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Paul Streitz

Throw Out The Scorpions
By Paul Streitz
May 25, 2007 - 10:07:58 PM

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The scorpion goes down to the river and asks the frog for a ride across, but the frog says, "You are a scorpion and you could kill me." The scorpion says, but then I would drown.

So the frog lets him jump on his back and takes him across the river. As the scorpion jumps off, he stings the frog with a lethal dose of poison.

"Why did you do that?" says the frog. "I took you across the river."

"Because I am a scorpion," replies the scorpion.

Republican scorpions are John Kyl of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Saxby Chambliss of Georgia and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania.

Jon Kyl of Arizona is one of the prominent Republican Scorpions. He ran on an election of controlling the borders and stopping the flow of illegals into his home state. Immediately, upon election he put his poisoned stinger into his constituents and began writing the Amnesty Sellout of America.

If you do a search of Kyl at you find news briefs like this, "U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl will shave the length of a proposed border fence by 15 miles to keep it out of the nationally recognized San Pedro River. --- Opponents of illegal immigration criticized the switch. They said the San Pedro area is a major source of illegal traffic across the border. The head of American Border Patrol, Glenn Spencer, said the group plans to produce a video soon documenting how heavy the immigrant flow is along the river."

Once he got through the election, he dropped his pro-control rhetoric and went back to being the open borders advocate he has always been. He got across the river and let his frogs (constituents) have it with his poison stinger. Unfortunate, the citizens of Arizona (and the United States) will have him around for five more years of treachery).

People believed that he had changed, seen the light, was not going to give amnesty to millions of illegals. They believed his campaign pitch and did not want to vote for a Democrat. He betrayed them.

Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina had this to say about those who oppose immigration control, "We are going to solve this problem. We're not going to run people down. We're not going to scapegoat people. We're going to tell the bigots to shut up, and we're going to get this right." Apparently, for Lindsay Graham, the way you solve this problem is simply to let everyone in.

Senator Saxby Chambliss after receiving a sound round of hisses and boos at his state convention went back to Washington and read descriptions of immigration in the 1900’s, in effect calling those who objected to the current amnesty as bigots.

Both Chambliss and Graham have totally sold out to the open borders, big business Republicans. They defend themselves by painting a rosy picture of 1900’s immigration.

It was not a rosy picture. The Irish brought radical Catholicism with them and wanted to suborn the Protestant religion. The immigrants from Germany, Poland and Russia brought socialism, communism and anarchism with them. The numbers simply overwhelmed American cities. The cities of Boston and New York were overwhelmed and turned into large-scale slums.

This ended with the immigration acts of 1929 and immigration decreased to a manageable, sometimes negative number. The rosy songs about a Nation of Immigrants were not sung by resident Americans of the time. After a number of decades and a dose of multiculturalism, the notion of a nation of immigrants emerged out of the historical mist and dewy-eyed recollections of Ellis Island.

Then as now, those opposed the massive immigration into the United States, were slandered by big business and immigration advocates, and the immigrant activists. They were nativists, know-nothings, xenophobes etc. Today is a repeat of yesterday.

However, the historians refuse to admit the problems that the mass of immigration actually caused. From gangs of Irish Westies (my mother was O'Connor) to the Mafia and anarchists. The Irish were most determined not to assimilate and established their own school system to keep their religion and allegiance to Rome.

The historians further refuse to admit the economic damage done by this mass immigration. In coal towns and steel factories, the owners would simply replace the resident American workers with a boatload of Hungarians or Polish. Historians then criticize the native residents for being prejudice and the resentment of the newcomers as irrational. It was not irrational; the resident Americans were protecting themselves against the lower wages and the economic threat to their families. Samuel Gompers, head of the American Federation of Labor and himself and immigrant, said, "Immigration is a labor issue."

Unions of the time were very anti-immigrant and one of the key forces in stopping mass immigration into the United States. Today’s unions have sold out to cheap labor and with the destruction of high paying manufacturing jobs due to free trade, the labor unions look to the service unions of restaurants and hotels for increased membership.

According to Thomas Sowell, assimilation did happen, but it was three generations for immigrants to reach the same education and income level and being intermarrying with the residents. Three generations is about seventy-five years. In addition, assimilation was facilitated by the fact that these new Americans were not going to hold dual-citizenship and be flying back to their home countries for two-week vacations.

The assimilation that was possible then, is simply not going to happen now. Multiculturalism makes it even worse, fragmenting the country into ethnic and nationalistic enclaves.

The notion that this is a "nation of immigrants" responsible for its success is a multicultural, delusional, self-congratulatory fantasy. If the Irish, Italians, Germans, or anybody else had not shown up, this country would have been just as successful, just less populated. The bedrock of our society is our English heritage, English law, and the Founding Fathers unique creation of a society based upon Constitutional Law.

Every nationality coming here eventually accepted that because it worked. It made the country successful, people had "rights," they counted. But with the rights came "obligations:" Obligations to others. Obligations to protect the society. Obligations to defend the Constitution and the nation. Today, we hear so much about "rights" but so little about "obligations."

Republican scorpions are worse than Democrats. The Democrats are simply in it for power, and all actions are motivated toward that end.

Republican scorpions are trickier. They promise a Constitutional government and promise to protect the country, but they betray that trust.

You simply never know, when you are going to trust them and then get stuck by their poisonous venom. They are inherently deceitful people who present a political face and relish betraying their constituents. It gives them a strange sense of power. "Look, you have elected me. I am here for six years, and I am going to do exactly what I please, no matter what I said to get myself elected."

The lack of a firm sense of self helps them present a false façade. The façade is their mask, their shield against vulnerability. "People cannot really attack me, or harm me, because I am hidden behind this mask. And they believe what I say, so I can do whatever I want."

They can lie without conscience. They are charming con artists. They pray on decent people’s belief in some inherent goodness in all people. They prey on the frogs of our society. The prey on the average person who believes in ethics, truth and morality.

According to Robert Novak, "Graham and Chambliss, both up for re-election next year, were unprepared for the hostility they encountered at their state party conventions."

Well, the hostility better turn itself into something practical, and a couple folk in South Carolina and Georgia better get some forms on line from the Federal Election Commission, fill them, affix a forty-one cent stamp and send them in.

We need people who are going to run, challenge these insects and boot them out of office. We do not need speeches, banners, conscious raising, demonstrations in the streets, or letters to the editors. We need people on our side of the fence to run for office and throw these SOBs, O-U-T!

D.A. King from Georgia, are you listening?

And, who do we have from South Carolina? Do we have one honest person to stand up and repudiate this slanderous dog posing as a U.S. Senator?

Don’t wait. File now. File while this debate is going on. Show that traitors like this are going to face opposition, face primary fights and get thrown out of office.

Get on line at Get an application, fill it out, send it in and you are in the race. File now, will be a national story. A local story and state story.

We must throw out the scorpions.

Paul Streitz, Co-director

He is the author of America First, Why America Must End Free Trade, Stop Outsourcing and Close Our Open Borders, Oxford: Son of Queen Elizabeth I, and The Great American College Tuition Rip-Off.

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Paul Streitz
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