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Paul Streitz

The Immigration Control and Enforcement Act (the ICE Act)
By Paul Streitz
Jul 4, 2007 - 10:15:26 AM

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America needs an Immigration Control and Enforcement Act (ICE Act). It should encompass all the goals of the immigration control movement in one legislative act for Congress to pass and the President to sign. It should be the focus of our efforts in the coming years.

About two years ago, I argued that immigration control advocates should put together "comprehensive immigration" reform legislation.
The reaction of the immigration control hierarchy was not favorable to having one omnibus "comprehensive" bill. This would include NumbersUSA and FAIR. They argued that it was better to approach the matter with individual bills aimed at particular problems of immigration, such as the Secure ID Act, which focused on security issues and driver's licenses.
I disagreed then, and I disagree now. I felt that the immigration movement had nothing to support. It is a movement without a positive focus. "This is what we want. This is what we are going to get."

I should point out that the immigration control hierarchy was soundly against the Minuteman Project on the Arizona border. It favored lobbying within the Washington beltway and was against demonstrations and such. But it was taking to the border and street demonstrations that showed the frustration of the American people and ignited the dry tinder of the immigration issue.

Thereafter, the President co-opted the term with is own "comprehensive" legislation and acted as if this will solve the immigration (invasion) problems of the United States. "Comprehensive" now means amnesty. His legislation is tantamount to a doctor telling a sick patient, "Here, swallow this bottle of arsenic. You won't feel anything in the morning."
The immigration control movement is decidedly against amnesty and open borders, but what does it favor? Yes, enforcing our laws is a first step, but do we really want a total of 1.2 million legal immigrants coming into the United States? Do we really want thousands of high-tech computer programmer and other technical jobs going to foreigners?
As George Borjas put it, it is not that we lack an educated workforce. What we lack are jobs for that educated work force. Our immigration policy is destroying the work opportunities for millions of Americans. There are no jobs Americans don't want, but there are plenty of jobs that Americans don't have because of illegal and massive legal immigration.

The American people demanding something be done and looking to Congress to do something, simply saying, "It's a matter of enforcement," is not a totally satisfactory answer. There are areas of immigration enforcement that can be improved, penalties strengthened, etc.

Further, as a political tactic, it gives immigration control advocates something to be "for" rather than just something to be "against." A pro-active, rather than a defensive position is better in life and politics than simply being against something.

Avoiding the word "Comprehensive" I suggest:

The "Immigration Control and Enforcement Act"

  1. Implement a seven-year moratorium on all immigration.
    • Limit immigration thereafter to 15,000 per year.
  2. Rescind all H-1B and all other worker visas. Send these workers home.
    • We do not need to import foreign baseball players, computer technicians or medical doctors. (American jobs for American Workers).
  3. Repatriate all refugees to their home countries. (Since there are endless wars, this is just backdoor immigration sponsored by the State Department).
    • No refugee or children may be granted citizenship. Children of refugees shall not be American children by birth in the United States.
  4. Rescind the green cards and acquired citizenship of all Muslims. Repatriate them to their home countries. (Individual liberty and religious toleration should not extend to those that wish to enslave and murder Americans. No Muslims = No Terrorism. The United States has every right, and the obligation, to protect itself from any group who has been shown to be a danger to the citizens of the United States.)
    • Muslims should not be allowed into the United States on tourist, business or any other type of visa. This includes Muslims holding any other country's passport.
  5. Make it a felony to prevent law enforcement officers from ascertaining a suspect's immigration status. (No amnesty cities.)
  6. Give local officials the explicit authority to enforce all aspects of immigration law including the arrest and detaining of illegal aliens and any that employ or harbor them. Such expenses to be reimbursed by the federal government. Make it obligatory for the federal government to detain, without bail, any illegal alien in the United States, until such illegal is deported.
  7. Deport all illegal aliens held in federal, state and local prisons to their home country upon securing the borders of the United States.
  8. Revoke the citizenship and deport any naturalized American convicted of a felony.
  9. Expedite the removal of all illegal aliens. No more endless legal appeals.
  10. Return illegal aliens entering the country through a country (Mexico) to that country from which they entered the United States; it shall not necessary to deport them to their home countries.
  11. Establish English as the official language of the United States. It shall not be a requirement of any government to provide documents in any language other than English.

In the history of revolutions, the radicals always win. They win because they have the goals clearly set and they do not waver. The American Revolution was led by the radicals such as Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton and Samuel Adams. They clearly saw that America could never prosper under the British. In a similar vein, immigration control advocates should have clear goals that go beyond enforcing our laws and protecting the borders.

It must be clear that the immigration policy of the United States must be one that benefits the citizens of the United States. It is not for the benefit of billions of non-citizens, special interest groups or for the economic benefit of the elites.

Suggestions welcomed.

Paul Streitz
CT Citizens for Immigration Reform

Go here to be put on the email list for AmericaFirst2008

Mr. Streitz is author of Oxford: Son of Queen Elizabeth I, The Great American College Tuition Rip-off and America First, Why Americans Must End Free Trade, Stop Outsourcing and Close Our Open Borders.

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Paul Streitz
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