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Paul Streitz

Pat Buchanan - Wimpy White Male Republican
By Paul Streitz
Jan 21, 2009 - 10:31:07 AM

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Pat Buchanan begins his death rattle for the Republican Party and the United States with his article in Human Events.

Is GOP Still a National Party? by Patrick J. Buchanan 01/20/2009

“Demographically, philosophically and culturally, the party base has been shrinking since Bush I won his 40-state triumph over Michael Dukakis. Indeed, the Republican base is rapidly becoming a redoubt, a Fort Apache in Indian country. In the National Journal, Ron Brownstein renders a grim prognosis of the party's chances of recapturing the White House.”

And where was Pat Buchanan in 2008. He was hiding under a rock!

There was a Draft Pat Buchanan campaign that I ran and he called me up and told me he was not going to run. No reason. Just not going to run.

This was the perfect opportunity for a Conservative who was right on Iraq, right on free trade, right on immigration to be the Republican nominee, and he refused to run. Instead, Republicans and Americans were left with a motley crew of free traders, apologists and open border candidates.

Tancredo withdrew as soon as the coast was clear. He proved not to be a bulldog on immigration but a poodle. McCain did what he does best, work with the opposition and tank the election.

Pat Buchanan proved to be a Wimpy White Republican Male who would rather sit behind a desk in Washington and pontificate than actually be on the battlefield. History is written by courageous people that fight for what they believe. Pat Buchanan is no longer that person. Now he will sit for four years behind some desk telling us what is wrong.

Pat Buchanan has always been willing to criticize others and has been uncannily accurate on the problems of the United States. He was willing to engage in Presidential politics when he was an outside shot for winning. But in 2008, his time had clearly come to pass. He was right on the issues and all Americans knew it. Rather than slug it out in the snows of Hampshire, he chose to stay in front of the warm studio cameras. He was prepared and willing to criticize, but not really up to the responsibility of leading, actually being President.

Napoleon said he want generals that went to the sound of the cannon. Pat Buchanan heard the sound of the cannon in 2008 and ran the other way. Call it what you want, physical cowardice, moral cowardice or whatever, but Pat Buchanan clearly, clearer than anyone else, for years, saw and predicted the problems of the United States and walked away when he had the clearest, unfettered chance of leading the Republicans to victory.

Pat Buchanan as President would have meant leadership on ending the hemorrhaging from free trade, controlling government spending, ending illegal immigration and reducing legal immigration to nothing. It would have meant a better America for all Americans. But Pat Buchanan decided to go sit on the bench.

If the United States begins its breakup as liberal democrats begin what Obama promised, "wealth redistribution," the first person Pat Buchanan should look to for reasons is himself.

Mr. Streitz was a Minuteman on the Arizona border in 2005. He is a co-founder of CT Citizens for Immigration Control and twice ran for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Connecticut. He is a co-founder of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, which is a registered Draft Committee with the Federal Election Commission ( He has written The Great American College Tuition Rip-off, Oxford: Son of Queen Elizabeth I and America First: Why Americans Must End Free Trade, Stop Outsourcing and Close Out Open Borders.

Editor's Note: I lost interest in a lot of of things during the 2008 election. Among them was Pat Buchanan, although even before the election cycle he had traded many of his principles in for a standing invitation on Fox News. I have all but quit watching Fox News when it became clear that they were mostly interested in electing someone who would be willing to toe the globalist line, whether it be a Republican or a Democrat, and that they were unafraid to exclude those who didn't fit their globalist viewpoint. Prior to the election cycle, I believed that a Paul/Tancredo or Tancredo/Paul ticket would be the best possible scenario; then he withdrew his own nomination and endorsed Mitt Romney rather than Ron Paul. In four years, if we're even bothering with the farce of an election by then, I don't expect to be at all concerned with who the Republicans nominate, as the GOP has become little more than the Republican wing of the Democratic Party, and they are both firmly in the camp of the globalists. The only way that I might have considered voting for McCain were if he were to have been diagnosed with a terminal illness that would have put Palin in the top spot within a month, before he had the chance to completely dismantle our country. If our nation is to be taken apart, I'd much rather a Democrat do it. -- Ken Anderson

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Paul Streitz
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