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Paul Streitz

Small-Minded, Unforgiving, Xenophobic
By Paul Streitz
Dec 16, 2008 - 11:35:40 AM

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"Small-minded, unforgiving, xenophobic."

"To our political and business leaders, we have more recently been valued only as 'the American Consumer'-a fat-assed mass of easily swayed, single-issue, over-leveraged dimwits. The Sarah Palin contingent is a particularly ugly subset of all this; her sort mines the worst in Americans, rather than the best. The Palin voters said they like her because she is just like them-and indeed she is: small-minded, unforgiving, xenophobic (this is the four syllable word for "racist)."

This is from Graydon Carter, editor of the magazine Vanity Fair. He uses his middle name, not his first name, Edward. I presume Graydon Carter is somewhat more pretentious, upscale and Vanity Fair-ish than plain old Ed Carter.

"Do you mind if I call you 'Ed?'"

"You do mind? So what?"

I called you and tried to interview for this article. I am still waiting for the return call. So, I must march bravely on without your words of wisdom.

Ed was born in Canada and came south with those other annoying pests: the Canadian geese, who defecate over every open grassland. Ed now does the same in the United States (I hope we have not granted him citizenship).

Ed is a stalwart member of the Coco Crowd. For those of you not familiar with the name, that is Coco Chanel, the deceased French fashionista. The Chanel line features dresses, bags, shoes and such that cost about what the average American would pay for a new car.

Ed has started his career at Time, then Life, then The New York Observer. He became the editor of Vanity Fair in 1992. He has been a great success catering to the whims and tastes of the very rich and famous, and those who like to read about their daily do'ins.

Nothing in the publically listed resume indicates that Ed has suffered any of the hardships journalists sometimes put on their resumes: trips to the Belgian Congo, war correspondent from God-Knows-Where or even stuck in hurricane bravely reporting that it is raining.

Presumably, Ed was never in the military or heard the sound of bullets cracking by his ears. Nope, Ed leaves those dangerous and dirty jobs to the people he despises: working class Americans.
Unless I am quite mistaken, Ed has never walked point down a jungle trail, stopped a speeding car on an Interstate at 3 am, or gone into burning building to see if anyone is still inside. Has he ever worked at a dangerous and dirty job, a lumberjack or driven a sixteen wheeler down an icy highway? Most likely not.

Ed's politics are the usual limousine liberal sort of prescriptions. He knows nothing of immigration issues, and how could he? Has Vanity Fair ever done any hard-nosed reporting about out of work meatpackers? Has he ever interviewed the parents of teenage daughters killed by a Mexican illegal barreling through a stop sign at seventy miles per hour? Has he interviewed any of the five million men and women put out of manufacturing jobs?

Has he ever been on the border at five o'clock in the morning and watched the drug runners barrell across in their SUV's?

Has Ed ever been to Youngstown, Ohio or Syracuse, New York? I doubt it. The Coco crowd is not composed of American citizens in the sense that they are attached to the preservation of the United States, its citizens, its customs and laws. Nope. The Coco crowd just lives here. They are parasites with no roots.

Since the Canuck has had no real experience with working class Americans, he really doesn't understand why Americans could be attracted to her. So, he slanders her and her millions of supporters.

Ed is busily publishing articles on the price of real estate in Palm Springs and what the latest fortune hunter is doing. The class of people he writes for wants unlimited immigration and open borders. The dirt-cheap labor fills their factories. Maria and Jose are their gardeners and nannies. Anybody who doesn't want what Ed and the Coco crowd wants is a racist according to Ed.
Ed and the Coco crowd presume they are the best and the brightest because they are either the richest or went to the best of the best of schools. But, that doesn't look like the case from where the average American sits.

The axis of stupidity, Harvard-Yale-Harvard-Harvard, has occupied the White House for the last twenty years. There is a slight change in skin tone, but we will have another prep school, Harvard lawyer in the White House, accompanied by a flock of left-wing Democrats for the next four years. The future does not look promising.

Can any American family say that it is better off than it was twenty years ago? Not really. The wages of blue-collar workers have stagnated. Five million manufacturing jobs have been lost and the elites still spew forth their propaganda about globalization, free trade and outsourcing. They say this is better for America. Working class Americans know better.

Having stripped mined the U.S. of most of its manufacturing and imported millions of legal and illegal immigrants, the Harvard-Yale axis of stupidity could only dream up financial frauds. In essence, they packaged $500,000 mortgages to illegals from Guadalupe working in your local I-Hop and sold them in a package as a "derivative." This is toxic garbage in a black plastic bag. Finally, this scheme collapsed.

You would think that Ed's Coco crowd would have enough money to bail themselves out of the mess they created. But no, they come screaming to the average American and Joe Six-Pack and Joe the Plumber get to the pick up the tab. The same people Ed despises.

Having been quite critical, I should find a something good to say. One good thing you can say about Ed and the Coco crowd: they smell good.

When it really comes down to it, it is Ed Grayson and the Coco Crowd that are small-minded, unforgiving and xenophobic. Ed and the Coco Crowd is biased and prejudiced; they dislike and distain working-class Americans.

Ed and Coco Crowd are now in the or the political fight of their lives, and Ed is a bit nervous. The American middle-class has learned that it cannot trust the RINO Republicans and liberal Democrats. It has learned that the Rockefeller-Bush-Bush-McCain wing of the Republican Party has betrayed them. Ed is worried. The liberals are worried. Ed's hysterical condemnation of Gov. Sarah Palin is a clear marker that they fear her.

You betcha.



Mr. Streitz was a Minuteman on the Arizona border in 2005. He is a co-founder of CT Citizens for Immigration Control ( and twice ran for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Connecticut. He is a co-founder of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, which is a registered Draft PAC with the Federal Election Commission ( (

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Paul Streitz
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