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R.P. BenDedek
A Must Read: Anne Marie Waters' letter to Feminists
By R.P. BenDedek
Jan 13, 2016 - 8:05:05 AM

I have just been forwarded a link to an article published yesterday, and the content of the article absolutely astounded me. Last year I wrote quite a number of articles in the hope of counterbalancing what I see as the hypocritical feminist attack on men in Australia as they hit the publicity trail in their Anti-Domestic Abuse campaign.

In my second to last article titled: Guilt, Deceit and Hypocrisy behind Domestic Violence Campaigns published on October 3, 2015 I wrote: "I am beginning to see much more clearly and now understand that the PC inability to publically acknowledge the truth is tied to feelings of guilt and unrighteousness that would arise if it were to criticize Islamic or other ethnic culture groups. But choosing not to point the finger is quite a different matter than expressly trying to silence the dissemination of information about such abuse.

In the article titled: A Message to Left-Wing Feminists published by Anne Marie Waters on January 12th 2016, she makes the following (edited) statements toward the end of her article and I think every man and woman should not only read what follows but go read the entire article and get behind the author. She wrote:

I sincerely hope that at least some left-wing feminists wake up in 2016, and realise the enormity of the damage they are causing. I hope too that they grow up and stop focusing on ridiculous trivialities and realise just what danger they're in. Stop attacking good men (I have many great men in my life, you should try it), families, decent conservatives, or sexy adverts, and start defending your civil rights; your right to vote, to protection from violence, to education, to marry who you choose, to petition for divorce, to rights over your children, to own property, to work... The rights, in other words, the Suffragettes won for you and that every Islamist on the planet would happily take away.

It's time for the harsh realities feminists. Women's rights, actual civil rights, are in trouble in Europe. This is important and feminists are going to have to step up. But you don't. Instead, you attack those of us who do. Shame on you.

If a Government keeps its borders open to known dangers, while clamping down on those who protest, I know with whom I'll be standing. It's where a real feminist would stand, and I sincerely hope others will join me.

It is so refreshing to hear a real feminist speaking honestly. It is so much better than listening to ideological propaganda which in the end is purely sociopathic.

Thank you Anne Marie Waters for your Message to Left-Wing Feminists

R.P. BenDedek

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