 'murder by proxy', which is to say, were some men simply hounded to death through emotional and psychological abuse? I can't lay my hands on the original source, but I remember reading that most male murderers commit murder in the heat of the moment whilst most female murderers take on average three months to plan the murder.

Feminists never accept that women are ever to blame for anything. That is why you don't hear them say that hitting people is wrong. You only hear them say that striking a woman is inexcusable. To suggest that any female victim of domestic violence/death is somehow responsible for what has happened to her is inexcusable, and yet, one wonders how many men have been pushed beyond their psychological and emotional endurance, to the point that they either beat or kill their spouse or commit suicide.

I personally have never understood how any parent can kill their own child/children, but in the instance of a parent who has been so emotionally and psychologically abused that they take steps to commit suicide, it would hardly be a surprise to discover that the parent who has decided to kill their child/children, does so not as an act of viciousness or derangement, but as that of a person desperate to spare their child/children a future of abuse from the other parent. It is a thought! Not one that any fundamentalist sociopathic feminist ideologue would ever consider. But then again, to quote from the Bettina Arndt article:

[Erin Pizzey] has been fighting a mighty battle to expose the truth about family violence...She's written books and articles exposing the anti-male myths being propagated about domestic violence, documenting research that shows domestic violence is often reciprocal, with men and women locked into destructive behavior... it made her unpopular with British feminists who had turned domestic violence into a million dollar industry. She received death threats and was heckled while speaking publicly in the UK and US.

It's not in our interests she says, for women to be continually taught they are victims.

Pizzey takes a swipe at Australia's Violence Against Women campaigns, which show a never-ending parade of violent men. There is never a hint that men are sometimes victims.

"It's a terrible lie," says Pizzey, who has written extensively about women who behave as "emotional terrorists".

Someone once sent me an email and asked why I bother to write against the PC doctrines since I am never going to change anyone's mind. My response was to say that I didn't expect to change anyone's mind but that I would be damned if I was going to deprive young people who are currently being indoctrinated into ideological propaganda, of an opportunity to see the world through a different narrative and a different perspective.

For eight years I published links to newspaper articles that reported on female violence and I know that the ideological portrayal of women as either victims or sugar and spice and everything nice, is not an absolute.

Every woman who sticks her head in the air and falsely and arrogantly proclaims herself to be a victim, is slowly eating away at the credibility of true female victims.

Moreover, as each such self-promoting false victim dumps abuse and guilt on the male population at large, they are inflicting a second dose of abuse on males trying to recover from such females.

Furthermore, to deliberately project onto society an ideology that is biased, disproportional and/or false, is to impact generations of impressionable young minds whose every relationship will be infected with a cancerous untruth.

To complete the title of this article:

  • Children's Deaths Don't Matter to Domestic Violence Activists because the only things they care about are promoting their million dollar industry and their hatred of males.

R.P. BenDedek

This article was first published May 12, 2015 at

The Real Reason Why I Cannot Support RECLAIM Australia
by R.P. BenDedek
April 11, 2015

As an Australian I get tired of that tired old line constantly appearing in both domestic and foreign press claiming that Australia is a racist country. As the counter protestors have clearly demonstrated, the Australian people have risen up to declare that they are not racist and that they will not permit racism in Australia. In China, where I have been living and working for the past decade, there is an actual law to punish people whose words and actions are designed to destroy the social harmony of the nation. Now whilst it behooves all people in a secular democratic society to permit people to think and believe what they like, (for to do otherwise would be totalitarianism) we cannot allow minority groups to create social disharmony, division, sectarian violence and perhaps ultimately - civil war.

Quentin Bryce, Domestic Violence, Sociopathology and Statistics
by R.P. BenDedek
March 22, 2015

If activist ideologues are going to paint the male citizenry as 'violent,' then I think it behooves them to be transparent when it comes to the statistics which support their claim. "Why the implied focus on men?" "Can we have the stats on female-to-female violence as well?" "How do the two sets of figures stack up?" What percentage of male-to-female violence is perpetrated by criminals or immigrants holding to the concepts of honor killings? We live in a very politicized era in which activist agendas are basically 'fundamentalist theologies' which appeal to sociopaths -- people who consider their own self-interest the most important aspect of any action and behavior and who completely disregard the possible harm they can cause other people.

Media control of the Australian Government
by R.P. BenDedek
Feb 28, 2015

When Rudd and Gillard (Labor Party) were going through their games way back when, one could have been forgiven for thinking that the media were in bed with the opposition party. But now that the opposition party (National Liberal Party) is in power, we are seeing the same game played against it. The truth is that all this game playing, no matter the source, damages the country. And since this damaging game play has been going on continuously for several years now, one must ask: "Who is pulling the strings and what do they have to gain?" Why is there a constant threat to the stability of the "Office of Prime Minister?" Constantly targeting Prime Ministers would be a cost effective way of destabilizing a country - Yes?

(pseudonym) is the Author of 'The King's Calendar: The Secret of Qumran' (, and a guest columnist at Magic City Morning Star News. He is also the Editor of the 'Writers Journal' at An Australian, he has been teaching Conversational English in China since 2003.

Writers Journal Kingscalendar

"The King's Calendar" is a chronological study of the historical books of the Bible (Kings and Chronicles), Josephus, Seder Olam Rabbah, and the (Essene) Damascus Document of The Dead Sea Scrolls

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