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R.P. BenDedek

70's Sexual Appetites
By R.P. Bendedek
Jan 15, 2014 - 12:17:30 AM

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No! The title did not refer to Sex during the decade known as the 70's!

Each week in the Book Basket I highlight a number of new book releases and this coming Sunday's Book Basket is all about 'Adult Books.' Today I received promotional Material for Margo Landry's new book, and decided that given her age I had better highlight the book immediately.

Once you read the promotional material below you may understand why I have provided a special place for this particular book.

I haven't read the book and don't think I would want to - especially if it has photographs, but the press release is enough to make 'me' cry.

Just when I thought that I no longer cared that I was too old to do 'it,' I discover that I am still missing out. Ugh! The story of my life!

R.P. BenDedek

Loving You Enlightens Me, A Tantric Journey

by Margo Landry

--New Book Guides Couples to Make Love a Daily Meditation

Most married couples will face a crossroads at some point, a time when they feel far away and unconnected to the very person to whom you've committed to be close, intimate, and connected with. After 21 years of turmoil and discontent within her marriage, Margo Landry and her husband chose to go to a Tantra Retreat, starting them on a path to new, exciting heights in their love that they hadn't previously experienced.

"I was married to Ron for 42 years, and for the first half of our marriage, I was sexually and emotionally dissatisfied," reflects Landry. "Once we started down the path of daily connection, our love and passion grew increasingly. The energy we created kept getting stronger as we continually let go of our false selves to allow true and unconditional love to surge through us, enlightening us with its power."

Loving You Enlightens Me, A Tantric Journey is a memoir that shares her discovery of the transforming power of this daily ritual. Attending the Tantra Retreat at a critical point in their union opened Ron and Margo up to the idea of connecting daily. They practiced this ritual everyday until Ron died of cancer in 2002. Landry has since found the second love of her life, Tom, and they unearth a deeper spiritual and sexual connection daily. Landry is continually surprised with "best-evers," proving that sex and intimacy, even in your seventies, can be powerful.

"All obstacles to unconditional love need to be broken down for true love to be experienced," says Landry. "Little by little, breath by breath and each time you can let go of a barrier, you can experience an ecstatic feeling of release and your partner can feel it also. It is joyous because the light that come in and floods that space you have just cleared is felt as pure love, as who you are beyond the body, mind and ego."

Loving You Enlightens Me, A Tantric Journey reveals to readers:

  • Her secret that she has developed over 30 years that turned her marriage around and created increasing fulfillment, passion and happiness in her marriage and her life.
  • Spiritual sexual intimacy is more than just pleasurable, it has the ability to awaken and enlighten.
  • Practicing your own custom made form of intimacy can uncover your joy, love and peace that is inside of you. Love your body.
  • Sexuality is one of the most fundamental aspects of being human, yet it is seldom talked about in a sacred way.
  • A daily practice of love can bring you to greater and ever greater heights of ecstatic union.
  • It is said that life is about giving and receiving love. Making it a meditative ritual to practice opening to love with your partner, will make it more natural to give love to the world.

Margo Landry was born in Seattle and attended the University of Washington, then became a stewardess for United Airlines before marrying Ron Landry in NYC. They moved to Hartford where they had three children. From Hartford, they moved to Boston and in 1970, to Malibu, California where she became a Yoga instructor. In 2002 Ron died of cancer. Her fearless search for happiness during the sexual revolution led to a life-changing discovery, which she shares in this book. Now approaching her 75th birthday, she continues to reach higher and higher levels of energetic connection with her partner.

Margo's partner, Thomas R Blakeslee, is President of the Clearlight Foundation and a graduate of Caltech. He is a computer engineer and founder of Orion Instruments. His books have been published in 9 languages.

Website: See the video and other promotional material at

Loving You Enlightens Me, A Tantric Journey can be purchased from, and through all major booksellers.

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R.P. BenDedek
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