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Paul Streitz

The Ethnic Cleansing of Danbury
By Paul Streitz
Feb 10, 2007 - 5:27:14 PM

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The ethnic cleansing of Danbury, CT continues. By conservative estimate about twenty percent of Danbury’s population is illegal aliens.

The ethnic cleansing includes Black-Americans, White-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, or any other type or description of Americans. The important word here is "Americans."
While all the remainder of Connecticut is experiencing a population decline, Danbury’s population is booming. According to the Danbury News-Times, (Feb. 03, 2007) the population of Danbury was 65,000 in 1995. "The 2005 estimate is about 78,000 - and because of the city’s swelling numbers of illegal immigrants, Mayor Mark Boughton said, that number is probably low."

The City of Danbury is one large illegal smuggling, employment and housing operation. This is racketeering. It is coordinating various operations with one intent: to displace resident citizens with illegals.
The first step is to convert single-family houses into multiple family dwellings, and then fill them with illegals. With fifteen or twenty illegals living in a house, paying two hundred dollars a month in rent, the profits are enormous. While the most visible corruption is the employers using cheap labor, the amount paid in rents must also be enormous.

For example, take an average McDonald’s which employs about forty people in non-supervisory positions. If those employees work forty hours a week, that would be 1,600 hours. If the salary differential between the minimum wage and the going rate in other unskilled labor jobs such as clerking in Staples is $2, then that is $3,200 per week or $1.5 million per year. With four stores in Danbury, there is $6.0 million dollars in extra profits to the company. (I didn’t notice the price of a hamburger went down, when more illegals starting working in the stores.) Illegals are big money to corporations.

Despite the objections of Danbury citizens, the Zoning Commission creates more multiple family houses than can ever be occupied by resident citizens of the city. The quality of life so deteriorates on streets where houses are inhabited by illegals that resident citizens are forced to sell their houses at losses and move. There is constant noise, threats against residents, parking on the lawns and laundry drying in the front yard. The remaining single family houses are then converted into multiple family housing, plus illegal spaces in basements and garages. More illegals then have room. Danbury slips further into being a third world city.

Illegal aliens and others are given mortgages with no credit to buy such houses, because the lenders know that they houses will be converted to safe houses for illegals. The lenders then get in on the racket and profits.
When illegals leave Equator or Brazil to come to Danbury, they know where they are going and where they are going to stay. It is a well-worn route maintained by human smugglers.

In the past year, several people were arrested at a store in Danbury that was creating false ID’s for the illegals. The false ID’s permit the illegals to work in legitimate businesses such as the fast food restaurants, restaurants and day care. The four MacDonald’s in Danbury employ virtually all Hispanics and investigators have asked the workers where they come from and if they are here legally. They are not. Practically no Black or White faces work in the restaurants.
But more importantly illegals work in the wealthier surrounding towns such as Ridgefield and Wilton. In short, the wealthy get the benefits of cheap labor while the blue-collar workers in Danbury have twenty people moving in next door.
The City of Danbury has not enforced federal laws on illegals in Kennedy Park. If it did, it would mean that the illegals cannot pay their rent. The housing inspections are all shams. No illegals get deported and none of the safe houses are closed down.

It is impossible to know whether the officials and mayor of Danbury are being paid graft from the profits gained from employing illegals. But something certainly smells very rotten in Danbury. It strains credibility to believe that permits to convert single family houses into multi-family dwellings are not being made without full knowledge that the houses will be inhabited by illegals. Are there direct payoffs to zoning or officials, or the mayor, who knows? But a criminal investigation seems to be in order.

This is a pipeline from Equator and Brazil to Danbury. This is above ground railroad of cheap labor to Danbury run in full view of federal, state and local officials. The result is the ethnic cleansing of Danbury’s Americans.

Paul Streitz
CT Citizens for Immigration Control

Mr. Streitz is author of Oxford: Son of Queen Elizabeth I, The Great American College Tuition Rip-off and America First, Why Americans Must End Free Trade, Stop Outsourcing and Close Our Open Borders.

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Paul Streitz
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